Types of Telecommunications Industry Events you can Host Online

There are several telecommunication companies working around the globe. They always need to connect with other companies or their own employees. It can be an important factor for any telecommunication company because they need to conduct events and meetings on a frequent basis. We can say that telecommunications are one of the industries that need more engagement and communication as compared to other industries in order to assess and renew strategies for customer engagement.

Since the industry requires more events to be held, vFairs is dedicated to providing a virtual event hosting platform to the telecommunication companies out there. Today we will discuss some of the major telecommunications industry events that can be hosted online without any second thought. To know what types of events can be hosted and what could be their potential outcomes, just stick to the end of this article. 

Virtual Telecommunications Events to Consider

1. Virtual Product Launch

Launching a product means you need a huge shout-out so you can reach the maximum number of people. A virtual product launch is a perfect way to reach a large number of people all at once. The purpose of launching a product through an event might be to spread awareness. You can spread awareness through several channels, but as for today, the situation of the world has become much worse due to the pandemic.

Nowadays, you can’t hold a huge traditional product launch event where you could invite thousands of your existing customers to let them know about your newly launched product. 


With vFairs, you can avail three main attractions for a virtual product launch:

  • Announce new products through webinars (for example Steve Jobs announcing the iPhone, that style of presentation)
  • Host 1:1 sales calls where company representatives can demo the product to leads.
  • Collect orders through the virtual shopping cart.

2. Virtual Trade Shows

The virtual trade show is another type of telecommunications industry event. As a telecommunications company, if you are looking for more prospects and leads, then you must go for a virtual trade show. This type of virtual event enables you to spread your word and reach more people who might be interested in your business. 

vFairs provides its customers everything to host a successful virtual trade show. This ranges from a converting landing page to a highly streamlined virtual cart that allows your attendees to browse through your product catalog, pre-event marketing features (e.g: custom-built automated emails that can be scheduled as reminders to registrants leading up to the event), and much more. The visitors can easily add products into their carts and they can wether buy at the time or they could also save the cart for later. 

Virtual trade shows are also helpful in nurturing prospects. You can talk to your prospects using live chat tools. You already know the cost of not clearing the query immediately as you might lose a customer if the query didn’t get an on-time response. All these aspects help telecommunication companies to get greater outcomes at a much lower cost. At vFairs, you can avail of a virtual business card ‘drop box’ similar to what might impress you at a live trade show. 

3. Virtual Career Fair

Another most important telecommunications industry event that you can host virtually is a virtual career fair. Once again at vFairs, hosting a virtual career fair can be fun as well as more beneficial than arranging a traditional job fair. 

Virtual career fair allows recruiters to collect resumes, share job boards and open roles, as well as network with the top candidates. All these functions can be performed under one system. There is no need to create separate folders for each of the above-mentioned stuff.  

Hosting a virtual career fair produces results on the spot. Since everything is systematic, recruiters can spend more time making decisions rather than arranging resume files or remembering the names of top candidates. You just need to know whom to hire or whom to reject or shortlist. 

At vFairs, telecommunication companies can also conduct employer-hosted webinars. There are plenty of useful video tools available to make the career fair as simple as you like. Such webinars are ideal when it comes to outlining things like how to apply, tips from the recruiters about how to get noticed, or their company culture. 

4. Virtual Conference

In today’s world, people need something more engaging as compared to past times. Telecommunications industry events must be engaging to keep attendees active so they don’t lose concentration. This is because the telecommunications industry is continually advancing, and very fast-paced. Virtual conferences are an important way for industry pros to keep up with the pace of the industry, learn about advancements in technology, and connect with other professionals. 

Traditional conferences make people tired early as they have to sit for long hours that sometimes demotivate them physically. As a result, people start losing their concentration which is not at all a good sign.

That’s why hosting a virtual conference can be far better as it allows visitors to comfortably sit in front of the screen without being physically uneasy or sitting straight for hours. vFairs offers a personalized agenda feature where attendees can choose which webinars are most important to them. They can easily add the most important one to their schedule and can streamline their experience at the event. With better options to choose when to attend different webinars, attendees are more proactive while being at ease during virtual conferences. 

an image of edlanta's lobby

3D virtual event space for interactive webinar sessions. There is also a networking feature available for visitors to connects with other visitors.

Your audience can have a fantastic virtual conference experience through vFairs. You also get event reports and analytics, customer support from beginning to end, gamification to boost your event engagement, and much more. 

5. Virtual Benefits Fair

As a telecommunications company, you definitely need to educate your employees about company benefits and wellness programs. With virtual benefits fair, you can easily connect your employees with your benefits providers. 

Using vFairs for your virtual benefits fair can be quite beneficial as well. You can easily educate your employees about the company’s benefits with digital content as well as multimedia. And you’re more likely to win your employees’ interest benefits you offer. 

Employees can easily communicate with the benefits representative who can assist through text, audio, or video chat. There are not only benefits for employees but for the benefits providers as well. They can deliver training sessions using highly engaging webinars. The training webinar can be more engaging through a Q&A session at the end. 

Conclusion: Your Options Are Endless for Online Telecommunications Industry Events 

Last but not the least, there are several telecommunications industry events that can be hosted online. It all depends on your requirement as a company. Virtual events are quick and easy to set up, and extremely versatile in function. They’re also very cost-effective.

vFairs offers a complete solution for any type of event that you want to host online on our platform.

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Types of Telecommunications Industry Events you can Host Online

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