Inboxes are flooded with emails. 

How do you make yours stand out? How do you make sure that the right audience is receiving and opening the email intended for them? 

Simply by audience segmentation. This means you segment the audience to deliver valuable content that is relevant to the audience. Instead of one size fits all, you create custom emails for various audience groups. 

audience segmentation in vFairs

According to Mailchimp’s latest findings, a segmented campaign gets 14.37% more opens and 64.78% more clicks than a non-segmented campaign. 

Added to that personalized emails drive greater action, increasing open rates by 82%. 

Segmenting Audiences in vFairs

vFairs understands when organizing a virtual event, you want to reach your attendees and exhibitors timely with a personalized touch to encourage action. 

Hence, vFairs empowers you by helping you design email campaigns targeting specific attendees and exhibitors. Along with segmenting your audiences, you can send them personalized reminders, adding a catchy subject line. 

For your virtual event, when creating email campaigns, vFairs facilitates segmentation of attendees based on the following: 

  • Attendees who have logged in 
  • Attendees who have not logged in 
  • Attendees who registered in a specific date range 

Not just for attendees however, you can now use audience segmentation for exhibitors as well. 

audience segmentation - exhibitors

Using Audience Segmentation to your Advantage

Without stepping out of the vFairs platform and sending individual emails to each one of the exhibitors the organizer can send out emails at each stage of the event.  For instance: 

  • Remind exhibitors to set up booths  
  • Send them instructions/guides/best practices in setting up virtual booths 
During event
  • Provide live data on how many people have visited booth 
  • Remind them of webinar sessions 
  • Thank exhibitors for coming after the event
  • Send them follow up materials or key takeaways 
  • Send post-event analytics and insights 

email campaigns for audience segmentation

Organizers can easily set this up in vFairs backend. By navigating to ‘users’ they can move to email campaigns. While configuring their campaigns they can customize: 

  • The title
  • Campaign name 
  • ‘From name’ → the name from which you want the email to go out 
  • ‘From email’ → the email address from which the campaign will be sent 
  • Subject line 
  • Audience segment (choose attendees or exhibitors) 
  • Email template 

email campaign template

vFairs offers flexibility to the organizer when it comes to audience segmentation. They have the option to send out the email right away or later, where they can decide the date and time. 

Lastly, after adding in all required details, the organizer can preview the email, edit templates, have a test run, or finally schedule the email. 

There! It is as easy as that to reach your exhibitors and send out information to them based on audience segmentation. Just a few clicks and voila! No extra hassle or time-consuming activity of emailing each exhibitor individually. 


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