Top Virtual Hiring Fairs in the USA in 2022

2022 is the year of amazing virtual events happening around the world. We see how virtual networking is getting better since the pandemic and the event industry is paying an immense amount of contribution to it.

The event organizers are not only surviving, but this pandemic, they have made a remarkable change in the format with next-level innovative ideas. Job fairs took a huge step to transform their in-person gatherings into virtual sessions to increase the chances of potential employees for employers in the USA and other regions around the world.

In this blog, we will see some of the best examples of Top Virtual Hiring Fairs in the USA in 2022 to raise the bar in the event-organizing industry.

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Top Virtual Hiring Fairs in the USA in 2022

December 2022

  • Name
  • National, US Virtual Job Fair
  • Product Career Fair by Product School
  • Start Date
  • 12/14/22
  • 12/14/22
  • Description
  • Join the hiring managers from local and national organizations at the National, US Virtual Job Fair. At this virtual fair, HireX is providing you the opportunity to get hired in a vast range of industries like IT, HR, Healthcare, Sales, and more.
  • Are you a product manager starting off your career or looking for a switch? Well, the Product Career Fair is here to hire product managers like you. Meet and network with hiring managers from the world’s leading tech companies and discover what they are looking for to land your dream job and build your


November 2022

  • Name
  • American Counseling Association Virtual Career Fair
  • ACCA UK Virtual Career Fair
  • Highlands Career Fest
  • Start Date
  • 11/1/22
  • 11/10/22
  • 11/17/22
  • Description
  • Join the American Counseling Association (ACA) Virtual Career Fair, an event that focuses on assisting you to advance your career, expand your reach, and connect with others. The aim of this event is to provide career counseling and growth opportunities to individuals and groups.
  • ACCA has organized a series of events to cater to job seekers sitting in different parts of the world with skills in different industries. Over 1500 companies have taken part in these events with the successful hiring of talented individuals. Join the ACCA UK Virtual Career Fair to get a chance of finding the next employer in the pool of top organizations in the world.
  • The Highlands Economic Partnership is hosting Highlands Career Fest in a booming economic region of America. This event is presenting you with a new way for you to make the most of your financial future. Highlands Career Fest is the largest job fair happening in Central Tennessee with hundreds of organizations to provide you with the best job opportunities this year.


October 2022

  • Name
  • Children Services of Roxbury Career Fair
  • Rasmussen University Virtual Career Fair
  • Abbott Finance LAC Virtual Fair
  • Chicago Virtual Career Fair
  • Start Date
  • 10/5/22
  • 10/18/22
  • 10/18/22
  • 10/25/22
  • Description
  • Save the date for the career fair where you not only find a job to earn but this career fair brings you an opportunity to help the vulnerable. Children Services of Roxbury Career Fair is an event that gives you a chance to empower generations with programs that focus on behavioral health, early education & care, intensive foster care, housing & stabilization services, and youth development.
  • Are you committed to career-focused education? Then don’t wait to register for this amazing chance to learn and do the service for the public good. Join the career services advisors to learn how to build a professional network, the importance of self-assessment for job seekers, 5 tough interview questions, and much more.
  • Abbott Finance LAC Virtual Fair is a series of events happening throughout the year in different regions around the US. This event is bringing the opportunity for all finance graduates and professionals to find jobs and build robust financial systems with experts in top leading organizations.
  • Professional Diversity Network invites 50+ companies to hire a diverse workforce. This virtual career fair will help connect people from around the world to find jobs in top leading organizations.


September 2022

  • Name
  • Minneapolis Virtual Career Fair
  • ACCA Caribbean Virtual Careers Fair
  • Abbott Finance APAC Virtual Fair
  • Start Date
  • 9/13/22
  • 9/16/22
  • 9/20/22
  • Description
  • An event that brings 40+ companies to one platform to hire exceptional talent. You can join and apply in various fields including accounting, IT, HR, sales, and more to start off your career or switch your job.
  • A series of 25+ events happening around the world across many markets. ACCA organized these virtual career fairs to create an impact on a huge professional community. Over 1500 organizations have taken part in these virtual career fairs and are still increasing the numbers with the event happening in the Caribbean region. Join the league of 30,000+ unique applicants and 100,000+ jobs in accountancy, finance, and related fields with ACCA.
  • Abbott is here to make you a finance master by offering you jobs virtually. If you love solving complex problems and want to deal with the finances of big businesses then you must attend this virtual fair. Abbott is not only enabling job opportunities but through this event, it is connecting you to the business leaders to get guidance and learn to build your financial career.


