Now more than ever, healthcare professionals are in an unusual position. While it is critical that organizations in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries convene, share insights, and continue to advance healthcare practices at a faster pace than ever before, it’s also critical that these same professionals protect themselves and reduce person-to-person contact as much as possible. 

As the WHO has noted, there is now an increased urgency to create more robust and efficient healthcare systems globally. 

Solving a Global Dilemma 

While hosting productive forums and social distancing may seem to contradict each other, there are ways to accomplish both. Virtual events have come a long way, and at vFairs we have been working for years to perfect our platform and offer solutions that healthcare professionals can use to host virtual events that drive results. 

Our comprehensive platform offers some features that were specifically designed with the scientific community in mind, and some that are versatile enough to help foster productive conversations, regardless of industry. 

Let’s see how healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals can use our features to host an impactful virtual healthcare event.

Features to use at your healthcare event

Poster Exhibit

Presenting research is a key component of scientific events, and we’ve created a space where researchers can present their posters and answer questions. It also includes links to the chat interface so that attendees and researchers can discuss more in-depth, and other links that might be useful such as a downloadable report, or links to a landing page outside of the virtual event. 

e-poster sessions

Live Webinars

The thought of webinars may invoke the idea of unengaged attendees, no interaction, and no value. However, when used in the right context, they are one of the most impactful tools you can include at your virtual healthcare event. Use live webinars to present your poster findings and host live Q&As about your research, and invite people to reach out to you through other event tools such as meetings, chatrooms, or by visiting your exhibit booth.

acc events

Exhibit Booths

Your exhibitor booth is a space where you can share downloadable PDFs, videos, links to other landing pages, and more. The more you curate useful content for your booth, the more you enrich your attendees’ knowledge. Along with links to documents and pages, you can interact with visitors through the virtual chat interface, and book 1:1 meetings with key contacts. 

exhibit hall

Chat Interface

We offer a few different options to connect through chat, so you can accomplish multiple goals within the same interface. Not only can you host a group chat for all event attendees to participate in, and individual chatrooms for each exhibitor, you can also create your own chat groups and host 1:1 audio or video conversations. Additionally, visitors can submit questions that you can publish answers to within the chat, creating a Q&A feed. Using this option will allow you to host more productive conversations in your chatrooms.

vfairs chat interface

If you’re ready to connect with healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals from around the world, vFairs can help. We have the tools you need to power a highly valuable and productive virtual event regardless of your needs.

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