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University of Maryland University College (UMUC) is a leading public state  university with an impressive 65 years track record providing educational opportunities that are affordable, career-focused and globally respected for their excellence. With over 90+ degrees, specializations and certifications, UMUC’s hosts on-campus, online and hybrid classes to help students acquire the skills to professionally excel, meanwhile catering to non-traditional and adult learners with a flexible range of academic programs aligned sharply with workforce demands.




  • High cost of hosting the physical event due to venue rental, logistics and administrative overheads
  • Limited event hours hindering ability of prospective and new students to attend in case of prior commitments
  • Low attendance volume because of inability to reach to prospects abroad or in other cities/states
  • Inability to use multimedia rich content to inform, engage and attract student interest
  • Expensive staffing needs, lost productivity, and difficulty in responding to visitor queries in a focused setting
  • Eco-unfriendly marketing collateral, pricey giveaways and additional hospitality expenditure


Strategy, Functionality & Accessibility


1) Impressive Cost Savings & Improved Lead Generation:

Providing seamless setup convenience with a dedicated project manager to ensure exciting customizations, the vFairs team delivered an Open Day event that was high on value and low on costs. The dynamic virtual environment eliminated need for any physical space or on site staff attendance. Furthermore, the online Open Day could be accessed by all prospective and incoming students and their parents without need for travel, all from the comfort of their home via mobile or desktop devices.


The fully immersive and uniquely branded environment mimicked all the features of a traditional physical campus event to ensure a user-friendly experience that dramatically increased audience reach, engagement and lead generation for the host- 3 wins with one strategy. Extremely cost-effective and welcoming to all, UMUC Jumpstart’s initiative was a hit with the exhibitor and audience alike.


2) Have Prospects Access Content From Around The World:

Ensuring utmost flexibility for all, the visitors no longer had to stress over in-person attendance. Whether based locally, across the country or in international territories, students could attend and take full advantage of the Virtual Open Day from anywhere in the world. Especially helpful for incoming students or prospects serving in the army, the ability to gather insights first-hand from university staff and professors made the event an invaluable source of information.


The event’s customized booths staffed with UMUC faculty and administration represented key departments such as the undergraduate school, the graduate school, financial aid, student success resources, career services and more. The video/audio/textual chat features allowed all guests to chat and interact with campus personnel without long exhausting wait times that queues at physical events are known for.


3) Showcase Your Expertise With Webinars & Video Content:

Multimedia content is the best avenue to acquire audience attention and emphasize your university’s specialties without the visitors having to step foot on campus. From the minute guests logged into the event, they were welcomed in the lobby by a custom video message from the UMUC president greeting all attendees.


The vFairs team incorporated a virtual Auditorium with on-demand sessions offering experiences such as online Classroom Walk Throughs. Paired with guides and tutorials on how to excel at online learning-  this was a highly attended session that not just explained campus resources but also demonstrated their utility to remote learners.


The “Video Vault” was also a helpful feature containing various videos with comprehensive overview of programmes, services and advice from management. The “Program Brochure” tab contained a detailed listing of resources that could be saved in the user’s “Briefcase” and later emailed by visitors to their preferred IDs for future retrieval. Spearheading efficient and environmentally friendly information distribution, the attendees enjoyed consuming the content that aided their decision making and positively added to their overall Open Day experience.


Results Recap

Accommodating a global audience comprising of prospective and new students already enrolled or interested in exploring UMUC programmes, the Jumpstart Open Day event created a spectacular bespoke information sharing hub with more virtual events lined up in future already for the client. Facilitating open communication between visitors and management to maintain a personal touch, the host was very pleased with reduced event hosting expenses and easily measurable results:


  • Prospective Student Registrations: 950+
  • Total Number of Booth Visits: 350+


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