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Virtual events are the new normal. Individuals want to attend events, regardless of their geographical location. They are a great alternative to actual gatherings, since they allow anyone who doesn’t want to be surrounded by people to participate virtually. However, virtual events have their own set of challenges. For example, how do you adapt a multi-day conference with networking possibilities, educational programs, and attendees’ inputs into a virtual setting?

As the virtual event industry grows, you need a platform that stands out to drive conversions, attract attention, and boost participation. To assist you to choose the best virtual event platform for your next event, we’ve compiled a list of the top Airmeet competitors. 

What is Airmeet? 

Airmeet is a virtual event platform that allows you to host events from any location. The platform helps you create a live event with audience participation and involvement, yet it is all done online. There are many large-scale events that Airmeet focuses on. These include conferences and networking events, as well as workshops, webinars, and meetups.

Airmeet is a good option if you are a corporate company holding large events. In contrast, smaller companies and startups hosting events with less than 20 attendees may benefit more from using another virtual event platform due to more customization options.

It’s simple to plan, organize and host events with Airmeet. To begin your Airmeet, simply join up using your email address or a social network handle. However, the platform is not user-friendly. According to user reviews on G2:

  • “Airmeet is not user-friendly solely as a conference app for in-person or hybrid events. Certain attendees could not stay logged in to the app and had to enter a passcode upon opening every time, you cannot access PDFs on the mobile version, nor can you see/message other attendees who are not currently logged in to the platform.” – Administrator in Translation and Localization

Airmeet conference features also require improvement. Sessions do not have multilingual support. You can’t, for example, upload subtitle files, which would support accessibility. According to a G2 user review: 

  • “Airmeet’s conference management features and customer support were both quite bad. We had several issues setting up the event and a full lack of features for managing tickets / attendees – I just would not depend on them again for an event and will be moving to a different platform due to their inflexibility and beta-like setup. Do not use this for a serious conference.” – Administrator in Events Services

Because of these shortcomings, users are on the lookout for Airmeet competitors and alternatives. We’ve compiled a list of the top five Airmeet competitors that you can use for your upcoming virtual event.

Airmeet Competitors

vFairs - Airmeet Competitor

1. vFairs

vFairs is a complete solution for all of your virtual, hybrid, and in-person event needs. It is an entirely virtual environment that mirrors a physical one. It is possible to replicate any event location with vFairs’ virtual 3D environment. Unlike Airmeet, vFairs is more than just a website with video and chat capabilities.

One might choose from a virtual auditorium, exhibit halls, and networking venues. Miro Whiteboard, Zoom, and Kahoot are just a few of the programs that are compatible with the vFairs platform. You can also build new ones to suit your requirements. Any other virtual event platform supplier does not have as many third-party integrations as vFairs has. Whether it’s a game or a collaboration app, we have it all.

vFairs events fall into a variety of categories, each with its own set of features and benefits. You can find everything you need to host a virtual event on the platform. vFairs makes sure everything runs smoothly, whether you’re hosting a small team meeting or a large corporate event.

Key Features

3D Virtual Environment

vFairs has hosted several successful virtual and hybrid events in the past. vFairs creates a 3D virtual world complete with animated avatars and event gamification for users. vFairs makes sure that constant upgrades don’t get in the way of the user experience.

Participants will have no idea they’re in a virtual setting when you use vFairs to run your event. The vFairs platform incorporates dynamic lobbies, customized avatars, and 3D designs to mimic a real venue. The experience offered by vFairs is distinct from that of Airmeet in this regard.

3D Virtual Environment at vFairs

Increased Event Engagement

vFairs includes a wide range of virtual event interaction tools that make every event engaging, collaborative, and entertaining. It offers various networking areas. If you’re looking for an event platform that offers dedicated chat rooms where you can meet people and unwind, then vFairs is the one for you. It’s also possible to construct chat rooms based on popular subjects or shared passions. Other engagement tools include spin the wheel, scavenger hunt, social wall, leaderboards and trivia quizzes.

vFairs Social Wall

vFair’s matchmaking function matches attendees according to their interests and characteristics. After they’ve been matched, they can meet up for a video call to get to know one another better and start productive conversations. This is ideal for networking events, such as alumni gatherings or company meetings. They also shine in job fairs, where recruiters can easily locate prospects that meet their needs. 

vFairs Networking Feature

24/7 Customer Support

It’s highly possible to run into problems on the event day but you don’t have to worry if you are working with vFairs. vFairs customers can attest to the company’s exceptional level of service. With vFairs, each customer gets their own dedicated project management team. The team is in charge of all pre-, during-, and after-event planning and organization, as well as problem-solving. 

Customers do not need to worry about whether or not their event will be successful, because the vFairs staff will ensure that it does. The vFairs customer support is rated number 1 on G2 as the highly-trained program managers make everything simple!

The entire crew works hard to deliver a smooth virtual event tailored to your exact specifications. Additionally, a technical support crew is always guaranteed to be present at your event and will be ready to assist you at any time. vFairs delivers services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from event preparation to live events. 

vFairs Client Testimonial

2. Hopin

Hopin is a comprehensive event management software for virtual events. It was released in 2019 and is another one of Airmeet competitors. Hopin provides a virtual experience that gives the user the impression that they are surfing a website. There will be a welcome page, stages for the event, and breakout sessions. These can be delivered via pre-recorded or live videos. It also has engagement features like one-to-one conversations, polls, and group video networking sessions.

