Creative Content To Share At Trade Show Exhibits

The Covid-19 Pandemic has pushed office workers and event planners back into their homes. This means that conducting trade shows, seminars, and live panels are not feasible anymore.

The bigger trade shows like CES, E3, and others will continue in some other shape or form. However, most people are confused when it comes to the concept of virtual seminars, conventions, exhibitions, and trade shows.

Just because a pandemic is going on does not mean you have to halt all your marketing efforts for whatever trade show exhibit you were planning. So, think of this as a brief guide on how to hold a proper trade show exhibit online.

Are Virtual Trade Shows Better?

When you are holding a physical trade show exhibit, audience size, and space is an obvious concern. You can’t just cram everyone interested in your products into one single room. Virtual trade show exhibits don’t suffer from this issue. 

And since anyone can access virtual trade shows from anywhere, this means you’ll be able to attract visitors from various ethnic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds.

If you have ever held a trade show exhibit before, you know how expensive these things can get. Getting a large venue, high-tech equipment, designing booths, and employing hundreds of workers is quite a lot of hassle to go through.

A virtual setting will lessen these issues. These shows also require less manpower. With proper planning, and management you can not only save a lot of money but generate greater ROI and reach a broader audience by going digital.

However, one of the major challenges that come in the way of conducting successful virtual trade shows is maintaining audience engagement. And for that, here are a few creative content ideas that are sure to increase audience engagement at your trade show.

Creative Ideas For Virtual Trade Show Exhibits

Before we move on to some actual ideas, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • You need to prominently display the brands and brand details at every booth. Just give enough information so that the user knows what they are at the booth for. Keep things simple to get more engagement.
  • Try to bridge the gap between the visitors and the exhibitors. You can do this by telling exhibitors to showcase products via webinars, keynotes, or maybe even simple product demos.
  • Create a personal link between the visitors and your company. Allow them to submit their contact info and email for follow-up marketing strategies.
  • Yes, you are holding a professional trade show, but it does not have to be serious all the time. Think of how to make the experience a bit more enjoyable and increase engagement.

Make Booths Better

The number one priority for a proper full-fledged trade show is having great booths for the exhibitors. The booths are where visitors can go and get an idea of what different brands are offering. Your booth experience can make or break an entire trade show event, depending on how it goes. It’s also the place where you’ll get most of the user engagement.

Naturally, you’d want to make your booth experiences better for the visitors. Encourage brands to experiment and try to look different from other exhibitors. vFairs also offers customizable booth options for vendors and allows the creation of avatars of booth representatives that reflect their brand persona.

Every booth should have crystal clear audio and video showcases, creative commercials, proper announcements, and product keynotes.

Encourage brands to have a unique identity when they are setting up their booths. Offer customizable booths so that the exhibitors can get creative and try to show off their products in the best way possible.

Product Photography And Video

The first thing you need to remember is that things don’t need to be bland. Stay away from sharing dull PDF files. Instead, opt for high-quality photographs and video. Use enticing backgrounds, display some features of the product next to it, and you can even go for a full 360-degree view of products.

Incorporate Live Chat

You may want to stream the show onto a YouTube or Twitch channel. If not, you may want to have a live chat feature. This allows you to view what people are saying about the trade show exhibit and keeps visitors interested as well as they can socialize among themselves. It’s a simple yet effective feature.

Other than that, live chat is also useful for the event managers and exhibitors in a way. This is because live chat allows exhibitors to make direct content with potential customers. They can request to chat with the participants who might be interested in the product/service. This forms a more personal approach, and may even prove to be more effective in terms of marketing.

Discussion Panels and Q&A

Set separate times for live panels. Provide your audience a platform where they can come and ask questions, talk with the presenters, and walk away with a better understanding of the products showcased.

Apart from that, vFairs has a moderated chat feature as well. This will allow event managers to host a dynamic Q&A function. The attendees can submit questions at a booth and the moderator/admin can choose which questions to answer. This also allows you to manage unwanted or irrelevant comments. They can also display these said questions as a tab within their booth.

Our moderated chat feature is worth checking out for more details.

Sales Through Ecommerce

What’s a better time to sell your product than right after showing it off? A lot of companies do these, as this is the time when user engagement is high and everyone has eyes on what you are doing. You can incorporate a virtual shopping cart and order pages for customers. This allows you to immediately take advantage when people are the most interested. After the event, you can also track your sales.

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Creative Content To Share At Trade Show Exhibits

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