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Aviation Job Search is an international Aviation Jobs career center that connects trusted and verified aviation companies all around the world with top employees. As the world’s leading aviation job board, Aviation Job Search provides recruiters with a cost effective and efficient alternative to generic job sites.

As a result, they now drive around 100,000 job seeker visits in a single month and boast more than 600,000 registered candidates.


Aviation Job Search wished to create a mutually beneficial environment where employers could engage and interact with job seekers in the Aviation and Aerospace industry in real time, from absolutely any corner of the world. For this purpose, Aviation Job Search aimed to overcome the following challenges associated with physical job fairs:

  1.     Bringing together a geographically dispersed network of aviation and aerospace specialists in one space
  2.     Finding an alternative to the high costs associated with allocating resources, creating marketing collateral, and managing vendors
  3.     Making similar information available for multiple candidates at the same time, without making the process redundant
  4.     Eliminating travel cost and time constraints for job seekers, employers and key speakers
  5.     Making content and resources available for accessing at a later time
  6.     Reducing the carbon footprint and hosting an environmentally friendly event
  7.     Ensuring effective engagement between job seekers and employers


Aviation Job Board hosted an Online Aviation & Aerospace Job Fair on the 12th of February 2020. The vFairs team devised a strategy to align a virtual job fair solution with Aviation Job Search’s mission of promoting the industry and everyone associated with it.  

Based on the following features, the host was successfully able to overcome their challenges with the help of a virtual fair.

1. Details Prior to the Event

The landing page of the event consisted of all the information regarding what the online event was offering, as well as the list of exhibiting bodies. This was a necessary way to educate visitors with all the knowledge they required about the event, prior to entering it. Moreover, also compelling them to register and benefit from all there is to be offered.

aviation job search registration

2. Help Desk to Assist Visitors

Just as a shopping mall where there are tons of shops (employers) and an even greater number of shoppers (job seekers), an information center, or a help desk, was created to assist visitors at the event and to be available for 24/7 query resolution.

Help Desk Job Fair

3. Rich Content Available for Candidates

Candidates were offered downloadable documents, videos and presentations by different employers at their respective booths. Removing unnecessary carbon footprint and high costs of printing, this content could be added to their swag bags or emailed to them to read, research, and share at a later time.

employers booths

4. Branded Employer Booths with Real Time Chat

The objective of the event was for the employers to promote their organization, exhibit their culture and showcase their vacancies in a stress-free and visually stimulating environment. For the virtual job fair to be fantastically immersive, all participating employers were provided custom designed virtual booths to represent their unique identities.

For these employers, as well as for attending candidates, an interactive environment was offered in the form of a live chat room. Employers were able to engage with candidates using text, audio and video chat to ensure the quality of talent they were looking for. On the other hand, job seekers were able to resolve queries immediately and schedule a time to speak with a relevant employer.

employer booth

5. Educating the Masses Using Live Webinars

Reality-based auditoriums were designed to assemble a large audience in one space for scheduled webinars. The schedule of these webinars was provided to the attendees before time, so they could clear their schedules for relevant webinars, in advance. This ensured maximum attendance at each scheduled session. Not only were these accessible on any device, across the world, but these webinars were also open to a Q&A session at the end, to make the sessions interactive.

Learn more about webinars here.

6. Powerful Recruitment Tools to Enhance Hiring

With the help of a Job Board, both the involved entities – the employers, as well as the job seekers, were able to filter relevant jobs as well as candidates, read about companies, and access job descriptions of thought-provoking vacancies. In addition, candidates were provided with a detailed job seeker help guide to assist them in their lookout for appropriate jobs.


The Aviation & Aerospace Job Fair was a huge success indicated by its results. With a remarkable employer experience, satisfied candidates, and high levels of content consumption across all booths, our real-time reporting dashboard tracked all visitor traffic and activity in order to help measure the event’s ROI, effortlessly. The performance of the event was therefore supported by:

  1.     High levels of candidate engagement: The total registrations exceeded 3400+ job seekers
  2.     Excellent user experience: The total booth visits at the event crossed 7900 hits
  3.     Ease of resource sharing: 4750+ unique booth visits indicated fruitful information distribution by the host
  4.     Elevated rates of job application: 970+ job applications were submitted at the event
  5.     Increased interest in the content – The total number of webinar views exceeded 530 while the most viewed session on “5 strategies to excel in interviews to get more job offers at a higher salary” itself received over 130 views

virtual lobby


At vFairs.com, we strive to build a top-class online event platform that will help event organizers make memorable connections with their target audience. We’re obsessed with taking out the hassle normally associated with physical events and leaving organizers and exhibitors to focus on what’s most important: engagement with the audience.

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