Webinars: Make Your Message Matter

Technological innovation is changing the way organizations conduct business. With operations and clients spread across multiple countries, there is a definite need for a solution that enables target audience engagement without high financial or time based investments.

To help overcome this problem, vFairs facilities the hosting of live and prerecorded webinars to ensure ease of communication with clients, team members, and important industry alliances. A completely scalable platform, webinars bring the benefit of lower investments to achieve increased audience engagement in a simulated virtual environment- no carbon footprint, no venue rentals, or the hassles of investing in administrative staff to manage locations with limited attendee capacities.

Read our guide on How to Deliver a Winning Webinar Experience for a more comprehensive overview of webinars and the tremendous amount of value to be gained from them.

With the power to reach the targeted audience regardless of geographical constraints, and deliver a personalized experience similar to a physical webinar, the power of this technology to secure high returns on investment have been witnessed by many of our vFairs clients. There is a diverse range of scenarios where live or prerecorded webinars are can be used to amplify the delivery of your message, and make an impact through high quality broadcast that visitors can stream from the comfort of their homes or offices. How? Let’s see a few examples:

Virtual MBA Fair Auditorium
Virtual MBA Fair Auditorium

Meetings/ Conferences/ Seminars

Uniting a large number of people typically involves logistical, accommodation and hospitality based expenses. Conducting webinars through vFairs, you can host a live session, or broadcast prerecorded content to ensure that you can maximize event attendance, meanwhile focusing efforts on knowledge building, strategy collaboration, or any other business associated needs you have.

Town Hall Meetings

Multinationals often face poor communication related challenges. Departments based in different regions often have low alignment of vision; following up on the status of projects or operations can be inefficient and confusing. A live webinar can solve this dilemma by allowing project or department managers to broadcast necessary information, meanwhile allowing attendees to ask questions in real-time so that ambiguity does not impact productivity.

Twitter Representative Delivering Webinar
Twitter Representative Delivering Webinar

Distance Learning

In order to remain competitive, it is very important to provide employees with an opportunity to sharpen their skill sets. Hosting a professional development focused event with trainers can be an excellent avenue to maintain a dynamic workforce; presentations can be conducted, and information easily provided in downloadable formats to make the webinar an assured success.

Email Marketing Simplified Event- Webinar Auditorium
Email Marketing Simplified Event- Webinar Auditorium
Webinar Streaming- Audience View
Webinar Streaming- Audience View

University Open Days

Students want to learn about campus culture, programs, and facilities before deciding which institution is a right match for their needs. Universities can use webinars to deliver campus tours, provide details regarding available degrees, and introduce students to faculty members to make a welcoming introduction and capture leads for future follow-ups.

Reach out to your audience with added precision using webinars. Live or prerecorded, vFairs ensures that the content can be easily shared and replayed by visitors that were unable to attend your event during the defined hours. With unparalleled ease of access and scalability, you can be confident to capture new leads, gain untapped business opportunities, and encourage better synergy across your workforce- just a few of endless opportunities that webinars have to offer.

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