When you’re attending a virtual conference for the first time, the experience can be really intimidating. However, if you follow a few tips and know why you’re there, you’ll do quite well. 

Why Should You be Attending a Virtual Conference?

Over the past year or so, COVID-19 wreaked havoc on conventional events. This is why many organizations took their events to the virtual platform to retain their audience and get new leads. Then, companies like vFairs catered to this demand by expanding their virtual event experience, and offering innovative solutions. These include dynamic lobbies, interactive chat rooms, and a host of other features designed to replicate the physical event experience as much as possible. However, physical events are not accessible to everyone, so virtual events have become the new big thing in events of all kinds. 

These virtual events make it easier for you to be part of the industry or just get some information without worrying about social distancing and travel restrictions. In addition, they let you explore new fields as a rookie. After all, in most cases, you just have to sign up online and attend a few sessions. Therefore, attending a virtual conference is a convenient and worthwhile experience at all levels. So, you should know how to get the best out of this experience and add to your knowledge at the same time.  

8 Tips for Attending a Virtual Conference

Here are some basic tips you should follow when attending a virtual conference. These will help you optimize your experience and get all you want out of the event. 

1. Put it in Your Calendar


When you sign up for a virtual event well in advance, you may forget all about it when the day comes. Therefore, you should add it to your calendar, complete with reminders. Most virtual events will also send you email or text updates, so you won’t have to worry about letting them slip your mind. 

For example, once you sign up for an event, add it to your Google Calendar to avoid schedule clashes in the future. 

2. Determine Your Objectives

Next, you need to figure out why exactly you’re attending the event. Are you a part of the industry? Do you plan to invest in the sector? Or are you just browsing? Then, draft clear objectives accordingly. Your objectives will usually be networking, exchanging ideas, getting information, or simply exploring a new interest. 

These objectives will help you figure out your game-plan and know how to make the most of your visit. They will also help you get a bearing on things and focus on the important parts of the event. 

3. Plan Out Your Visit

Once you have your goals, you can plan out your visit. This will help you figure out which aspects of are the best for you when attending a virtual conference. Create a comprehensive schedule, keeping the event’s agenda as a reference. 

Just make sure you create a plan which helps you achieve your goals. This can include which webinars you want to attend, which booths are best for you, and what extra activities you should participate in. List down any questions you want to ask from specific speakers or booth representatives. This is especially useful if you need to attend the event while other things are also going on in your life. It promotes focus, commitment, and streamlined learning.  

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4. Network with Others

chat and networking

You usually attend events to get in touch with other industry players and be part of a community experience. Therefore, you should take every opportunity to interact with other participants and booth representatives.

Who knows? You may even end up with a partnership or business agreement in the near future. So, go visit the virtual event’s networking lounges and participate in chat lobbies as enthusiastically as possible. This will help you make the most of your time and forge the industry bonds necessary for you to progress. 

5. Choose What to View Live & What to Watch Later

One of the best things about attending a virtual conference is that you don’t have to miss out. If you choose to watch a certain webinar live,  you’ll likely be able to access any other webinars happening at the same time later for your reference. So, take a look at the agenda, and categorize the sessions accordingly. Make this choice according to your objectives, and be an active participant. 

6. Participate in Sessions

When you’re attending a live webinar at the virtual conference you should also participate in its subsequent discussion or Q&A sessions. This will help you achieve your objectives, and make some waves in the industry. It’s quite easy, especially if the moderator opens up the floor to the audience. 

So, aim to be as interactive as possible, and let your opinions and queries be known. After all, you’ll rarely have a chance to get so much industry-specific knowledge and expertise in one place. In addition, you should also ask for contact details and other such information from booth representatives in the exhibit hall to make a positive impression and make an informed decision. 

7. Set up Meetings

Meeting scheduler

One of the best features vFairs offers in its virtual events is the ability to set up meetings in the future. Just as event reminders can integrate into your calendar, you can also set up meetings for later dates with the booth exhibitors. These meetings can help you get solid results out of attending the virtual conference. For example, if you attended a virtual recruiting event, you could talk to booth representatives who will set up a time and  schedule an interview with you later. 

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8. Make Room for Breaks

Even if you’re just sitting in your chair to attend a virtual event, it can still take up time and energy. You need to make way for breaks and give yourself a rest. Remember to add a few meals and screen breaks when you draft your schedule. Rotate these breaks around the sessions you want to attend live, and make sure you have the event agenda with you. This will help you come back to the conference when you need to. 

To Sum Up

Basically, all you need to do when attending a virtual conference is to register, plan your visit and be active to get the best out of it. This will help you be a virtual event expert, and benefit from everything that the platform offers. 

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