Tradeshows have always been the go-to event for companies to showcase their products. However, to counter issues like exorbitant venue costs, expensive commutes, and massive overheads in arranging these physical events, a modern solution was born: Virtual Tradeshows.

Virtual Tradeshows are conducted on an online platform that mimics a physical event and can provide similar features with more value. For e.g. Sellers are provided with fully customized virtual booths that don’t cost nearly as much as setting up a physical booth. You can learn more about them here. There are a number of Virtual Tradeshows that will be the talk of the town in 2020. Here’s a list:

  1. Virtual Product Launch
  2. Virtual Motor Show
  3. Technology Tradeshow
  4. Virtual Food Show

Let’s jump right into the details.

1.Virtual Product Launch

In this online environment, companies can educate customers about their new products through digital and videos. They can also engage them to address questions on pricing and product capabilities in the chatroom. Moreover, webinars can be delivered to share product demos, offers, and deals. The price will no longer be a major concern as conducting an online event cuts down cost on the commute and setting up the actual event.

2.Virtual Motor Show

Motor Shows are essentially for publicly exhibiting current car models and debuts alike. However, car launches are usually conducted in a specific location that makes it difficult for remote audiences to participate. Enter: Virtual Motor Shows.

Even though they don’t get to experience sitting in the car, enthusiasts, journalists, and prospective buyers can learn more about the latest models through videos, 360-degree views, and live presentations. Car manufacturers and dealers can also engage their customers through Webinars and Chat tools to help them with queries around the vehicles/fleet. Moreover, discounts and other offers can better engage customers and increase car sales.

3.Technology Tradeshow

You’ll find the likes of Sage and Teradata preferring conducting B2B Virtual Tradeshows and establishing themselves as thought leaders in their respective spaces. This kind of online tradeshow usually involves bringing in subject matter experts and positioning the brand as a leading solution in the space.

With plenty of networking opportunities, these events prove to be ideal for technology providers to find highly relevant prospects, build a professional network and educate buyers from all over the world on how the technology can help fulfill leads. A full schedule of live webinars and QnAs keeps the audience engaged and establishes more value than a simple showcase of products with sales brochures.

4.Virtual Food Show

Wholesale food providers and B2B vendors leverage Virtual Food shows to engage thousands of restaurant owners, chefs, retail buyers, and event hoteliers globally. Providers get customized booths to share and promote their brand stories and share more about their service, new products, and catalogs. Shoppers also have the ability to place real-time orders and communicate with sales representatives using live chat (audio/video/text) tools.

Furthermore, buyers are able to complete their purchase by saving items to their carts and making payments through integrated e-commerce flows. If your industry isn’t mentioned here, fear not! Thousands of online tradeshows can be conducted according to your needs and types. Conduct your very own Virtual Event today! To learn more about these Virtual Events and how to conduct them, request a demo from vFairs.

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