As COVID-19 successfully disrupted life and made in-person events a reality of the past, virtual job fairs became every employer and job seekers dream. The purpose of a virtual job fair is to connect employers and job seekers, where employers can find top talent and job seekers can find an employer most suited to their career. 

An in-person job fair would restrict the number of people who can attend, whereas a virtual job fair allows employers and job seekers from around the globe to connect. A virtual platform offers an interactive environment, where job seekers and employers can meet, network, and even conduct interviews. 

virtual job fair preperations

But how will you bring employers and job seekers to your online job fair? 

Imagine you are hosting a smashing party, but forget to invite anyone! 

Surely you can’t say that the party was a hit right? 

To avoid no-shows, you need to spread your message loud and clear, to attract employers and job seekers alike. If you are going to play the perfect matchmaker, then getting the right people to attend is a necessity.  

For this you need to make sure that you leave no stone unturned when it comes to effectively marketing your event. Your strategy must be carefully crafted to suit your target audience. The channels of communication you choose to employ must be aligned with your strategy in order to successfully help you pull in the right people. 

Luckily, vFairs is here to guide you through with your marketing efforts ensuring your virtual job fair is a phenomenal success. Let’s see what steps you can take. 


Without making any noise about your virtual job fair, attracting employers and job seekers will be difficult. However, by leveraging your marketing assets you can manage to draw in maximum eyeballs to your online event. Right from your social media platforms, to email marketing, and even your own website, all can be rightfully deployed in your promotional activities. 

Let’s tackle each channel individually. 

Email Marketing: 

Email marketing has demonstrated itself to be a trusted marketing tool. According to a study by McKinsey and Company, email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media in reaching people. It boasts of a huge database, where almost 92% of internet users have an email address. 

Using this tool can garner greater attention for your virtual job fair. By adding in a catchy tagline, key information about your virtual job fair and even a video preview could help attract employers and job seekers alike. Adding a video to your email marketing campaign can increase email clicks by almost 300%. So with your email marketing campaign you can offer meaningful value to your audience, while also effectively engaging them.  

email marketing to promote virtual job fair

Social Media: 

Facebook and LinkedIn can be effective in building awareness about your online event. You can leverage these channels to disseminate information about your virtual job fair; when it is scheduled to take place, how to access it, what to expect, who the sponsors are, and other relevant details can be shared through these channels. 

These two platforms can also be used to re-market to your existing audience. You can track which of your audience visited your website and showed interest in your event, and you can influence them again. 

social media to promote online event

Even Twitter can be a powerful tool used to promote your event. Build momentum using a hashtag in your communication.  You can share some snippets of information that create value for your audience, and compel them to register for the virtual job fair.    

Instagram presents another opportunity to actively engage with your audience. You can add video snippets, and other attractive visual content about your virtual job fair. Instagram even allows interactive tools such as polls, questions, and countdowns on stories which can be leveraged to attract employers and job seekers both to your online event! 

Whichever marketing channel you use, whether it is social media or email marketing you must add a powerful call-to-action (CTA) to seal the deal. A CTA would give your audience that extra nudge to sign up for the event. 


In order to maximize visibility for your virtual job fair, you can even ask your sponsors and speakers to do your bidding.

The sponsors you have invited to your event can speak about the virtual job fair on their websites or social media pages. By closely collaborating with your sponsors, and aligning communication you can attract the most relevant audience. 

If you have invited speakers to your event, you can ask them to invite their audience, from their social media channels to the virtual job fair to build traction. This will create additional buzz around your virtual job fair when the audience will get an insight into what to expect from the event, from the very people speaking there. 

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Accelerate the process of getting people to sign up for your event by issuing a well timed press release. An effective message carefully formulated can give your event instant exposure. It can supplement your efforts on social media while also increasing traffic to your website. Sponsors and speakers can share these. Moreover, readers and journalists can also circulate this press release online through their social media channels. 

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All your marketing efforts — be it email marketing, social media promotions, or press releases — will eventually lead your audience to your landing page. Your landing page may be the most critical element in helping you derive leads. It needs to give your visitors instant information, quickly and effectively. To attract and retain them on the landing page, the design must be catchy and appealing to the audience. 

A video added to the landing page will give the audience a sneak peek into the virtual job fair and tell them what to expect. Viewers retain 95% of the message they watch through a video. Thus proving to be a great magnet for the target audience. 


However, all your efforts to attract your audience will fall flat if the event page is not marketable. A unique event page is an extremely crucial step. People will take you seriously, and your event page will become the hub for all event information. Speakers, agenda, sponsors, and even exhibitors can be displayed here. 

Lastly, but perhaps the most important consideration is choosing the right platform that will host your virtual job fair. A platform that provides a holistic setup and not individual solutions will ensure your virtual job fair is a roaring success. From making sure the event is accessible on all devices, allows exhibitors and attendees to network and interact among themselves. In addition, gives you a unique URL for your event and even lets you customize elements of the event.  

A conscious interplay of your marketing activities tied in with a suitable platform that provides all  features under one platform will help you bring the right audience to your virtual job fair. 


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