Atos Uses vFairs to Host their Virtual In-house Day

The Background: Atos

Atos is a world leader in providing IT services to national international companies such as business integration, cloud computing, security system, risk management, enterprise consulting, process outsourcing, website deployment, payment infrastructure, and workplace solutions. BBC was one of their biggest and most popular clients quite some time ago, where Atos digitized all of their broadcasting. Additionally, they have worked on specific projects with national health systems, and they also managed the GPS tracking for the London buses.

We have had a chance to chat with Joerg who has worked in the recruitment area for more than 20 years and is now working as a Head of Global Human Resources at Atos – about their experience working with us. He supported the group campus management team at Atos with their group campus event titled ‘Atos Virtual In-house Day’ – held on June 16th, through vFairs’ virtual event hosting platform.

They have had some local smaller-scale events before but since “they are hiring globally, they have organizational setups in different regions such as in France and some hiring events in India” but Virtual In-house Day was Atos’ first large-scale virtual event.

virtual inhouse open day

The Goal: Atos Virtual In-house Day 

The main goal was to create a digital environment to promote the Atos brand internationally and position the Atos family as a preferred employer for students, graduates, and young professionals to create long-term relationships. Moreover, to provide them with an opportunity to explore Atos – where they could learn more about what it is like to join a digital services leader for career development and more. 

Atos aims to develop existing employees into more senior roles, therefore, they are looking to hire young professionals and graduates to fill in the junior positions and join their team from all around the world. “Hiring a young team is one of our main objectives… we hired more than 50,000 people last year”, says Joerg. 

Atos Virtual In-house Day provided a platform for young graduates to meet business experts, discover market-leading solutions, a chance to engage with their interns, apprentices, and graduates, know about their working experience, learn more about career opportunities in Atos, and directly apply to exciting jobs.

The Problem: Finding a Premium, State-of-the-Art Virtual Environment

Due to the global pandemic, Atos couldn’t proceed with organizing physical recruitment events. So, like everybody else, they too moved to the virtual environment. Even though they have had some virtual events before, this time around they wanted an exceptional, safe & cost-efficient virtual event hosting platform to attract as many people as possible from around the globe. “From my understanding, being an IT company is actually what people have expected from us for quite some time – having some state-of-the-art event”, says Joerg.

Why vFairs?

So to successfully conduct their Virtual In-house Day, Atos chose vFairs as their virtual event hosting platform because of its amazing 3D interfaces. 

“One of the reasons we decided was vFairs was actually that we wanted to have a premium solution –not just any virtual event, we can probably run virtual events just by using Zoom or any other tools and might call it a day — that we are having a virtual event here but we wanted to have something outstanding and state of the art,” commented Joerg. He also added, “I am pretty sure the solution, the platform already helped attract quite a number of people”.

“Now that has happened .. many other departments and organizations are actually looking at the platform and everyone really liked it… really loved it actually,” commented Joerg.

virtual open inhouse day

Additional Benefits

  • Deliver multiple wins at the fraction of the cost of a physical event
  • Safe & secure option for all attendees
  • Introducing the company to a global audience
  • Build candidate pipelines
  • Reduced time to hire by seamlessly connecting with candidates
  • The digitized process is incorporated in the format (no more paper CVs)

Moreover, they generated pre-event hype by sharing platform screenshots with the attendees to familiarize them with the event and to build anticipation before the live event date, “we shared some screenshots upfront and people knew what to expect. It was something extraordinary. Most people really like how the environment, virtual rooms, exhibitions halls, auditoriums have been set up. Sharing visuals helped people get on board,” says Joerg. 

More than 800 attendees registered to the event from over 50 countries, out of which 2/3 completed their profiles with CVs. 

Some Important Features that Atos Highlighted 

Atos leveraged vFairs’ attractive 3D environment, customization options such as brand colors, logos, etc., full scalability, and other wide range of elements such as reception area, exhibition hall, presentation options et al. to host their Virtual In-house Day.

