vFairs feature-packed booths

Create custom booths for each participating university and allow them to upload content to promote their name.

Each university has its own culture and trademark. Use our highly configurable booths to enable exhibiting universities to customize their space and showcase their unique offerings at the Education Fair.

vFairs chat window

Offer universities to engage with students in real-time via chat & webinars.

Open the gates to free-flowing two-way communication between students and university representatives at the Education Fair through chat facilities and webinars to bring about a more engaging interactive experience.

applications icon

Enable universities to capture students’ interest using custom forms.

Keep tracking student feedback to improve and update the event’s content through polls, feedback surveys and questionnaires.

For Prospective Students

Learn about Universities

Allow students to browse through virtual booths & access uploaded content.

Connect with Staff

Offer students a chance to talk to university reps via chat tools to receive answers to queries in real-time.

Attend Webinars

Enable students to attend university presentations for an immersive browsing experience.

Download Collateral

Allow students to save brochures, forms and other collateral for sharing and future reading.

vFaris landing pages

Capture Registrations with a beautiful landing page.

Get students all over the world to easily access the Virtual Education Fair using a highly functional and easy-to-use landing page.

vFairs mobile mockup

Engage students with an easy to use virtual environment accessible from any device.

Provide easy access to the Virtual Education Fair for students on the move by constructing a virtual space that is compatible with smartphones and tablet devices with the following features:

  • Live on-demand videos
  • Chat options with exhibitors and other attendees
  • Surveys, polls and social media integration
vFairs video vault

Enable prospective students to learn about universities through text, images & videos using features like:

  • Video vaults carrying a host of informative videos
  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Photo galleries from exhibiting universities
  • Sound bites from speakers


vFairs webinars

Offer Webinars to amplify their experience and allow prospects to participate in Q&A sessions through:

  • No Flash plug-in requirement for a more secure and convenient interaction
  • Interactive panels
  • Live video conferencing
graph chart

Measure your Event’s ROI with meaningful reports.

Gauge the success of your Online Virtual Education Fair’s success through reports that provide statistics like:

  • Number of visitors
  • Average duration of visit
  • Number of chat room interactions
customer service icon

All this with a dedicated Event manager & super responsive Customer Service.

Take your next event to a virtual space with the comfort of having our nimble round-the-clock Customer Service team ready to accommodate your requests and concerns prior to, during and after your event.

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