Among the various responsibilities that universities have toward their students, securing a good number of graduate placements is certainly one of the most important. For this purpose, universities have for years, without fail, turned to the tried and tested formula of job fairs.

But here’s the thing: Job fairs, albeit a common and reliable recruitment strategy, tend to be not just a pricey endeavor, but they also suffer from logistical bottlenecks, and unavoidable time and capacity constraints. The high attendee traffic, combined with the limited run time, prevents any meaningful engagement between the candidate and the employer, ultimately defeating the main purpose of the event.

Virtual job fairs have recently been gaining steam as a cost-friendly and ultra-convenient alternative. The virtual platform allows students and graduates to learn about employers from the comfort of their homes, through their laptop or mobile screen, while allowing employers to  identify suitable candidates more efficiently by searching profiles and conducting video/text interviews over chat.  What’s more, the hosts can also measure event ROI through post-event reports to see how they fared.

In this interesting webinar, Mohammad Younas, Business Manager for vFairs discusses how virtual job fairs can be ideal for improving graduate placements in a cost-effective manner. Here are the salient points that he covers:

  • Introduction to Virtual Job Fairs for Universities
  • How Students benefit from attending Virtual Job Fairs
  • Tools for Employer Representatives to hire smarter
  • Post event reports and metrics


Tune in to listen to the full recording. If you want a quick and engaging rundown of virtual job fairs, book a free demo with one of our experts. 


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