Companies often pour an obscene amount of money into the process of creating and developing a product-starting right from the ideation stage, to working out the technicalities, continuously making improvements and going through several demonstrations until it’s finally ready to be launched.

Naturally, given the amount of effort and enthusiasm product development teams put into developing the product to perfection and leading it to execution, it’s only fitting that it gets a phenomenal launch that does justice to the team’s hard work.

However, planning a successful product launch is always a tricky task. For one, there’s no set formula to follow – different products will require different kinds of launches. Secondly, given that companies are always locked in the ultimate battle to get a bigger piece of the pie when it comes to winning the consumers’ attention, it becomes even more challenging to ensure that enough people, and more importantly, the right people are looking your way.

High-performing product teams normally assign the responsibility of product launches to a dedicated launch team. They could put together a team internally or hire an event management company to organize it for them, but they leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the best and the brightest minds come together to give their masterpiece the dazzling launch it deserves.

This is because much is riding on the product launch. If the launch is ill-planned or does not generate the desired impact, your product runs the risk of simply slipping through the net.

To keep that from happening, you might want to take a look at these interesting ideas that can you help plan a killer virtual product launch.

Social Media

For a product to gather steam, you need to create a feeling of anticipation and excitement, months before it’s released in the market. Make use of platforms that can help you generate some buzz and chatter around the release that reaches as many people as possible. And what better platform to make that happen than Social Media?

With its infinite scope and massive user base, social media can be a well-spring of creative, fun and crazy promotional ideas. You could drive awareness and user engagement by setting up event pages, ensuring virality with hashtags, running giveaways and sharing exciting videos, all while monitoring the response of the audience with social listening tactics. When creating this content, make sure that it’s engaging, shareable, and successfully taps into the interest of your target audience.

Giveaways and Contests

Brands often run giveaways and contests before the launch, that allows them to not just maximize awareness but also secure the involvement of viewer.

You could send your product to an exclusive group of participants whom you select via a contest, and they can in return spread the word about your product and share their positive reviews. The key aspect of this idea is to ensure its virality by getting the participants to tag their friends and share posts to create a constant loop of promotions.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are all the rage these days and have become arguably the most trusted source of information and guidance online. If you can get some relevant influencers onboard, like industry experts whose word holds weight and who enjoy a massive following, you’ll very easily be able to hook into a large audience and benefit from their support. Get them to write blog posts backing your product or ask them to share a promotional post or video on their social media pages and see the campaign snowball in an instant!


Blogs have taken over today’s versatile digital landscape. This is because before making any purchasing decision, consumers like to do extensive amounts of research to educate themselves and validate their purchasing decisions. To drive organic traffic, you could get your content team to write about your product on popular websites and blogs. Draft compelling content that instead of being a shameless plug, brings value to the reader; that identifies an issue and organically establishes your product as the problem solver.

Teasers and Videos

The kind of impact and engagement that videos draw is unprecedented. Not only are videos much more watchable and appealing than text, but studies show that viewers can also retain the content of videos for much longer.

A tried and tested way of generating hype for your product launch is to shoot small teaser videos, that stoke the excitement of viewers and heighten their expectations before the release. Release your teaser a month prior to the launch so the campaign can gain momentum and share them on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These teasers can also be great for giving the viewers a feel of what might be in store for them without giving away too much.

As the time for your launch nears, you could share longer and more insightful videos, that establish the need for it, reveal its key features and demonstrate how it can add value to people’s lives. Behind the scenes, videos and footage of event preparations could also go a long way in maintaining the hype for the product up until the day of the launch.

Plan a Grand Event or Launch Party

A common way to grab headlines is to throw a smashing launch party that is festive and entertaining and creates the right kind of noise. To jazz up your event, you could set a theme, invite chief guests and speakers, arrange live performances, or organize activities to engage the audience etc. Get your PR team to write press releases and capture the event happenings on social media so the launch can grabs headlines and get people talking.

Go Virtual

Alternatively, you could even go for a virtual product launchVirtual events have been increasing in frequency within business circles and have quickly established a reputation for being convenient and cost-friendly. With a virtual product launch event, you can enable a global audience to participate and learn about your product via any device.

The event can employ rich interactive tools to educate visitors about the new product and encourage participation from their end with features like chat forums, webinars, polls and videos available on-demand. There are various other options available to virtually showcase the product by delivering product demos, personal pitches or allowing them to simply download the resources. Moreover, you’ll have the option to completely customize the virtual product launch event, from the booths and workflows to your content to ensure it suits your needs.

You could invite influencers to your virtual product launch and ask them to create buzz for it on their social media handles, so the event could garner greater eyeballs.

Start a Countdown

Another way to create a strong sense of anticipation before the launch is to start a countdown on your digital channels. This will keep serving as a friendly reminder about the product launch while also constantly building up excitement for it.


Your product launch can have a huge impact on how your product fares after its launch. Naturally, if people don’t know about it, it’s unlikely to get any buyers. It won’t even create the impact that you wanted it to achieve. Want the blood, sweat and tears you put into the product development process to be worthwhile? Make sure you put together a fantastic product launch that can create waves.



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