Types of Life Science Events You Can Host Online

The post-COVID-19 world is as unpredictable as it is unprecedented. And in such an uncertain world one needs to let go of conventions and adopt newer ways.

It’s getting harder to conduct physical life science events due the ever-changing policies that are trying to tackle the virus and its recurring waves.

In the wake of uncertainty, pharmaceutical businesses, like others, have opted for a digitalization of their events – allowing for a safer alternative.

The following list includes different types of life science events that you can host online. Having a mental-note of these various formats is crucial in deciding your company’s future sales/marketing strategies.

Types of Life Science Events You Can Host

Conferences & Summits

Conferences are called for consultation and problem solving, among other things. However, organizing and managing such events takes a lot of effort and capital.

Virtual conferences, on the other hand, allow for a more flexible approach.

With video conferencing, not only do you meet all the objectives of a physical conference, you do it with fewer resources (zero travelling costs and no catering or venue related expenditures). It saves a lot of time, but most importantly, the increased accessibility ensures increased participation. Since minimal efforts are exerted, productivity is increased since time and resources can be spent on more pressing matters.

Companies conduct summits to address and solve a pressing problem. Conducting summits virtually is not only a cornerstone of life science events, but also an effective marketing tactic. It allows you a platform for branding and increasing your market credibility by surrounding yourself with industry leaders.

You’re providing value through virtual summits while also generating leads and marking “back end” sales – so it’s a win-win.

Virtual summits have upper-hand on physical summits. Apart from lower costs and easier management, it is easier to call a more diverse panel (and audience) at a virtual summit.

Expos & Trade Shows

Trade shows and expos offer businesses a chance to be in the same room with their hot leads. And while virtual trade shows might not put you in the same room with your potential customers they provide a great opportunity for branding, direct sales, customer interaction and feedback, and releasing new products in the market.

But that’s not it, companies can provide digital documents in the form of videos, digital brochures, etc. for long-term lead generation.

Expos, virtual or not, offer a platform to network with people from the same industry and learn from industry leaders. 

With virtual trade shows, you have a chance to connect with and sell to such a diverse audience that cannot be captured in a physical setting.

Conducting trade shows in a virtual setting helps you gather quality insights into consumer behavior and interests. Such insights cannot be accumulated in an in-person event. With such insights, companies can strategize personalized follow-up strategies that are effective.

Hybrid Life Science Events

Hybrid events combine virtual events with in-person events. Be it conferences, trade shows, seminars, workshops, or meetings, the pharmaceutical sector had been conducting hybrid events before the pandemic.

Since the pandemic and the subsequent restrictions, hybrid events have lessened. But once the restrictions loosen, hybrid events are coming back.

A hybrid conference is conducted at a venue while a certain amount of audience attends it virtually. Such a setting reaps benefits of both worlds and offers a border reach.

Going hybrid is not only cost-effective, it is also eco-friendly. People are able to attend hybrid events, networking and learning all they want, without having to worry about their carbon footprint.

Job Fairs

Virtual job fairs allow companies to expand their horizons and hire top-tier talent.

The idea of hiring someone without meeting them physically, can seem a bit risky – especially if you haven’t taken the leap.

But there are numerous benefits of taking your job fair online, not the least of which is cost cutting and time savings. Planning and organizing an in-person job fair can take months on end. Then there are the venue costs, travel expenses, and cost of refreshments – among other things.

Conducting the job fair virtually saves youa lot of time and cuts costs by a significant amount. Not to mention, it is easier to manage.

By using the right audio/video equipment; 1:1 chat tools; and video assessment tech, you can find your next top performing employee.

While this list might not be an exhaustive one, it gives an accurate idea of what’s possible in the realm of a virtual life science event. It is up to you and your company to explore the available options of virtual events. And see which of the available formats you can use to meet your company’s future sales/marketing goals.

Webinars & Podcasts

Webinars are becoming increasingly popular by the day. Such a format best fits B2B marketing in the health sector. Why? Because it helps educate and nourish your leads in real time – with minimal expenditure.

With webinars not only do you position yourself as an industry expert, you also have the option of leveraging the credibility and influence of industry experts by inviting them over.

Webinars and podcasts (usually, audio only format) are excellent mediums to form lasting relationships with potential leads since you’re providing value first.

With vFairs, you can host your webinars in virtual auditoriums designed to offer the ambience of physical auditoriums. If done right, webinars have the potential of engaging hundreds of people from across the world.

And since they’re warm leads, you can soft-sell your leads by articulating their problems and presenting your product as the solution.

Having Q&A sessions after your webinars ensures a two-way communication and serves as a means to clear doubts and increase engagement.

Webinars even offer a faster ROI. But, best of all, even after the event, you can upload the webinar online and generate leads for a long time.

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Types of Life Science Events You Can Host Online

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