CCCPA Uses vFairs’ Virtual Event Platform to Host ASWAN Forum

The Background: Cairo Peacekeeping

CCCPA or Cairo International Center for Conflict Resolution, Peacekeeping, and Peace building was founded by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1994. It is the only agency that specializes in training, capacity building and research in the fields of peace and security in Africa and the Middle East. CCCPA has hosted two Aswan forums so far, both editions were related to peace and security issues. The first event took place back in 2019, which was an in-person event. Whereas in March CCCPA hosted their second edition of Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development titled; Shaping Africa’s New Normal: Recovering Stronger, Rebuilding Better in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. But this time around, CCCPA successfully organized a hybrid event with the help of vFairs’ virtual event platform– spanning over five days from March 1-5. All the presentations were conducted virtually, along with the presidential participation. 

virtual event platform

The Goal: Aswan Forum 

The main goal of the forum was to bring leaders from governments, regional and international organizations, financial institutions, private sector, and civil society, as well as visionaries, scholars and key experts together for an actionable discussion on the risks, threats, challenges, and opportunities posed by the new normal. And to put forth their strategies and agendas in response to “recover stronger” and “rebuild better” post-pandemic.

The Problem: Visual Appeal for Maximum Turnaround

During the global pandemic, in-person events around the world were postponed and worst-case, canceled. But since CCCPA was committed to addressing the issues of peace building and security, human trafficking, and smuggling of immigrants – they decided to take their Aswan forum online. 

The idea was to bring about maximum engagement in a virtual landscape that would not only resonate with their past events but also offer value for money. So to surpass the attendee expectation and to provide something close to physical events – they needed a cost-efficient yet visually appealing virtual event platform. 

virtual event hosting platform

Why vFairs?

While searching through different virtual event hosting platforms online, they came across vFairs by “coincidence”. Moreover, they also reached out to different companies that have hosted similar virtual events in different countries in the past for references. 

But vFairs was their first preference because of its aesthetics and 3D visual appeal. Moreover, Ahmed Khalifa, Operations Manager at CCCPA mentioned that “The pricing was good, the idea of having something that is 3D and providing the same sense of actual in-person events” was why they chose vFairs. 

“While doing the procurement process for our virtual platform, vFairs came up to me by coincidence on the internet. I checked that you provide 3D designs for the platform. It was attractive and it was considered among other options that we received.” – Ahmed Khalifa, Operations Manager at CCCPA

virtual event hosting platform

Some Important Features

  • Live Webinars – All online sessions were live. In addition, two-way communication enhanced the attendee engagement and overall interest in the event. Plus event recordings were available for 30 days after the event was concluded.
  • Virtual Booths – CCCPA sponsors and strategic partners had their customized virtual booths. Ahmed said that their sponsors “appreciated the idea because it offered them a unique experience and a platform where they can showcase their material and videos”.
  • Frictionless Navigation – CCCPA was very amazed by the user-friendliness of the platform. “People did not have to go through many tabs to reach what they needed”, said Ahmed.
  • Customer Support – Constant customer support from vFairs ensured the smooth progression of the forum. “The support team was fascinating, the project manager was very helpful and he had a very positive can-do attitude”, Ahmed commented, noting that the team was super “flexible with last-minute changes.”
  • Swag Bags – Just like physical events, vFairs offered swag bags for the event attendees All attendees had to do was to hand-pick from the available documents, add the selection to their online swag bag and email it to themselves.
  • Chat Widget – Attendees were able to engage with Aswan Forum’s event Speakers, Sponsors and Exhibitors during the live sessions, through the chat widget and as well as the interactive kiosks placed in the exhibit hall.

The Spotlight: A Similar Look & Feel to a Physical Event Through 3D Interfaces

The 3D interface, virtual booths, lobbies, and auditorium provided the same experience as in-person events for everyone. CCCPA and sponsors found the interface very eye-catching, and attractive, unlike other platforms available out there.

They were very very excited about the idea of having pictures of the actual venue on the virtual event platform. Moreover, customization options allowed them to customize their event using pre-made images aligning with their company values such as placement of their 3D logos, better background picture, and the “same ballroom-like” look and feel of the stage and auditorium as it was in 2019. 

virtual event hosting platform

Additionally, vFairs offered a unique and immersive experience for the attendees where they engaged with keynote speakers and attended forum sessions.

Key Takeaways from the Aswan Forum 

It was a completely different yet successful experience from in-person events. At first, they did not know that it was going to be a hybrid event; but then they decided to do the opening sessions as a hybrid and it worked. 

Additionally, CCCPA wanted to give their participants a chance to see all the sessions. Along with that they also needed to accommodate different time zones; the reason why the virtual forum was spread over five consecutive days whereas the in-person event lasted for two days only. 

Also, Ahmed added that the, “general idea of online events is much easier in terms of logistics, people can attend without having to travel”, the reason why he saw an increase in the number of participants this time around. 

In the end, when asked about any suggestions for vFairs virtual event platform, Ahmed Khalifa said that they are really looking forward to “options for searching other participants” within the chat widget and “better mobile optimization.”


CCCPA Uses vFairs’ Virtual Event Platform to Host ASWAN Forum

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