Do you want to show off your products and establish your brand image but aren’t sure how? Are you looking for exciting trade show ideas that will skyrocket your profits by maximizing leads? Guess what, you’re in the right place!

It’s time to take your trade shows online! Market your products to a global audience in a virtual environment and experience your leads grow like never before. Follow these exciting Online Trade Show Ideas to get started!

Best Virtual Trade Show Ideas

Online Tech Show

Technology is a rapidly-changing product that, in today’s time and date, is just about everywhere – and what other place can the progress of technology be more evident than at an online tech show.

Physical trade shows usually make it impossible to keep up with the speed at which the world is innovating. The hassle of setting up a physical show is thus time consuming, costly, and extremely frustrating with very little gain in the end.

Therefore, to be on top of the tech game that consists of cutthroat competition, an online technology trade show can give you an edge over your competition. Online Tech Trade Shows can be accessed at any time, on any device, and from any place, maximizing the reach of your event.

During an Online Tech Show:

  • Schedule live webinars to address the masses regarding top trends and recent advancements (or in case of product launches, you can schedule an unboxing session at a time when most attendees are present)
  • Answer individual queries in real time using the text, audio, or video chat feature

Depending on the type of offerings, your Tech Show can also add an online store that allows prospects to book orders and accelerate the purchasing process.

Online Boat Show

If you think this is just an idea, let me correct you. MarineMax thought above and beyond for their products and hosted an exceptional Online Boat Show with vFairs. With top class boats and yacht, MarineMax also offered training, demos, boating tips and free trials to engage and excite its audience signed in from across the waters.

Online Food Show

A webinar happening in a virtual trade show by Jake's Finer Foods

Food brings everyone together, but with an online food show, it brings the entire world together. Growers, suppliers, retailers and market experts around the globe benefit from the opportunity of sharing their diverse products with each other and acquire new professional contacts with the click of a finger.

Jake’s Finer Foods is one such example of a successful Online Food Show. This premium broad-line distributor and food-service supplier was able to promote their brand and their network of fellow vendors to reach a larger audience, amplify branding, and build sales volume to ultimately deliver profound customer value in a highly competitive market.

Read more about Jake’s Finer Food’s Online Food Show here.

Online Car Show

car show

Are you ready to showcase your hot releases? Are you working on a killer strategy to reach a larger audience and multiply leads this year? Then it’s time for you to host a game-changing online car show! Prospects find it more convenient to research online instead of spending time visiting car dealerships to learn about potential motors. In order to capture the maximum number of leads, you should now place yourself exactly where your audience is – online!

Online car shows are revolutionizing the entire automotive industry by replicating all the features of a physical car show with a number of ground-breaking additions to improve its effectiveness.

Dubai being one of the most popular cities in the world to conduct stellar car shows recently experienced the first of its many online car shows when YallaMotor, a leading Middle Eastern automotive portal, hosted an online motor show in order to attract not just a local audience but also, the entire world. Due to its diverse audience, this online platform was accessible in both Arabic, as well as English.

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Industry-Specific Virtual Events

While trade shows can be conducted across industries and products, hosting them online can open up the entire universe for enhanced lead generation. The travel industry, with events such as The Great Holiday Show, Africa Travel and Safari Show and Luxury Travel Africa Show enabled a large number of attendees to plan a remarkable holiday with the help of travel experts.

On the other hand, the advertising industry, with shows such as The Now Media Show and Smart Simple Marketing Show, has also been able to form a global network of marketing experts and knowledge seekers to share new tools and techniques and learn about globally tested best practices in marketing.

Other Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way of generating leads and showcasing offerings that you’d otherwise be unable to put out there. These shows open a whole new world of opportunities, while going online makes them even more convenient, accessible, and effective. Other exciting trade shows ideas may consist of  online organic markets, online start-up shows, skincare & makeup shows, online healthcare shows, hardware & tools shows, wedding shows, healthcare shows, and so on.

Hybrid Trade Shows – The Future of the Industry

Virtual trade shows proved to be a great hit across the board. However, some industries still demand a physical presence at events. In such cases, hybrid shows are the ideal solution. These combine the best aspects of physical and virtual events. Then, visitors and exhibitors can participate at their own convenience. In addition, you won’t have issues with inviting speakers for various sessions. Their schedules will accommodate virtual attendance, and you can have a mix of virtual and physical panels.

So, it’s quite obvious that hybrid trade shows are set to become the in thing in the coming year. Therefore, you should look into hybrid event solutions with vFairs. See how Bernard Health became one of the trendsetters in this regard.


In conclusion, there are a number of trade show ideas out there. So, no matter what your industry is, you can work with vFairs to host an outstanding virtual or hybrid event. Make sure you carry out all the necessary planning well on time. Here’s a simple guide to planning your own trade show.

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