How to Take Telecom Networking Events Online

Do you know what is the biggest ongoing challenge in the telecom industry? Digital transformation!

Yes, you read that right. If you are someone facing the same challenge or still confused about whether it’s feasible to host an online networking event or not? You landed on the perfect corner of the internet. This blog is all about how you can take your telecom networking events online. 

Keep scrolling to learn everything you seek when it comes to digital innovation.

The Problem…

In today’s modern world, competition and efficiency pressures are touching new heights every day. With this heightened situation, many of us find it difficult to keep up with digital innovation. When there are difficult choices like allocation and prioritization of digital investments, looking for the right solutions is not an easy task.

The Solution…

At vFairs, hosting a captivating virtual conference is the key solution to your biggest problem. In order to provide our readers with a better understanding of the direction in which the digital world is moving, we have compiled some top key steps to help you take your telecom networking events online. 

Telecom Networking Events

By attending trade shows and conferences online, people are able to benefit from modern products and services. In short, one can discover what the future holds for the industry of telecommunication in so many ways. When you host telecom networking events online, people avail of great opportunities to meet with exhibitors. Not only this but it also provides a bigger pool of professionals from all over the world, to meet and exchange their experiences. They are able to easily adopt new innovative solutions for their business and make new connections. On the other hand, the case is totally opposite when it comes to physical conferences due to limited resources. 

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If you are looking to host a virtual networking event or a conference, vFairs has got you covered. 

How Do We Take Your Telecom Networking Events Online?

No matter what kind of telecom networking events you choose to take online with us, transforming it into a fully-realized online experience is the key. Below we have compiled key steps to host a captivating virtual event that delivers promising results.

Step 1

  • When you plan to host an event, inviting people is the first major step. Maximum online registration is what our goal is, and to achieve this goal, a stunning landing page is all we need.
  • We help you with designing an effective and eye-catching landing page that fits your event and audience perfectly. The attendees will know what to expect with the help of our interest-generating landing page.
  • You can also go for a custom registration form that will collect the exact details you need as a host. This data can be then used in many ways to grow your client or business base.

Step 2

  • Our second step focuses on a rich virtual environment for your telecom networking events. This will help you cater to a wide variety of attendees and exhibitors during the online event.
  • By rich virtual environment, we mean to create a mobile-friendly, highly interactive, and fully customizable 3D space for a fully immersive experience. 
  • Not only this but we also create customizable virtual avatars to help your attendees feel they are really attending a live event.

Step 3

  •  A meaningful guest experience is another key goal for result-oriented telecom networking events. One of our key tools to achieve this goal is a real-time chat tool. The functionality of vFairs chat is one of the top-rated among other online conference platforms.
  • You can use the chat tool to answer timely queries, nurture interest in attendees, and educate them.
  • Booth operators and organizers can also enjoy lasting connections with the visitors with the help of group chats or one-on-one conversations.
  • We also offer optional audio and video chat features to make your event even better.

Step 4

  • People love when they have lifetime access to any important information. Our next step in organizing the best virtual event for you is to provide an option to download videos and presentations.
  • You can share informational content about your services, products, or even industry-related topics that will be easily downloaded by the attendees. 

Step 5

  • Last but not least, live webinars and breakout sessions always spice up the event.
  • Going for the right speaker is a game-changer in this case. An experienced speaker has the ability to make your online telecom networking events a transformative experience.
  • With the help of vFairs, you can schedule topic-oriented live webinars via your virtual conference.
  • This encourages the participation of the audience along with expert Q&A sessions. 

Event Analytics and Reports

Now that you organized and hosted a perfect event with vFairs, it doesn’t end here. When we said result-oriented telecom networking events, then results are for real.


You can get detailed reports to help break down event performance as well as attendee participation. Doing so helps the organizers to improve their ROI and refine the upcoming approaches. After all, that’s what we all seek.

Some common registration stats you may see in our event reports include:

  1. Total registrations
  2. Total visits
  3. Unique visitors
  4. Turnout
  5. Booth performance metrics
  6. Individual user journeys
  7. Specific activities like the number of document downloads or webinar attendance.

Make Your Telecom Networking Events Special

Wondering how? Our multilingual support option is a special treat for your audience. It makes them feel right at home when they see content and features in their own language. Our virtual event software is meant to provide localization for a wide variety of languages.


Taking your telecom networking events online was never this easy and fun. With a goal to keep your peace of mind at top of the list, vFairs is always ready to help. From organizing the entire virtual event to adding unique and most digitally innovative features in the middle of your conference, as well as providing endless support with after-event reports, we make your experience memorable.

The best solution is the easiest one and vFairs worked significantly hard for years to make this solution the best for any kind of telecom networking events.

How Do We Make It Easy for You?

Here are a few characteristic features that make our solution the easiest one:

  • vFairs run on the cloud hence, no need for software installation for online conference access. A standard web browser and a stable internet connection are all you need.
  • We let you run as long virtual event as you want. As per the experts, the events that last for 2 days are the best to bring maximum ROI. The choice is yours!
  • A dedicated event manager for your telecom networking events is the first virtual gift we offer. The manager will be responsible for taking care of your needs, from the beginning till the end. Additionally, you will get a technical standby team to resolve any technical issue the quickest.

What else can make your online telecom networking events a 100% success? Let’s make it real together. 

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How to Take Telecom Networking Events Online

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