Train Employees Faster with Virtual Onboarding Fairs

Cut time-to-productivity of new hires & reduce training costs with an engaging online event.

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vFairs has connected over 1,000 exhibitors with 2 million+ visitors.
Deliver Onboarding 24/7

Give employees easy access to onboarding material - anytime, anywhere.

Train via Webinars

Onboard employees globally via live, semi-live and pre-recorded webinars.

Customize Everything

Customize the virtual booths, workflows and displayed content.

Measure Performance

Track your onboarding KPIs and understand your ROI.

Register your employees or simply integrate with a Single-Sign on service.

Get your employees to easily access the Virtual Onboarding Fair using a highly functional and easy-to-use landing page that mirrors the company’s website in layout and design.

Engage employees with an easy to navigate virtual environment.

With help-desks and booths placed all across the virtual onboarding fair, allow your employees to easily navigate through a broad range of onboarding processes to choose the booths that carry information on topics of their interest.

Enable employees to access onboarding material.

Prepare a database of multiple resources to disseminate information through:

  • Video vaults carrying a host of informative videos
  • Brochures and Infographics
  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • Forms
Video Vault

Empower employees to comfortably pace themselves and access the onboarding fair via any device.

Provide easy access for employees on the move by constructing a virtual space that is compatible with smartphones and tablet devices with the following features:

  • Live on-demand videos
  • Chat options with employers and other attendees
  • Surveys, polls and social media integration


Deliver consistent and cost-effective training via webinars.

Enhance employee engagement around the globe with the help of the following features:

  • No Flash plug-in requirement for a more secure and convenient interaction
  • Interactive panels
  • Live video conferencing

Allow training staff to interact with employees using audio/video/text chat.

Simplify the onboarding process by providing online chat tools where new employees can directly connect with old employees through a more convenient interaction platform. Relieve both parties from scheduling and rescheduling meetings to resolve queries and allow them to carry out discussions on an array of topics without having to switch from the platform.

Audio Chat

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Measure your Event’s ROI with meaningful reports.

Gauge your event’s success through reports that provide statistics like:

  • Number of visitors
  • Average duration of visit
  • Number of on-demand webinar views

All this with a dedicated Virtual Onboarding Expert & super responsive Customer Service.

Take your next event to a virtual space with the comfort of having our nimble round-the-clock Customer Service team ready to accommodate your requests and concerns prior to, during and after your event.


  • Is testing capability available in a vFairs Benefits Fair?

    Yes, a testing module can be created and incorporated into the event on demand.

  • Can Video Conferencing be used in multiple modes?

    Yes. Managers and supervisors can host live webinar sessions at the fair and can also upload pre-recorded training videos. The virtual booths can also be enabled for video chats to fully deliver on the purpose of the informational event and resolve all particpant queries succintly.

  • How can I track my event's performance?

    The event manager provides rich performance reports during the event along with comprehensive reports at event completion. These reports include statistics on event turnout, visiotrs per booth, length of session per visitor, content viewed, shared and downloaded along with the demographical breakdown of visitors among other things.

  • What kind of technology is required to run a Virtual Onboarding Fair?

    vFairs runs on the cloud so you or your participants don’t need to install software to access the online Onboarding Fair. All you need is a standard web browser and a stable internet connection.

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