Tips for Marketing Virtual Telco Conferences

Are you deciding to set up a virtual telco conference but confused about how to find an audience who would actually attend your conference? Seeking ways to make it a success? Don’t worry, in this blog we have gathered some top-working tips to ensure that the next time when you organize any virtual event, you don’t get trouble reaching out to your potential audience. 

We all agree with the fact that a virtual conference would not be considered a success if it doesn’t get enough attendees right? Here is an example to understand this better. Let’s say you have arranged a party. You must have been planning for a week before the event date. Now, what if you forget to send invitations to the people whom you want to attend the party? Yes, you got the point.

You may have put all of your efforts into organizing such an event but definitely, there is no use of such efforts if no one attends or if irrelevant people attend. 

The Right Way to  Market your Virtual Telco Conference

1. Socialize

In today’s world, we initiate our marketing campaigns simply through social media. We already know that social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are already filled with the potential audience that we want to target. You simply need to reach out to those people with your perfect invitation or a message that can convince them to attend the event. 

Another smart idea to bring more visitors to your telco events is to hunt for influencers who already have a handsome following in your particular industry. This is one of the smartest ways to call out people and acknowledge them about what’s going to happen and what benefits they could get if they attend. 

In short, socializing through popular online platforms might increase the number of attendees to a greater extent. The more ideal professionals you get to gather, the better chances you have to run a successful event.

Pro tip: create and track a custom hashtag through, and have user-generated content ready to share on the day of your event!

2. Facebook/Instagram Live

Once again, you will see that social media is playing a vital part here in promoting your virtual telco conferences. You can use the Live feature of Instagram or Facebook, whatever you see fit according to your conference. 

Why are we suggesting this? Because Facebook has currently 2.80 billion active monthly users while Instagram has 1 billion active users. These platforms are literally the gold mines for people who want to attract millions of targeted professionals in a short period. 

Going Live on Facebook or Instagram can increase the chances of engaging on a real-time basis. You can explain to the viewers what benefit they can get if they attend your telco conferences. People can ask you questions and you can answer them at the same moment. This technique can be a real deal to attract attendees to your virtual event.

3. Use FOMO 

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), is the popular formula of attracting more people. We, humans, are always scared of losing something right? It might be an opportunity or a discount offered by some of the biggest brands like Apple, Google (Android), or Redmi. 

What if a renowned brand offers a limited-time discount on some particular stock? You would definitely rush out to the nearest outlet asap. This is how FOMO affects us human beings. We can’t miss out on what is not offered usually in our daily lives. 

Similarly, when you are organizing virtual telco conferences, you should be focusing on this unique principle to create an offer that is simply irresistible. It seems simple but actually, it is a powerful strategy to bring more people in.

4. Email Marketing

Almost every business today has an email list build-up. As for 2020, an average email open rate was around 18% which is quite beneficial for any business.

Let’s suppose you have an email list of around 100,000 people. You launch an email campaign inviting people to attend your telco conferences. Now, according to the open rate, 18,000 emails would be opened. 

What do you think? How many of them would actually click through the link you have put inside the email? 

Here is another percentage for you to know. There is an average of 2.5% of people who open the email and click through what’s inside. Now, if we calculate roughly, it takes around 450 people who opened your email and then clicked through. 

Another fact to know is that on average, up to 35% of people who learn about your virtual telco conferences would be actually attending, which is a quite higher percentage than in-person events. Email marketing can be quite beneficial to get attendees attracted to your virtual events. 

vFairs email marketing solution mockup
vFairs offers a drag-and-drop email builder so you can create beautiful, customized event emails.

5. Word of Mouth Marketing

Here is an interesting fact; there are higher chances that the phone you are using right now was not marketed by the manufacturing company directly. It was maybe suggested by one of your closest friends or your close one has used the same phone hence, they recommended the product. 

This is the case where the company itself didn’t spend a single penny or effort on marketing. Definitely, we can’t say the company never used any marketing tactics, but they don’t have to put much effort. This is because their existing buyers influence others to use their products or services.

How can you get the benefit out of this word-of-mouth marketing? Here comes a unique combination of tips we have already discussed above. The top one is influencer marketing. People who have already gained a following in your industry can suggest your business to their loyal fans or following. 


You can promote your virtual telco conferences in a wide variety of ways if you have the right knowledge. All you need is to take care of spreading your message to the right audience. If you are selling cars but deliver your message to the people interested in buying heavy-bikes then your promotion will go in vain.

It is essential that you always stay conscious when it comes to your targeted audience and marketing strategies for telco conferences. 

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Tips for Marketing Virtual Telco Conferences

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