Hopin has partnered with Streamyard Studio to allow hosts to share live or pre-recorded videos of any length directly into Hopin events. Clients can add their own logos, banners, and other branding elements. Speakers are given access to a virtual green room where they can sit and wait for the event to begin.

Hopin provides solutions for limited groups, regardless of whether your event will be physical, virtual, or hybrid. To a significant extent, these groupings consist of large corporations that are in a position to organize an event on their own, or users who have a certain amount of familiarity with technology. Because it only offers a few different services, Hopin is less convenient for a greater number of potential customers.


  • Event material and video templates are customizable
  • A green room is one of the unique features


  • Lacks option for speaker bios/profiles
  • There are only 100 attendee tickets available per plan
  • The event has a 72-hour time limit

3. Hubilo

Hubilo is a virtual and hybrid event platform designed for event engagement and administration. Hubilo’s objective is to increase engagement, which leads to better business results. Hubilo is designed for security and compliance, and it is integrated with several technologies. The program also interacts with Stripe, Salesforce, and HubSpot. 

Hubilo also offers a mobile app that lets you work while on the go. You can access data from anywhere and at any time regardless of your geographical location. The Hubilo event app is available in both iOS and Android.

The goal of Hubilo is to provide attendees with a one-of-a-kind brand experience that will help them engage with each other and form new connections. However, Hubilo has its drawbacks too. Users complain about how they are unable to see all the sessions on the screen if there are more than three happening simultaneously. Moreover, the design customization capabilities are also limited.


  • A mobile app is available 
  • Customer support is proactive


  • Speakers do not have direct contact with the audience
  • There is no place for pre-recorded sessions
  • Attendees have the option to ignore polls, which affects engagement

4. Whova

Whova is an all-in-one event management solution that efficiently draws participants while saving event organizers time on event logistics. The Whova platform includes event software, online registration, and event marketing tools. It also offers time-saving event management capabilities for in-person, virtual, or hybrid events.

With various opportunities embedded in Whova’s event app and live slideshow, you can highlight your sponsors and exhibitors. You can give them lead generation tools like business card scanning, promotional opportunities and QR code scanning.

Some people, however, find Whova to be overwhelming and difficult to use. There are too many tabs and sections, making it difficult to navigate them all. Furthermore, many consumers report that the fixed pricing plan includes irrelevant elements, giving them the impression that they are overpaying.


  • Allows data migration in real-time
  • Provides networking features to engage the audience


  • The interface is overwhelming for beginners
  • You cannot download the list of attendees
  • The notifications feature requires an update

5. Cvent

Cvent is another one of Airmeet competitors that is a prominent provider of virtual event technologies. To optimize the impact of events, the comprehensive suite of solutions automates and simplifies the whole event management process. Cvent’s Event Management Platform includes custom websites, email marketing, virtual and hybrid event solutions, credit tracking, and data analytics.

Cvent helps you manage each stage of the event lifecycle while also providing the data and insights you need to maximize your value. Whether the event is in-person, virtual, or hybrid, you can engage your audiences, optimize sponsor value, and collect essential event data.

Because Cvent has so many features, it can be tough to understand the website editor and other tools. It might be overwhelming at times. Another disadvantage of Cvent is that reps work irregular hours and are not always available to jump on a Zoom call and assist with a minor issue.


  • Zoom integration
  • Customization options


  • The customer service is not responsive
  • The software can be challenging to navigate, due to so many different features. 
  • The user interface is a bit outdated

6. BigMarker

BigMarker gives you the tools you need to create a virtual conference, industry convention, trade exhibition, town hall, or customer event. It includes everything you need to run a successful virtual or hybrid event, from scheduling and advertising to landing pages, registration, lead generation, and meaningfully engaging your sponsors and attendees.

BigMarker is web-based, so there is no download or installation required. You receive a virtual conference room that you can brand with your logo or theme. You can embed your events on your website to host them directly. 

However, customers report that setting up a webinar with BigMarker is difficult because multiple alternatives are presented without an explanation of what each option means. Moreover, BigMarker is ineffective when integrating with third-party software. It is difficult to integrate with other meeting platforms that the company already uses.


  • Customer support is responsive
  • Affordable


  • It takes some time to navigate through the software
  • Poor integration capabilities
  • Design templates need improvement

Final Thoughts

With so many options available, it can be hard to choose the best virtual event platform. We hope this Airmeet competitors blog will help you make the best choice for your next virtual event. In our opinion, vFairs is the best option among all others listed above. The user-friendly interface, robust features and the 3D virtual environment with vFairs will surely make your event a memorable one! You can schedule a demo for more information.

Airmeet Competitors & Alternatives

Hira Yousaf

Hira is a content writer at vFairs. She has been working in the SaaS content market for more than a year. Hira is a Nutritionist but she believes writing is her true calling, so she looks forward to exploring different niches. When she's not writing, she's either on a trip making new friends or probably spending quality time with her cat, Rio!


Airmeet Competitors & Alternatives

Hira Yousaf

Hira is a content writer at vFairs. She has been working in the SaaS content market for more than a year. Hira is a Nutritionist but she believes writing is her true calling, so she looks forward to exploring different niches. When she's not writing, she's either on a trip making new friends or probably spending quality time with her cat, Rio!

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