Too many virtual events die a forgettable death, shot down by flat, unappealing visuals. 

Virtual events have come a long way from that. For any virtual event to be a success in this era, the event visuals need to pack a punch! 

One aspect of these are booth designs. They add to the overall aesthetic of your event, giving it character and making it more welcoming. On the other hand, well-designed booths also enable exhibitors to grab attention and get more leads. 

But what should the ideal booth look like? Well, there is no one answer. We’ve been doing virtual events for years and have seen a wide range of booths that hit all the right notes. Here’s a compilation that you can draw inspiration from.

1. Union Streat Kitchen at the Nus Trade Show

union streat kitchen

Why it works:

  • Sleek kitchen design to match premium brand aesthetic
  • Accessible and clickable TV screens with more booth details, common to in-person restaurants

2. Cerenovus at the Svin Annual Meeting


Why it works:

  • High contrast colors to display Cerenovus’s products
  • Both videos and text to share product information

3. Medtronic at the Svin Annual Meeting


Why it works:

  • Company solutions and conference highlights displayed in a prominent, accessible way
  • Realistic booth design with tables and chairs

4. Customer Activation at Dunnhumby

customer aviation at dunnhumby

Why it works:

  • Realistic 3D booth design with sleek visuals
  • Premium feel with a luxurious setup (furniture and booth walls) 

5. AKCOME at Smart Energies Exhibition

akcome at smart energy conference & exhibition

Why it works:

  • Real pictures to demonstrate the product
  • Standees with product information

6. Elegance at Swift

an image of the elegance booth at the Swift 3D event

Why it works:

  • Realistic 3D image of the actual vehicle
  • Minimalistic design with a booth representative to answer queries

7. Digital marketing at Nestle Academy

digital marketing at nestle academy

Why it works:

  • Testimonials clearly displayed for social proof
  • Clear CTA taking center stage: ‘Apply Now’
  • Accessible social channels 

8. Viz.Ai at the Svin Annual Meeting

via dot ai at svin

Why it works:

  • Realistic App mock-ups displayed prominently

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