Tips for Telecom Pros Hosting Virtual Hiring Events

Nowadays, the majority searches most of their needs online. Since the internet has become the biggest problem-solving platform, it works for quite everyone to find their relevant information and opportunities. 

Searching for jobs is one such example where people rely heavily on the internet. On the other hand, employers also prefer finding the best candidates through the internet facility. This has become one of the basic practices of many big corporates across the globe.

Companies such as Apple, IBM, and many others focus to build their recruitment strategy as they are in need to hire new employees almost anytime. Knowing the importance of keeping your recruitment strategy updated is crucial. In this way, you never go short of a good team to work with. 

Virtual hiring events and virtual career fairs are the ideal solutions that most companies look to build upon their list of potential candidates. It enables them to save time as well as energy. 

How do virtual hiring events work?

There was a time when companies recruited employees the traditional way. They used to post classified ads in newspapers or pasted pamphlets on the walls of buildings. During that time, word-of-mouth also worked as the internal employees spread words in their circles to grab the available opportunity.

Time passed, and things have become more virtual now. There are a bunch of platforms available that can help you get any kind of attention you seek. Similarly, now companies do not rely on distributing pamphlets or brochures to get top candidates. They instead use virtual platforms where recruiters host an event to interact with new candidates. 

vfairs virtual lobby at a job fair

Virtual hiring events are very efficient when it comes to time-saving and less fatigue. Another benefit of hosting virtual hiring events is that you can customize the look. You can provide resources such as application forms, presentations, and other important documents to the candidates. Candidates can also network with others through a professional environment within the virtual space. 

If your goal is to reach a wider audience that’s definitely not possible in the traditional way. Your number one priority should be hosting virtual hiring events. There are top platforms like vFairs that help recruiters in hosting such an event.

Tips for telecom pros

While hosting virtual hiring events, employer branding must be in the mind of telecom pros. Virtual events offer such a great space to the seekers where they can integrate their social media channels, company’s valuable assets such as the list of their board of directors, CEOs, and higher authorities. 

You should also focus on providing the material through virtual hiring events that are not easily available across the internet even on the company’s official site. At the same time, it is important to be transparent with the candidate. You may know virtual event solutions do offer event recording as well that means each of the interactions that you make with a candidate can be recorded or saved within the event provider’s site. In this way, you would have the consent of your candidate so they know this as well. This is a good way to leave an impression on the candidate hence, they can consider you one of the highly professional recruiters in the industry. 

There can be some challenges faced while getting candidates to attend your virtual hiring events. You might invite someone to attend the event but they are not hooked enough to join, right? That’s when you need to be a little creative while promoting your event. You can hook candidates by sharing some useful stuff such as interview tips, testimonials of existing employees, or a few success stories inside your company. People always need some inspiration before taking an action. 

Considerations for choosing a virtual hiring event solution

You must look for a convenient access-providing solution for your candidates. Why is this important? This is because not everyone is keen to sit in front of the laptop or computer to attend the virtual event. Almost 46% of the world’s population are mobile users. This is the biggest reason why your virtual event solution must offer a seamless mobile experience. 

Promote your event

Can you deny the importance of promoting your virtual hiring events? Literally not. In fact, promoting events across different social media channels can be the real deal for you. This way you become more credible in the eyes of candidates who are roaming around the internet, searching for jobs. You can also run email campaigns to interact with candidates and let them know about your event as well as how it can benefit them. 

product mockup of vFairs email builder marketing tool

An important purpose that must lay behind virtual hiring events is accelerating the hiring process. vFairs plays a vital role at this point because it’s a dynamic platform where you can engage with your candidates through discussions. You can capture the CVs, shortlist some top candidates, and invite them for an interview. All these steps can take place right at the event. 

At last, virtual hiring events are the best way to bring employers and job seekers together in one place. They both can interact, learn about each other and hopefully realize meaningful employment.

Why choose vFairs for your virtual hirings events?

If you are going to host your first-ever virtual event, you definitely won’t prefer ruining your first experience. You need to be wise when choosing a solution that can provide you everything you would need for a successful virtual hiring event.

Another important thing is that you would never want to ruin your attendees’ experience as well. Would you? Definitely, you won’t because only you know how much effort you have put in bringing that potential candidate to your virtual event. 

Next, you need to stand out with your virtual hiring events. You will never want to look the same way as your competitor does. While keeping this point in mind, vFairs offers features you need to make a huge impact on your audience, like candidate profile search, and meeting tools. You can either compromise with your choice and ruin your event or you can simply choose an experienced provider that can go an extra mile for you to make your virtual event successful.

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Tips for Telecom Pros Hosting Virtual Hiring Events

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