Financial services events bring together thought-leaders to develop new connections and allow participants to learn directly from innovators. They can dive into various fintech products and services and meet world class experts. It provides a space for them to share experiences and ideas. 

However, financial services events are also a great opportunity for event organizers and hosts to increase event revenue. So whether you are a fintech company, a bank or an investment firm, here is your chance to learn how to maximize your event revenue. 

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In this world where COVID-19 significantly impacted the events landscape, 40% of event planners are concerned about charging people for their online events. Yet, it’s often overlooked that when executed properly, virtual events can help you increase revenue.

vFairs wants you to get the most out of your event. While you are focused on providing the best in class experience to your attendees, let us help you look for avenues for revenue generation. 

Here, we will take you through each option so you know how to multiply revenue from your virtual financial services events.


Sponsorship is a vital component of virtual financial services events. Companies can purchase opportunities to get increased exposure and visibility from attendees. Organizers create tiered sponsorship packages which guarantee different levels of exposure based on the sponsorship level. Sponsors have lots of opportunities to advertise within the virtual venue. In virtual financial services events, the exhibit hall, lobby or networking lounge can be used to place advertisements. A section on marketing material can also be created to put together all key information accessible in one place. 

With so many sponsors on board, every sponsor would like to increase brand awareness. For instance, displaying sponsor logos or even running video ads. You can create additional opportunities for your sponsors and give them a chance to run contests, polls and raffles etc. Sponsors can even be a part of pre-event marketing and communication plans such as emails and social media campaigns. This allows for additional eyeballs for the sponsors.

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Furthermore, the event landing page can also be leveraged for sponsor ads. This landing page is the hub of all information. Placing advertisements and selling ad space there can help you multiply your revenue easily. 

Another way for sponsors to get greater traction is via sponsored content opportunities. Sponsors can present sessions, share expertise and ideas. They can also create awareness about their product or service. Again giving them an extra platform to create awareness and deliver value. The more places sponsors get seen, the more valuable their package will be. 


For your attendees, you can offer different types of tickets. These tickets will fall under various price ranges promising participants a different experience. For instance, a VIP ticket could give attendees access to an exclusive workshop on financial services, or can allow them to sit in on a panel discussion with industry leaders. Such offers can be lucrative for fintech enthusiasts. So make sure you adequately cater to them, all the while increasing revenue. 

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At your virtual financial services events look for ways to reach prospects even before the event starts. Attendees can book audio/video meetings with representatives through the vFairs’ booking tool. This gives a chance for exhibitors to capture qualified leads. During the event live chat tools help interact and build connections with attendees. 

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Networking lounges can be used by exhibitors to pre-schedule appointments with attendees. Representatives can chat with attendees and search for user profiles that align with their target market. They can initiate a chat with them or a virtual meeting with prospects. They can even  share materials, product updates, information and even run demos. 

Hosts can also drive traffic to specific areas through incentives such as a virtual scavenger hunt and leaderboards. 


Webinars and live presentations in the virtual auditorium can lead to high revenue generation. This is an excellent platform for exhibitors to conduct sessions on their offerings and create awareness about their products and services. The live Q&A and attendee interaction sessions during these presentations and webinars can get exhibitors the exposure they need at virtual financial services events. Greater exposure means greater chances of revenue creation. 

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Allowing attendees to add products to their virtual cart gives them an extra push to make that final purchase. vFairs facilitates attendees to add their desired product to cart to build an order sheet, and then the exhibitor can process payment through their own platform. This drives action and gives the attendees that extra nudge to buy that item they saved. Attendees can also create a wish list of items they wish to buy down the line. 

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The advantage of hosting virtual financial services events is that you can track your attendees, their movements and behaviors during the event. In addition to getting insights on your attendees demographics you can also get hands on the following data:

  • sessions attended or watched 
  • how long attendees stayed in sessions
  • networking lounge visits
  • chat/discussion topics and questions asked
  • links clicked
  • resources downloaded

data insights meeting

This is useful for planning and promotion of future marketing activities and events. Attendees’ in-depth user journey is also available which helps them understand exactly what people are doing, and how they’re being led from one area to the next. Understanding these behaviors in-depth could help give insight into their audiences psychographics


Here is your cheat sheet to maximize revenue in financial services events:

  • Create sponsorship packages to attract a variety of sponsors.
  • Attract a huge number of attendees offering tickets in different price ranges. 
  • Help exhibitors connect with attendees before the event to maximize chances of increasing sales.
  • Place advertisements on landing pages. 
  • Offer useful panel discussions and educational sessions via webinars and presentations. 
  • Drive action by letting attendees add desired items to a virtual shopping cart.
  • Use data and analytics collected from the event site to your advantage.


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