Virtual Trade Show Booth Ideas

Do you want your attendees to actually show up at your next virtual trade show? Then you have a lot of work to do. Virtual trade shows are becoming a new trend amid the global pandemic. This trend is here to stay even after our face masks come off, and we all know why. Simply because virtual events offer the most impactful way to promote any trade business. All you have to do is showcase your new products and services through a virtual trade show platform for generating potential leads and ultimately sales. 

The perks of hosting virtual trade shows are plentiful. You can not only invite attendees from all around the world but also find a cost-effective way to host a successful event. Sure, you can design all sorts of content with all the muscle you have and work your fingers to the bone for making it a crowning success but giveaways, rewards, activities, games, and freebies have always been an invaluable aspect of physical trade shows. So the real question is how will you ensure that your ‘virtual’ trade event offers the same fulfilling and engaging experience as an in-person event? How will you ensure that your attendees spend more time engaging and less time gawking? 

Your virtual booth has to have something exciting going on to get more traction because fun is contagious. In this article, I will share interactive booth ideas to help you make your virtual booth shine. So let’s jump right in.

8 Interactive Virtual Trade Show Booth Ideas

1. Scavenger hunt

The game might look challenging to integrate but all you have to do is give your participants a list of things hidden inside the booth and set a maximum number of things that they are supposed to find in order to win free product samples or discounts. Scavenger hunts games attract trade show attendees into an exhibitor’s booth consequently driving higher lead counts for both sponsors and exhibitors.

2. Quizzes/basic trivia

virtual trivia for attendee engagementYou can link to a trivia or quiz game from your booth and invite attendees to a live demo via video chat, or a webinar and you can then host industry-specific trivia at the end of the session using popular apps like Slido or Kahoot. Besides, virtual event hosting platforms offer amazing features such as 3D setup for keynote speeches, conferences, ice breakers, and round table sessions to enhance the experience of attendees. So hosting a quiz would give people a reason to attend and stick around till the end of your video presentation. One idea is to do a count-down quiz by putting a time limit, for example, anyone who answers the most questions under 12-seconds wins. 

3. Branded puzzles

Online puzzles always work as an ice breaker. Puzzles offer a fun way to encourage collaboration. You can incorporate puzzles into your webinars and sessions. Branded puzzles are a great way to familiarize attendees with your brand. What you can do is include your product in the puzzle, let’s say a car, and ask people to solve the puzzle and discover the image that hides it to get a virtual test drive of the same model. This way you get the leads you need and your virtual trade show attendees get to enjoy. Pro-tip: Use slides for tips and instructions. 

4. Spin the wheelinteractive booth ideas

Virtual spin the wheel never goes out of style and is a great option to level up your booth. The crowd usually enjoys the things they are familiar with. Besides spinning games are undeniably enjoyable as they give attendees a rush of excitement about the outcome. Sometimes it’s less about winning the prize but more about enjoying the thrill of it. One idea is to ask your attendees for email sign-ups in exchange for entry in the spin the wheel contest. Additionally, you can use your branding guidelines to give your wheel a more customized touch.

5. Show and tell

Another great idea is to do a ‘show and tell’. In this game, participants are asked to show a funny image or a gif that explains them the best in any given scenario, let’s say when they are hungry or working. This game is usually fun and encourages interaction. Make sure your virtual event hosting platform has a live chat option available because this fun game demands it. Add a level of competition by offering a prize for the most unique or insightful answer

6. Virtual bingo

You can integrate any virtual bingo game into your virtual trade fair event hosting platform. Bingo can be played throughout the live conference or webinar. But it can also take place in the virtual exhibit booth. Instead of numbers, you can use the name of your trade products, highlight certain words or letters in your booth documents, and people have to look through their marketing collateral to find the highlighted words for their bingo card so that attendees can dab them off as in a normal game of bingo. Moreover, having branded bingo cards is a plus. 

7. Photobooths

Virtual photo booths are a great way to help attendees connect in an exciting way. Photo booths can easily be customized to fit branding guidelines. Moreover, attendees can either take a simple photo or upload a fun boomerang in front of any available virtual backgrounds. Users can engage with each other’s photos through the album by voting for their favorite click.

8. Games at virtual trade events

interactive booth ideas

Fun and games are always a great way to attract prospective customers, and from there pitching processes become easy as a pie. So try to think outside the ‘booth’.

  • Virtual games and activities increase audience engagement and ultimately, the chances of success.
  • Games cling to attendees’ attention and in return make them more proactive and involved. 
  • Increase in the number of customers through an environment of collaboration, fun, trust, and a reward system.
  • Breaks the ice and encourages communication and effortless networking.
  • Audience satisfaction can lead to greater brand exposure.
  • Increased interests from your potential sponsors.
  • Makes you stand out from the crowd and therefore gives you a competitive edge. 
  • Helps attendees positively associate with your product or service.
  • Crowds, in general, love challenges, especially those that offer prizes.
  • Competition triggers interaction.

Wrap Up

There is no better way to liven up the mood a little bit than hosting a fun game at your next virtual fair trade festival. Interactive booth ideas such as games play a huge role for attendees to engage with your brand. Besides, they offer effective ways for exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees to connect with each other. Hard choices to make – so which interactive booth ideas will you include in your next virtual trade show event?


Virtual Trade Show Booth Ideas

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