Four Creative Content Ideas for Virtual Events

Attracting attention at a virtual event is one thing, but actually leaving an impression on those who you’ve caught the eye of is a whole different story. Whether you’re hosting virtual events or showcasing your organization through a virtual exhibition booth, you need to make sure the content you’re sharing is useful, informative, and helps attendees remember you. 

So, how do you make sure your content actually sticks? Use these ideas to start getting creative!

Share Useable Materials 

Remember taking home all those pens and notebooks at in-person events? Swag helps the attendees who interacted with you remember you for long afterward. At virtual events, exhibitors and hosts can give away ‘virtual swag’. While brochures and pricing sheets are important to offer, giving your attendees something they can actually use is highly valuable and extremely underused.

For example, you could offer attendees downloadable templates. Say you’re a company participating in a virtual job fair. You could provide booth visitors with some of the top resume templates that could help them get hired. They’ll appreciate that you’re a caring, supportive company and they’ll likely apply to you, since you’ve already shown them what you like to see. 

Likewise, if you’re a vendor in a niche area, provide a checklist of questions buyers should ask while shopping for a product you offer. They may use the checklist while speaking with your competitors, but your name will be front and center the whole time. This will build your credibility, increase your brand’s exposure time, and eventually lead them back to you!

You can also dabble with gift boxes with your brand’s packaging. Mail these to speakers or add them to your early bird package for attendees. This helps boost brand visibility and makes your target audience feel special.

Present With Live Scribing

If you’re planning to host speaking sessions, make the virtual presentation more interesting by including live scribing. Live scribing is a great way to reinforce what you’re speaking about through visuals. In fact, 65% of the population are actually visual learners. This means you’ll actually be helping the majority of people better retain the information you want to share. Not only is this a fun and effective way to present, you can also share the final graphic with all of your presentation attendees following the virtual event as a souvenir. They can review and refer to it as much as they need – no more deciphering their own scribbled notes! 

Schedule Live Demos

Virtual product launches, virtual food expos, and virtual trade shows all have one thing in common: placing products front and centre. Make sure you’re getting your products or services in front of the right people with a bit of pre-event planning.

Create a presentation deck and pitch that you can showcase within the virtual events platform. Then, each out to key leads and current clients to schedule live 1:1 demo appointments throughout the event day. 

Lastly, focus your booth strategy around the demos. Provide all of the follow-up information they need in your downloadable content section within your exhibit booth, so that right after your presentation, your leads can review the materials with your pitch fresh in their mind.

Link to Audio Files

Do you have a podcast? Lots of companies are turning to this content form to build loyalty and establish their brands as thought leaders. And if it works, it really works. Approximately 80% of all podcast listeners listen to the whole episode. Comparing that to the casual skimming people tend to do with PDFs and static content, you can see why it’s a worthwhile investment for some organizations.

You don’t need to have a weekly podcast set up to share content this way. Record an episode specific to your subject matter, and provide download links within your exhibit booth. Our back-end statistics can let you know how many people downloaded your audio files, and you could assume that 80% of them listened to the whole thing. Wait, did we just come up with a new KPI together?


Whatever your goals are, your next virtual event can be made memorable through creative content. Having a clear idea of your goals, your audience and your strengths are your secret weapons when coming up with creative content. With a flexible virtual events platform, you have endless opportunities to host interesting content that will inspire your audience to take action.


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Four Creative Content Ideas for Virtual Events

Brianne Snell

Brianne is a Content Manager at vFairs. She has over 8 years of experience planning and creating content for IT and SaaS organizations. When she isn't sharing her excitement for virtual and hybrid events, you can find her doing Pilates, bingeing pop culture podcasts and hanging out with her dog, Charlotte.

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