Seamless navigation – vFairs ensured that all the aspects of the events are streamlined to deliver a seamless, and engaging experience to all the attendees, and Joerg “absolutely agrees”.

Virtual Booths – Atos had defined spots for each and every booth from different regions and different industries. There were a total of 16 booths with more than 140 booth representatives and there were 3,820 booth visits throughout the event.

Virtual In-house Day

Chat Rooms – They decided to go with a chatroom for every booth since exhibitors were participating from different regions, attendees seemed to have lost their way in too many booths. But due to the flexibility of the platform, they were able to quickly change the chatroom set up on the day of the live event, “rather than having just a technical chat room for discussion we instantly set up a general chat room”, says Joerg. He also added that chat was not their key objective for the event.

But they noticed that people were eager to ask specific questions through 1:1 chat, instead of entering a public chat room. If we look at the numbers, there were 2,534 chats out of which 685 were public and 1,849 were private, as Joerg mentioned. 

Virtual Briefcase – There were piles of documents to download in every booth. For Atos, the content was the driving force behind the attendee engagement, among other things. There were a total of 747 document views.

Branded Videos – Videos helped them create a connection with their audience, sparked excitement, and drove engagement. “Testimonial videos had been a success”, says Joerg. The videos were viewed a total of 784 times. 

atos video vault

Pre-Recorded Presentations – Atos conducted 10 webinars – the majority of presentations were pre-recorded and conducted by leading business representatives from the industry. According to Joerg, “one of our key takeaways was probably to better make use of the auditorium” because based on the attendee feedback they “would have appreciated at least some sort of Q&A at the end,”.

But the main idea behind on-demand was “to cover different time zones”, commented Joerg, additionally “it’s easier to pull people in presentations if they are already scheduled,” he continued. But overall the content was great, yet they say they could have made more of it. 

The Spotlight: Availability of the Event for the Next 30 Days

Atos loved the fact their Virtual In-House Day was available for the next 30 days from its live date. The best part is – attendees accessed the event content at their convenience, they continued to engage with the brand long after the event was concluded.

“The actual platform was available for another 30 days. In the beginning, we were really surprised that the number of registrations was increasing even after the event, all features were still available, we saw attendees downloading documents from the virtual briefcase and checking videos. That’s actually a great feature that the platform remains open and available,” commented Joerg. 

atod briefcase


Key Takeaways: Atos Virtual In-house Day

In the end, Joerg mentioned some major key takeaways from their Virtual In-House Day event. 

The majority have been overwhelmed by the support and communication at every step of the event including both the exhibitors and the attendees – people also shared their suggestions for improvements. “We asked whether or not they would recommend a similar event to their friends and that was hundred percent yes, people liked the event and the setup,” said Joerg. 

But unfortunately, they had a really short time, less than a week to set up everything, but they say that the project manager was very supportive and responsive. Due to the time constraint getting all stakeholders (120 partner universities) onboard was a challenge – because they were booked for other business requirements. Moreover, they have decided to have a more branded look and feel of the event next time to align with their corporate identity. 

Virtual In-house Day

Moreover, Joerg noticed that they could have done more in regards to pre-event communication, but definitely, they used all social media channels to share updates about the event – event promotion and media coverage generated more than five million social media impressions. Additionally, they found the platform to be very flexible with last-minute changes. 

One major takeaway for them was to be clear about setting expectations for their booth representative the next time because they did not know what to expect. 

“I think overall we over-achieved our initial objective. Obviously, that was the first time we had run that event – initially, we had 350 registrations that seemed to be pretty easy but they increased to 500 – now roughly 800 – definitely overachieving that,” says Joerg, “Huge number of people reaching out and asking for your contact is actually a good sign,” he also added.

Last but not least, they would love to see more attendees from different parts of the world such as North America and Europe, the APEC region, and Germany. They are also looking to set up the event on a more regular basis but since hiring cycles differ from region to region, it can be a challenge!

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Atos Uses vFairs to Host their Virtual In-house Day

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