The technology industry has suffered at the hands of COVID-19. But it has also gotten back up, dusted itself off and quickly adapted to the new world. As things are slowly getting back to normal, businesses are beginning to operate as normal, albeit with many employees working remotely. 

However one thing is not quite the same. Tech events have moved from conference halls to the internet, i.e. virtual. No more trade shows, conferences, product launches, conventions or summits will be taking place in the foreseeable future. 

Now, in 2021 it’s a virtual-to-virtual world. Presenters and audiences are both virtual. It is not just a question of jumping on the bandwagon, but doing what is necessary to engage with your audience and stay relevant. 

Virtual tech events are a game changer for the IT industry; reducing travel, food, and accommodation costs. Additionally, they reduce the opportunity cost of time spent away from work. They are accessible and innovative. You are more likely to retain information from webinars  that  are available to view on your own time, than live presentations that you can only hear once.

We don’t need to convince you anymore of why virtual tech events are here to stay right? You must get on board right away. 

However, do ask one question: how will you make your event stand out? 

Let’s talk about how to plan a next-level tech summit. There are a few considerations that are bound to help you host a tech event that will not be forgotten anytime soon. 


Envision a global tech event. Don’t confine yourself to geographical boundaries. Reach tech and business leaders in far corners of the world. A traditional tech summit would not allow you this flexibility to reach and mingle with a wider group of people. Attract those who previously have not attended a tech event. So with this opportunity, do what an in-person summit will not easily allow. Connect with a global audience, virtually. 

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Moreover, key decision makers in the IT industry around the globe may have previously missed out on in-person tech events simply because of schedule conflicts. However, now with the need to travel eliminated they can attend your event, making it more effective. 


Attracting your audience to your tech event is half the job. Keeping them entertained and captivated is where the real challenge lies. Cover topics that would be relevant to tech enthusiasts, innovative thinkers and leaders. For instance, current and future trends and predictions in the tech world. Allow them to be immersed in creative, and cutting-edge technologies of the present and the future. 

Another way you can keep your audience engaged is through activities that incentivize participation. For instance, you can conduct a scavenger hunt, or trivia’s and have a leaderboard where points for each participant are recorded. Whoever has the most points gets a chance to win a prize. 

Furthermore, interactive presentations, 1:1 audio/video/text live chat and live Q&As sessions are useful tools which can be employed to help keep your audience immersed.  

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Your tech event is making predictions for future disruptive technologies. It is only natural that the event itself is an embodiment of the same. 

Give your tech enthusiasts an unforgettable experience at the virtual tech summit. Use self-select virtual avatars at your exhibitor booths to attract a wider audience. Moreover, your customized exhibitor booths can help you send a message of diversity and inclusivity in the simplest fashion. 

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Additionally, technology is nothing if it does not promise greater accessibility to people with a disability. Use this tech event to reach audiences who otherwise would have been unable to attend. Use platforms like KUDO to offer live translation to any language, and translations in sign language to aid people with a hearing disability. Furthermore choose a virtual events platform which includes accessibility features to allow for greater inclusivity such as closed captioning, colour contrast, navigational tools, text reader and more. 


Invite speakers from within the tech industry. Target the industry giants who present insights into the world of digital transformation. Previously, time spent in traveling may not have allowed specific speakers to come to your tech summit. But that is where virtual events make everything easy. Invite keynote speakers for chats, sessions and presentations which would not only establish you as a thought leader but will also help your tech event create waves within the industry. 

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Attending a tech event means you will get to meet and connect with fellow industry professionals. Your audience will expect to network with other tech enthusiasts and leaders. They would want to exchange ideas and learn from each other. With the face-to-face element missing, the virtual platform must create ample opportunities for attendees to fulfill this objective. 

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vFairs has a proven history of helping customers host tech events that drive growth and create new opportunities. Matrix Networks hosted their Tech Mixer VIII on the vFairs platform. Their objective was to establish themselves as a thought leader as they continued their efforts to build their brand. Moreover, they also wanted to highlight their unique expertise and differentiators. Here’s how they used vFairs to make a mark: 

  • designed an attractive 3D animated lobby 
  • hosted captivating educational sessions with unique speakers in the virtual auditorium
  • created an exhibit hall that mirrored the traditional hall 
  • built a chatroom to support networking 
  • activities that incentivized participation 

The result: Tech Mixer VIII, held on vFairs boasts of the most successful attendee count. Matrix Networks measured the success of the virtual trade show by the number of registrations and attendee count. These metrics were a testament to the success of the event itself. 


With so many companies turning to the virtual world to host events, make sure you are taking every step to make a lasting impact. Approach your event in a way that you will be remembered for your innovation, expertise and vision. A quick round up of what you can do to draw in the most influential tech and business leaders to your virtual tech summit: 

  • aim for the world, not just your city or country 
  • use technology to create accessibility for everyone at your tech event 
  • invite speakers that captivate the audience with their sessions 
  • create networking opportunities

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