How The vFairs Mobile App Fills Gaps in the Industry

Innovative event technology has been making its way into the industry at a mind-boggling speed. It is mainly because the event industry is undergoing rapid changes with hybrid events, fully-functional virtual events, and the return of in-person events. There is so much happening in the event industry world that upgrading technology is the only way to conquer the growing market. 

Apart from coming up with advanced networking and engagement features, the biggest names in the event industry are putting all their efforts into making mobile apps a fundamental aspect of every affair. 

Let’s be honest; it is almost impossible to plan, execute and deliver a successful event without proper planning and preparation tools. A mobile event app has successfully proven to be the much-needed element that encourages smooth execution of events, along with post-event management. 

And, as we said, the big names in the event industry are committed to connecting people and bringing advanced features to their platforms. And who better to consider but one of the biggest names in the event management industry – vFairs. vFairs has been remarkable with its quick approach to meeting client demands on time. Keeping up with the trends, the vFairs mobile app is the heart of a fully functional, successful hybrid, virtual, and in-person event. 

What Makes the vFairs Mobile App So Popular? – vFairs Mobile App Features

vFairs mobile app

The time we live in is all about getting mobile-friendly to the fullest. Just like an e-commerce platform focusing on making websites mobile and user-friendly, it is time for the event industry to focus on the same. You cannot expect your modern-day audience to drag their laptop around to ensure their presence in a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event. It is essential to shape your event management approach, making events more immersive, flexible, and accessible to the audience with a mobile event app.

The vFairs mobile application has already ticked all the boxes that an outstanding event mobile app should have. The makers of the vFairs mobile event app are familiar with all audiences’ and stakeholders’ demands for a flexible and immersive event. vFairs mobile event app has a lot to offer. Therefore, it is divided into four segments based on its objectives. Here are the vFairs mobile event app features that set it apart from other event mobile applications. 

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It hasn’t been a long time since people around the world decided to go contactless as much as possible. You all must have heard of contactless deliveries, but do you know that with the vFairs mobile application, attendees can have contactless digital check-in options at the event venue? Attendees at the live event can also enjoy a secure experience with the digital check-in. 

Lead Capture and Networking

vFairs has always been ahead when developing new features for seamless networking. With the vFairs mobile application, attendees can extract information and share profiles. The lead capture and networking feature in the mobile app help with capturing each other’s information and makes networking convenient. 

Touchless Content

There is a reason why vFairs stands at number one. The company is fully immersed in prioritizing health and safety measures over everything. The vFairs mobile app and its touchless content feature are another mission addition. Your attendees can consume content in a safe environment with the vFairs mobile app without worrying about unnecessary physical contact. 

Reports and Analytics

vFairs mobile app

Suppose you have partnered with vFairs before. You admire the company’s robust customer services and high level of customization. The good news is that everything you love about the platform is made even more convenient with the vFairs mobile app. 

Just like the platform that allows you to get insights and in-time reports of your event, the vFairs mobile application does the same job. The app enhances customer experience through high-level customization, five-star ranking customer services, and much more. 


vFairs mobile app

There is no better way to encourage your visitors and exhibitors to communicate than encouraging them through the mobile event app. Unlike other mobile event apps with minimal communication features, the vFairs mobile event app lets in-person and online attendees talk to each other via chat rooms and networking lounges. The vFairs mobile app helps boost interaction and engagement at your event. 

In addition to all the features mentioned above, customization and flexibility are key factors to admire in the vFairs mobile application. Along with this, the vFairs mobile app is the best fix for live and hybrid events. Attendees can access a complete directory of exhibitors and other attendees. Attendees can easily share their profiles and contact information with others through QR codes.

A Cut Above the Rest – What Customers Love about the vFairs Mobile App

When it comes to competition, there is hardly an event mobile app that offers the wide range of features the vFairs mobile event app does. However, the event industry customers do not shy away from trying to test before turning to the best. 

In our conversation with our customers, we have found flexibility, easy navigation, and the ability to grab more sponsorship opportunities as the popular features that make the vFairs mobile app better than the rest. 

Watch Webinars on the Go

vFairs mobile app

Do you know what makes vFairs what it is today? The ability to keep the event alive for a long time. If you go by traditional event management platforms, you might not be able to provide your attendees the flexibility of watching webinars on the go. 

However, with the vFairs mobile app, whether your attendees are present in the live audience or attending the event virtually, they can catch the live webinar and replay it wherever they want. 

The vFairs mobile app allows attendees to build a personalized plan, divide sessions and add them to their calendar. The ease of getting off webinars and using them later is one of the most popular vFairs mobile event app features among customers. 

Simplified Navigation

With seamless navigation and an easy-to-use user interface, attendees can dive straight into the action without worrying much about the learning curve. As we said above, our customers are always in awe of how simple navigation is on the platform. They carry the same point of view for the vFairs mobile app. vFairs mobile app navigation menus are highly customizable. This means that you can choose the menu structure and come up with a navigation menu that best suits your event. 

Additional Security

You don’t have to worry about the security of your event, content, or attendees. Instead, with the vFairs mobile app, you can leverage the authentication feature, which ensures that only designated attendees have access to the event, resources, and other fellow attendees’ information. 

vFairs has been hands-on with mobile event technology. Therefore with the vFairs event mobile app, you can enable SSO (single sign-on) feature that enables traditional email and password login. Also, you can allow attendees to generate OTP to access your event. 

In addition, you can even set up two-factor authentication to ensure an extra layer of security for your event. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

With a fully customized, highly secure, white-labeled, and easy-to-navigate mobile application, you can give your sponsors many more opportunities to build brand awareness and leverage extra exposure. 

Your sponsors can have direct access to a specific group. With greater accessibility to the platform, your sponsors will be more intrigued to become part of your event. It directly translates into a revenue stream, giving you a better chance to sell your event to high-quality sponsors. 

Keep Your Event Alive for a Long Time

Apart from providing access to webinars on the go and the ability to replay them later, vFairs mobile app networking opportunities and content are made available as long as the host wants. You heard it right; you do not have to worry about your content going dead in a couple of days like in a traditional event setting. With the vFairs mobile application, your event is always in the talks, whenever you want. 

Detailed Reports

Similar to vFairs platform features, the vFairs mobile event app lets you easily measure in-person registration trends and get a detailed breakdown of virtual attendees’ activities. 

Go Green

Lastly, with the vFairs mobile app, it is your chance to go paper-free and contribute to the go green initiative. vFairs is determined to encourage businesses with our Green and Global Campaign, and the vFairs mobile event app is another element working for the same mission. 

The attendees will have a lot of paperwork to do in a traditional job fair, career fair, or any other event. However, with the vFairs mobile app, your attendees do not need to carry a resume in hand. Instead, they can share their information within the app. And this is not only for the candidates attending the live event. In fact, remote candidates can also share their profiles, resumes, and contact details within the app. 

Last Thoughts

One thing is for sure, the face of the event industry has changed big time. 

With all the changes going on happening, the vFairs mobile event app has become the much-needed solution for managing and executing a secure, contactless, and immersive event. It offers a wide range of features and a staggering number of solutions. If you are looking for ways to host an engaging, accessible, and memorable event, it is time to partner with vFairs and use the mobile app.

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How The vFairs Mobile App Fills Gaps in the Industry


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