Remember when back in the day, you had to move all your user’s data, one at a time, from HubSpot or Cvent onto your virtual event platform? This required as many hours of manual labor as the size of your database. What an integral part of your event, and yet so tedious, right?

At vFairs, our customers’ comfort, as well as their experience, is top priority. That’s how we’ve built some amazing, long-lasting partnerships in a very short period of time. In this case, we identified the complexity of importing data from your CRM to our virtual event platform, and here’s what we did with all that precious feedback. 

There is no doubt that HubSpot and Cvent have proven themselves to be effective, progressive, and absolutely secure platforms when it comes to data management and capturing registrations. This is why a large number of companies across the world rely on these two solutions immensely.

We understand that overtime, you  might also have developed a comfort zone with your most used platform, HubSpot or Cvent, that provides you with a 360-degree sales and marketing solution – from data storage, management, to communication. 

Therefore, we worked out a way for you to enjoy the comfort and familiarity with your respective tools, and yet experience a seamless set up of your virtual event with vFairs. 

What does this mean? 

It means vFairs is now integrated with HubSpot and Cvent!

Hubspot and Cvent integration with vFairs

How does that work for you? 

A lot of companies prefer to host their virtual event registrations on another platform, namely HubSpot and Cvent. 

Now remember when we reminded you of all your laborious import from your CRM onto our virtual event platform? Well, problem solved! 

We’re now allowing your data to automatically be imported from HubSpot or Cvent into vFairs. 

What benefits can you enjoy?

1) Transfer data in real time 

In the past, organizers had to first export an Excel file consisting of all their registrations, and import it into vFairs. Firstly, this required a lot of manual labor. Secondly, what if someone signed up after the Excel file had been exported? The process would have to be repeated all over again, and as many times as someone registered after the export.

Now, while your event-specific signup takes place on HubSpot or Cvent, both of these platforms provide something known as a webhook functionality. Which means, as soon as a user registers on either one of the platforms, this webhook that is plugged into the platform captures the data and brings it to vFairs within 15 seconds. Therefore, all your registrations will automatically be transferred to your virtual event platform almost in real time, and without any manual labor. 

transferring data

2) Stick to your home ground

We know a lot of you love HubSpot and all that it lets you do (so do we).  Similarly, Cvent provides a number of exceptional registration features that companies like to benefit from.  While using your own tools (HubSpot or Cvent), you can now continue to do what you do — for example, send mailers to audiences using your own HubSpot account. You don’t have to worry about setting up any third-party workflows or automations from scratch. All your mailers, reminders, and registration formats can be seamlessly integrated and transferred into your virtual event. 

comfortable work desk

3) Not tech-savvy? No problem!

A lot of people in your team might not be tech-savvy. But there’s no pressure either. 

They do not need to acquire an additional skill or undergo training to manage registrations on the vFairs platform. The system in place simply does it for them. 

team hi five

Making processes as simple, seamless, and effective as possible is a part of your entire journey with vFairs, and therefore, we are constantly working to take your virtual event towards perfection and profitability. 

Since your event is not just about you, but about setting an impression in front of your audiences, sponsors, and exhibitors, we strive each day to make this impression a flawless one. 

To learn more about what customers are saying about their experience with vFairs, click here now.

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