Virtual Career Fair Aftermath: Managing Your Talent Pipeline

It’s great to be able to dodge the unpleasant heaps of resumes when hosting or participating in a virtual career fair; what’s there not to love about paperless productivity! No distracting paperwork means you can cut to the chase and start shortlisting talent that best suits your needs. Needless to say, time is always of the essence in recruitment. Being able to build a candidate pipeline filled with top quality applicants that visits your booth or event is a great relief.  By selecting a top of the line vendor, hosts can even enjoy access to smart resume search filters based on which they want talent to be segmented. This functionality is great to find perfect matches for existing vacancies, however, managing the virtual career fair pipeline after the event needs a different strategy altogether- a topic we’ll be unraveling in detail today.

Post Event Resume Management: Planning For Future Hiring Needs Offering undisputable time savings, higher quality hiring, and of course- ease of use, virtual career fairs make relevant candidate shortlisting and selection extremely convenient. But the fact of the matter is that not all businesses are focused on the present when hiring, they also want to gear up for future openings as well to avoid last minute panic. This is where using an applicant tracking system to help consistently not just build, but grow, candidate pipelines steps up to the challenge to really push event ROI and top talent acquisition. By introducing a multifunctional ATS to your company, the hiring executives can reap the benefits of not just an ever increasing talent pool at their fingertips, but also stronger employer branding to attract the cream of the crop. Organizations can keep their recruitment mission active with custom branded career sites, paired with superior applicant tracking tools to find profiles that best match their required criterias.

Why Use An Applicant Tracking System?

Providing an impressive gamut of hiring tools, employers should prioritize scouting and securing a one-stop-recruitment technology to add all prospects’ resumes in one centralized cloud based solution. Whether it’s searching for candidates, conducting assessments, automating communications, and or even scheduling interviews- managing candidate pipelines with an ATS after your virtual career fair sets your company up for colossal success. Encouraging seamless communication, candidate correspondence features take away the frustration of flooded recruiter inboxes. Hiring executives can use mass emailing capabilities in addition to a comprehensive on-site mailbox to reach out to their favorite job seekers with lightening like speed. Also simplifying hiring management by removing recurring bottlenecks, organizations can make use of powerful recruitment analytics to always stay aware of their best candidate sources and talent pool dimensions (for e.g. gender, qualifications, location,etc). Moreover, by investing in the right mobile friendly ATS, collaborative recruitment is a huge win for business to secure. Driving faster recruitment, hiring teams can share resumes, feedback, and assign each other tasks to move candidates swiftly through the hiring funnel. Going above and beyond spearheading ease of employers, applicants too get to build a closer relationship with the company by gaining visibility over their status in the hiring funnel. Eliminating need for redundant follow ups, empowering prospects with transparency to always know their hiring status at all times builds employer credibility and improves the overall applicant experience.   The impact of an ATS doesn’t end here. The positive impression will help ensure that prospects remember your HR practices as a direct reflection of an inspiring corporate culture- passionate, ethical, responsive, and sincerely invested in the well being of their current and future talent.


Regardless of business size and hiring needs, an ATS is a valuable addition for any company looking to scale and maintain access to qualified talent without stressing out their hiring managers. Incorporating technology into your recruitment strategy can do wonders not just in the short run (i.e. virtual career fair), but long run (ATS) as well. Thus, this is our endorsed approach that we recommend you share with your organization’s key decision makers to help initiate a movement for shorter recruitment cycles, superior candidate pipelines, and of course, unmatched financial savings.

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Virtual Career Fair Aftermath: Managing Your Talent Pipeline

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