August 2022

  • Name
  • Executive Search Virtual Recruitment Fair
  • Take a Look at Shook Career Fair
  • EMs Recruitment Fair
  • Start Date
  • 8/3/22
  • 8/9/22
  • 8/10/22
  • Description
  • Are you interested in working K-12 or Higher-Ed? If yes, then hurry up to book your seat at the Executive Search Virtual Recruitment Fair to learn more about institutions committed to diversity recruitment across America. There are hundreds of part-time, full-time, fellowship, and contract-based opportunities for the designations including school administrators, superintendents, principals, chief people, presidents, deans, faculty, and more.
  • Register for the Shook Virtual Career Fair to get a chance to connect with recruitment managers. Shook, Hardy & Bacon is a premier law firm that is actively seeking applicants in the departments of legal, marketing, administrative, information technology, human resources, accounting, and more. Apply directly to the job openings in the above departments from wherever you are.
  • The US Department of Energy is hosting the Environmental Management Recruitment Event to lead research on a mission of safe cleanup of the environment from transuranic and low-level wastes while reducing risk and securing nuclear material. This is your opportunity to join the workforce for the world's leading departments that work for environment safety and security.


July 2022

  • Name
  • Nestlé Caribbean Virtual Career Fair
  • NAACP National Convention Virtual Career Fair
  • Start Date
  • 7/4/22
  • 7/19/22
  • 7/28/22
  • Description
  • Book your calendar for the Nestlé Virtual Career Fair, a two-day fair with hundreds of opportunities for youth. The event will go online and provide you with multiple features including resume upload and search, speed interviews, virtual employer booths, job vacancy listings, workshops, live sessions, networking, games, and much more. So join to enjoy the event while learning how you can transition from a naive job seeker to a professionally sound employee.
  • The National Convention Virtual Career Fair is bringing over 50 companies to hire black professionals in a virtual setting. Register to increase your chance of hiring in a pool of jobs available across the country.
  • California districts and counties are bringing a teaching virtual career fair to provide employment to all candidates regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. This virtual career fair is an opportunity for you to join a school to work in California with a diverse student population.


June 2022

  • Name
  • Cyberport Career Fair 2022
  • Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Virtual Career Fair
  • We Work Remote Virtual Career Fair
  • Start Date
  • 6/4/22
  • 6/7/22
  • 6/22/22
  • Description
  • Let's open doors of opportunities together with the theme of “Innovate Your Career”. Cyberport Virtual Career Fair 2022 offers you immensely great opportunities to start to innovate your career and create your ideal job. With over 1500 job opportunities and 150+ employer booths, you can apply in 4 different zones including FinTech, Digital Entertainment & Esports, Smart-Living, and Partner.
  • Join an event that brings 30+ amazing organizations to hire top talent sitting in any part of the world. Phi Beta Sigma 2022 gives you an opportunity to directly apply and get interviewed for jobs in various industries and departments such as IT, HR, healthcare, sales, etc.
  • Join 30+ companies looking for the best fit for their organizations and get a chance to be a part of top companies in the US through a virtual event. This is an amazing event open for all to provide jobs both remotely and on-site.


May 2022

  • Name
  • KIPP Albany Charter Public School
  • Career Link Job Fair 2022
  • MCST Career Fair
  • Start Date
  • 5/2/22
  • 5/5/22
  • 5/14/22
  • Description
  • KIPP Albany Charter Public School strives to create an environment where diverse people can join and work with their full identities. As KIPP Albany School Community is growing and the school is partnered with six other schools towards the common goal: every child grows up free to create the life they want, the school wants you to join the goal and start contributing your part.
  • Career Link is a job fair happening every year since 2016 by Regina Open Door Society. Every year, this job fair brings at least 1000 new job seekers to connect with 40+ recruitment companies. This year, the organization is aiming to empower more diverse job seekers through employment. Register now to meet the top employers in the Queen City and learn, connect, and network with them online.
  • University of Maryland School of Pharmacy welcomes you to join the Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics Program Virtual Career Fair. This is a great chance to learn about careers in the medical cannabis field, meet potential employers, and build your professional network.


