Tips for Taking Internal Events Online

Whenever it comes to hosting an online event, companies mostly talk about appealing to new customers and attracting sponsors. There is absolutely no problem with this, but companies should also consider hosting internal events as well rather than just focusing on external ones. After all, putting in the effort to improve quality internally will significantly help you increase your customer database in the long run.

Have you heard the famous quote by Henry Ford? He says, “the only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

Keeping this point in mind, today we are going to talk about hosting internal events online as you can’t just ignore the fact that your increasing customers do need the service or product that has a direct link with your internal customers. This indirectly indicates to your current employees. 

Reasons to Host Internal Events

If you are already convinced to host an internal event, you should still read this article till the end to know some benefits of taking your internal events online. You will also get to know some pro tips so stick to the end. 

Whenever you hire a new employee, they take time to learn about the core functions your company is based upon. You can’t just expect a newcomer to perform his best on the first day. That means you should be working on your employees’ skills so that they can actually help you hit your goals. 

As we have already mentioned above a quote, you can’t afford an employee who is not trained enough to do what you want him to do. It can simply further your loss in terms of time. You need to properly train each and every individual coming and joining your firm in order to set them up for success. That’s simple!

The virtual internal events can also transform your training and development section. Almost every employee in your company wants to take their career to the next level. You should tell them your cores and help them accelerate their careers. New employees are always eager to learn new things about the company hence, another reason for hosting internal events for them. 

Another important reason that shouldn’t be missed here is celebrating the star performers. You must praise if any of your employees work hard for the company and takes full responsibility for whatever he is obliged to do. You can organize awards shows, incentive programs, and other ceremonies to say ‘well done’ to your top performers. 

Last but not the least, also consider employee engagement events, like virtual benefits fairs. Doing so will make sure your existing employees feel connected to the company. 

Tips to Take Internal Events Online

Even though you are hosting these events for your employees, you must not forget to present it the way you do it for your customers and sales partners. You have to keep a close eye on your branding such as your logo, color scheme, and your events must be mobile friendly as well. 

Another critical thing is you should focus on the content that is easy to digest. Definitely, we can’t ignore the fact that internal events are equally important as external events, but you need to focus on the internal ones first. Otherwise, you can’t do any good to your external events as well. 

It is said by the Senior Vice President of Apple, Angela Ahrendts, “Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.”

This simple yet very important statement can defend the whole article as to why you should be spending your time on your internal events as well. 

Bringing speakers from outside leaves an extra impact on your employees. You can simply invite an HR expert who would share his experience and tips with your employees. This simple but useful tip can enhance the engagement ratio of your employees’ interaction during the event. 

Also, inviting a speaker from outside is easy for you because you don’t have to bear the accommodation. Since you are hosting a virtual event, it would be easy for you to bring speakers to your platform.

Investing in Advanced Tools for your Virtual Internal Events

Companies invest in the most advanced and premium tools for their external events but no one thinks to integrate the same advanced tools for their internal events. This is equally important because firstly, it will benefit your own employees and secondly, it can also train you enough to host more successful external events.

That’s why you should always be investing in advanced tools and techniques to make your internal events successful. 

How can you Measure the Success Rate of your Internal Events?

Another important question that has just been roaming around. You need to look at the engagement rate of your employees in order to calculate the success rate of your internal events. 

This is because you are hosting these events, particularly for your employees, so the success must be the positive engagement that you get from them. If your employees failed to show enough engagement with the guest speakers or the content you created for them, then you should work harder on your internal events as your event didn’t perform well.

It doesn’t end here, as a host, you can also see how many people logged in, and who logged in to your event. You can see who attended which webinars, check how many people visited which booths, and you can even search by an employee to watch their user journey through the event.

Whenever it comes to an event, the engagement ratio is one of the only parameters that can tell us whether it was a success or not.


Your internal events are as important as your external ones. You can never differentiate between these two. This is due to the fact that you are not the only one who is communicating with each and every customer, but there is an entire passionate team behind you who always works harder on your goals. It is essential that you think about them. 

If your internal events are successful then you can anticipate that you can hold many successful external events as well. The logic behind this is very simple, you can’t do any good to your customers if you are not good with your employees. 

You can’t think any good for your customers if you don’t think good for your employees. Your internal customers should always be more satisfied than your external customers. The rule is simple! 

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Tips for Taking Internal Events Online

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