I) Leverage the Power of Video Content

Using videos to engage your targeted audience is a great avenue to engage, inform, and course- welcome visitors to your fantastic event. To help hosts make the maximum use of the virtual platform to promote their marketing messaging and employer branding, your event can be set up to automatically play a video to users right after they login. This way, you can capture your audience’s attention immediately and connect with them from the get-go.

How to Use it:
Using the option under Event Settings → Advanced Settings, you can switch the “Enable Video to Popup on login” function to “yes”. This way, your video of choice will take center stage and can be used to promote your desired calls-to-action automatically.

II) Add Calendar Invites to Registration Confirmation E-mails

Often, people register for an event enthusiastically, but they invariably get so caught up in their chaotic work routines, that they forget about the upcoming session and to their chagrin, end up missing it.

To help solve this problem, you now have the option of integrating calendar invites into registration confirmation emails.

How to Use it:
When you proceed to edit the email template, there will be an option to add a calendar invite to the email. All you need to do is to just specify the start and end date of the event and include a brief overview of it.

When making use of this feature, be sure to verify the event details i.e. date, time, time zone etc. through a test email once the set-up is complete. However, make sure you’re clear about the subject. You don’t want participants to look at their calendar and find a vague item that doesn’t seem to ring a bell.



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