April 2022

  • Name
  • Next Level Casino Career Fair
  • 2022 Virtual College and Career Fair – Presented by Army Child and Youth Services
  • CFP Board Career Fair
  • Start Date
  • 4/4/22
  • 4/28/22
  • 4/29/22
  • Description
  • Are you interested in the casino & hospitality industry? Voila! Next Level Casino Career Fair is an event to register for. This event brings you the opportunity to learn with leaders how you can take your career to the next level. The career opportunities that this career fair offers include: culinary, EVS, guest services, restaurant & food service, hotel housekeeping, hotel operations, pool, spa, and more.
  • Army Child and Youth Services is bringing the military-connected spectacular future-oriented event for youth and their families. This event will be joined by diverse and multiple field universities and military recruiters with educational benefits, apprenticeships, financial aid opportunities, and other career opportunities.
  • This spring season CFP Board Career Center is bringing you a career fair that helps job seekers in the financial planning profession. At CFP Board Career Fair, you not only learn about the profession but also gain an edge by updating your resume and creating your career profile. So, don’t miss the chance to get noticed by employers.


March 2022

  • Name
  • Unlimited Care Job Fair
  • Houston Community College Adjunct Career Fair
  • DeVry University Virtual Career Fair for the College of Engineering & Information Sciences
  • Start Date
  • 3/3/22
  • 3/26/22
  • 3/28/22
  • Description
  • Alleghenies Unlimited Care Providers is launching an Unlimited Care Job Fair. This job fair provides you with jobs for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses in the home or in a facility setting. The job openings include: specialties include IV therapy, skilled nursing, geriatric/pediatric care, newborn and neonatal care, wound care, post-operative care, and insurance assessment.
  • Houston Community College is hosting a competitive hiring process for Faculty, Staff, and Administrators to provide full-time, part-time/adjunct, and temporary jobs. Houston has employed over 6000 employees without discrimination of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity and expression, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or veteran status.
  • DeVry University is hosting a virtual career fair like no other. This event will help connect students and graduates from DeVry University College of Engineering with employers in the Information Technology, Networking, and Engineering Industries to build a talent pipeline among the best organizations.


February 2022

  • Name
  • Nestlé Academy – Building Skills for the Future Virtual Careers Fair
  • Draper Virtual Career Fair
  • NOVA SBE Virtual Career Fair
  • Start Date
  • 2/7/22
  • 2/10/22
  • 2/16/22
  • Description
  • Nestlé is providing so many opportunities for the youth for a decade and is focused on building a growth mechanism for all. This event will provide a special development program that will help students unlock their potential and find apprenticeship opportunities in Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply chain, and HR.
  • Draper Virtual Career Fair is organized by Draper for engineers and scientists to find jobs in Systems Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Software & Algorithm Engineering, and Biotechnology & Microsystems Engineering. Join this virtual career fair to serve the nation’s interests and security needs and develop innovative solutions together.
  • Join the fourth virtual edition of NOVA SBE Virtual Career Fair with over 60 companies and more than 3000 students. This career fair will give students a chance to visit virtual booths of the companies to connect and discuss the opportunities. There will be 30 different talks by each company where there will be a presentation and a Q&A to interact with speakers.


January 2022

  • Name
  • The JA Inspire Virtual Career Fair
  • NUL Black History Month Career Fair
  • Virtual Career Development Fair: Ready, Set, Grow: Owning Your Career Journey
  • Start Date
  • 1/3/22
  • 1/22/22
  • 1/25/22
  • Description
  • The JA Inspire Virtual Career Fair is a series of events happening every year in different regions of the US to help middle and high school students learn from diverse career opportunities. This virtual career fair will be happening in the Triad for the sustainable economic growth of the region.
  • Join the NUL Black History Month Career Fair with 50+ companies participating to hire top talent from across the nation. This career fair is organized to increase employment opportunities for fresh graduates and professionals in every industry for diverse communities.
  • Are you ready to start your career journey? Virtual Career Development Fair: Ready, Set, Grow brings you a platform with tools, resources, and inspiration to build your career from any point you are right now. At this event, you will be learning the internal application processes, creating your development plan, and much more while sitting anywhere in the world.


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Top Virtual Hiring Fairs in the USA in 2022

Afrah Saleem

Afrah Saleem is a content writer at vFairs and has been creating content for over 5 years in multiple niches. vFairs excites her as she loves working with her first SaaS Product that makes her feel more connected to the world. When she’s not writing, she tries new recipes, makes DIY products, spends time with books, and nature, or volunteers in tech communities.


Top Virtual Hiring Fairs in the USA in 2022

Afrah Saleem

Afrah Saleem is a content writer at vFairs and has been creating content for over 5 years in multiple niches. vFairs excites her as she loves working with her first SaaS Product that makes her feel more connected to the world. When she’s not writing, she tries new recipes, makes DIY products, spends time with books, and nature, or volunteers in tech communities.
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