4 Surprising Industries Benefiting from Virtual Job Fairs

Online job fairs are tools often associated with progressive companies with a budget. However, unexpected sectors have now also started thinking outside the box when it comes to hiring. Online Job Fairs are actively facilitating the needs of lesser known industries, targeted niches and under-served groups to accelerate matching and hiring.

Industries like construction, mining, woodwork and nursing are turning towards Virtual Career Fairs to create a focused pool of talent for interested employers. Similarly, groups like veterans, work-from-home moms and people with special needs are also making their way into the workforce through these platforms.

Let’s get into 4 surprising industries that are benefiting from using a dedicated platform for virtual job fairs right now.

    1. Law Enforcement

One of the niches that are necessary to target include Veterans. As we know, Veterans face issues of landing jobs when they come back from completing their services. Luckily, industries such as Law Enforcement, Government Agencies and Tech Industries have a need for these individuals. With their strong work ethic, principles and dedication, Veterans are in demand for these employers.

Law Enforcement’s work culture is quite similar to that of the Military. However, holding recruitment Job Fairs for them can present a challenge. From Veterans being physically unable to attend the events or travel long distances to not being familiar with these physical events.

All these issues can be tackled with Virtual Job Fairs. This not only allows them to register from anywhere in the world but helps them get a sense of how to go about such an event and get an idea of work culture. They will now be able to apply without any hassle. Virtual Job Fairs also helps spread awareness and target veterans without jobs.

      2. Health Care

Another type of Virtual Job Fair that can provide a focused talent pool is a Nurse Recruitment Fair. Research is showing a critical need for an increase in highly educated nurses and a nursing shortage which is set to impact in the coming years.

To tackle this and issues of reach-ability, a Virtual Job Fair is the event to go to. Through this event, healthcare organizations can focus on hiring and recruiting nurses all over the world with ease. Virtual events such as these also provide the benefits of strong employer branding and easy exchange of information.


      3. Finance Industry

Diversity is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of the finance sector because it’s usually perceived as a male-dominant area. According to figures published by Glassdoor, men account for 61.5% of degrees in finance.

Women in this industry face challenges which has lead to disparity in the male to female ratio. However, research shows that there’s a bright future for women in Finance. Gender-diverse companies are also 15% more likely to outperform their competitors.

But the question is, how do companies who want to hire diversely reach the maximum amount of women to fill the positions they offer? Virtual Job Fairs can tackle much of the issues with reaching diverse candidates.

Virtual Job Fairs give businesses opportunities to engage with a high volume of international talent. Moreover, time and location won’t be a concern and women can easily apply from anywhere they please. They can also have 1:1 chat with the prospective employers about work culture and their workforce diversity.

Another benefit is that employers can find candidates with specific skills and experience, hence women can focus on their key and strongest skills and apply confidently.

      4. Government

Government Agencies are always on the lookout for professionals who can offer their technology services whether it be IT infrastructure or data analytics etc. Some issues that come with hiring tech experts can be the long hiring processes, costs and sometimes the right candidates living in another place altogether.

Tech professionals are extremely sought after in Government agencies for the services they provide. But what is the answer to these hiring challenges? An event like Virtual Job Fairs.

In Virtual Job Fairs, a company can expand geographical searches for talent residing in other areas. These online events provide ease for organizations to communicate with their prospective applicants and vice versa, reviewing their CV’s online or through video content as well. Employers can interview applicants on the spot and chat in real time through audio/video/text chat tools.


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4 Surprising Industries Benefiting from Virtual Job Fairs

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