Case Study: WayUp Virtual Career Fair

vFairs takes pride in providing our clients with the best solutions that unite technology and event management to produce tangible results. Recently having added WayUp career fair to our ever increasing roster of virtual events successfully hosted, let’s embark on a swift journey to see how they were able to benefit from our platform to supercharge their outreach and audience engagement.

Employers Showcased

The WayUp career fair provides students and recent graduates with job and internship opportunities at some of the world’s best known companies. This event was organized to help connect these job seekers with very influential names such as BNY Mellon, Fox News, Michael Kors, Twitter/Vine, UPS, Uptake, WayUp, and Xerox that had virtual booths staffed by their recruiters to communicate with visitors. With on-the-spot ability to apply for jobs, event attendees had interaction with HR personnel to discuss any questions regarding available positions, qualifications and skill-sets required.

Client Branding at WayUp Career Fair

To avoid the standard one size fits all approach, vFairs provided WayUp with a custom exhibition hall to maintain their identity as distinct as their brand influence. With personalized booth templates, the look, colors, style and feel of the virtual event replicated all branding objectives.

In fact, booths were given special tabs to share video content, and provide documents for download for added efficiency to share information relating to company history, opportunities, products and plans without leaving behind hefty carbon footprints.

Exhibition Hall

Booth Layout

Live Webinars

What really makes the WayUp career fair position itself a notch above others is that the most sought after employers: BNY Mellon, Fox News, Michael Kors, Twitter/Vine, UPS, Uptake, WayUp, and Xerox hosted live webinars to connect, communicate and answer job seeker concerns that would otherwise be very time-consuming to address. Furthermore, this video format made the engagement and interaction more valuable by breaking the monotony of impersonal exchanges, or the company representatives addressing the same questions repeatedly to the point of exhaustion.

Replay links were also added so that if users were unable to participate in a particular webinar of interest to them, there was an option to revisit the content at a time more convenient so that they did not miss out on any pivotal delivery of information.


Custom Registration Process

In order to ensure that the event audience remained relevant, and young thriving professionals are attracted to participate, the registration process required interested guests to register using an .edu email address. This confirmed that the right quality of talent was made eligible to come and apply for internships and jobs, and gain access to a pool of opportunities that would prepare them to face the real-world career challenges.

Final Thoughts

With an outstanding pool of employers providing an excellent set of jobs and internships, WayUp was able to accomplish a memorable event with mutually beneficial outcomes for recruiters and job seekers alike. The knowledge gained from webinars, information shared at booths, interactions with recruiters, engagement through open channels of communication, and brand reinforcement from the set-up itself made the experience exciting- it has been rare to have such impressive guest retention statistics despite busy schedules and lifestyles.

We look forward to sharing more success stories, and helping hosts take pride in events that leverage technology, branding, and guest attendance to their best potential.

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Case Study: WayUp Virtual Career Fair

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