7 Types of Events You Can Take Online During a Pandemic

We’ve all been affected by the unforeseen severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or the other. A number of businesses and institutions, for once, have suffered from their scheduled events – ones they await throughout the year. The good news is, humans adapt, and they do it quickly! Here are 7 types of events you can take online, instead of canceling or postponing them until further notice.

1. Conferences & Summits

Of all the events you can take online, conferences and summits top the list.

Why move your conference online? The real question is, why not?

Gathering people, fulfilling objectives, and hitting your goals has never been easier. A virtual conference or a summit has its own set of benefits that helps you surpass the outcomes of a traditional conference, any day, regardless of a pandemic.

With powerful online tools for engagement, you can reach a wider audience, invite keynote speakers from across the globe, host all kinds of breakout sessions, and much more. See how VMUG attracted a global audience to host a successful Virtual Conference.

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2. Trade Shows & Expos

We all know your basic goal is to maximize leads. But were you really maximizing them, even before COVID-19 hit the world?

The best part is, however, it’s never too late to get it right. Drop all that disappointment arising from the thought of a canceled event and take your event where your users are currently spending most of their time – their laptops and phone screens.

Trade shows and exhibitions can easily be the events you can take online. Hosting a virtual trade show & expo can enable you to engage prospects across the globe using live chat tools, educate them about your offerings using live webinars, and eventually convert your warm leads with an online store within your event, in a shorter time.

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3. Career Fairs & Job Fairs

The idea of remote hiring can be daunting. Finding the right candidates without meeting them in-person? While this might sound quite alarming, a number of top organizations around the world find their best employees by increasing their reach and virtually meeting their future employees. Virtual Career Fairs & Job Fairs are particularly beneficial for companies that do not wish to miss out on the window when top talent is seeking work right out of college.

Instead of canceling your career fairs, taking them online can improve the quality of applicants with the help of various 1:1 audio/video chat tools, job boards, and effective video assessment tools.

Not just this, but a virtual career fair gives you the opportunity of showcasing your employer brand to a global audience. What more do you even need?

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4. Onboarding Fairs

Business owners generally agree that success rests heavily on new hires themselves. To ensure you direct your new hires from foundation to success, a powerful onboarding program needs to be set in place. So what if you can’t conduct the usual in-office onboarding sessions with your new employees amid remote work arrangements.

You can still welcome them through a functional and unforgettable virtual onboarding fair. A Virtual Onboarding Fair can enable you to boost productivity for distributed hires and train them via rich interactive tools such as webinars and audio/video chats. The cherry on top – you can also measure the performance and make changes at any time.

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In case you wish to set up a configurable remote onboarding platform, Afterhire is a popular solution that helps organizations ramp up distributed hires with ease and gets them to peak productivity faster.

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5. University Fairs

While Universities have equipped themselves to offer online classes, prepare their students for their examinations and eventually, eject them into the real world, it is also important to think farther than that. Networking and job-seeking do not have the same dynamics as it did a few months ago. Canceling education fairs, open days, and other networking events can be detrimental to the entire graduating class, alumni, and fresh applicants. Instead, these can be the events you can take online!

Therefore, a quick shift towards virtual college fairs, virtual open days, and virtual student/alumni networking fair is your best bet! This does not, in any way, lower the standards for your university. In fact, way before the COVID, leading universities across the globe had been benefiting from various Virtual University Fairs to connect with students, alumni, and employers across the globe.

See how Cornell University benefited from hosting an engaging Virtual Education Fair.

virtual university fair

6. Benefits Fairs

Sharing and discussing information as important as this, cannot be done without the right communication channels. Therefore, do not get disappointed or worry about offering benefits plans to your employees at a time when you can’t sit them down in one conference room.

Hosting a virtual benefits fair can help your employees learn about benefits through an easy and interactive online event. It removes the hassle and long hours that HR has to spend on each employee, and more than that provides a better way for employees to access appropriate plans.

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7. Food Exhibitions

There’s been a tremendous change in the global food industry in the past year. With disrupted supply chains and shutdowns of food distributors, we saw that the food industry was impacted quite dramatically after all.

However, what we also noticed was the immense value that virtual food exhibitions brought to customers at vFairs. Not only did going online help establish connections with a global line of suppliers, distributors, and restaurants, on a single platform, but also maximized sales benefiting the entire food industry.

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Conclusion: Events you can take online

During unpredictable times such as these, it is highly essential to open up to changes and adapt to online avenues that can act as effective alternatives for your scheduled events. We’ll get through it together, for sure, but in the meantime, it is also necessary to ensure that we do not lose out on any opportunity that we’ve been looking forward to. We hope you make use of this list of events you can take online and make good use of online platforms for your organization’s needs.

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7 Types of Events You Can Take Online During a Pandemic

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