Projacs Academy, founded in 1984, pioneered the implementation of Construction Management in the Middle East. It introduced the Projacs Academy to further cultivate the construction industry’s awareness of Project Management. During this time, Projacs Academy has successfully conducted over 16,300 programs and conferences for more than 313,640 professionals from around the world. projacs academy logo

Their main courses are centered around project management. Everything from planning to cost control is covered in their holistic courses. This is a huge learning opportunity for project managers in the construction industry. 

Why vFairs?

With such a wide reach and huge impact that it has created since its creation, Projacs Academy was not going to let a pandemic halt its conference. Hence, they decided to move to virtual events. Previously, they were hosting Zoom webinars and conventions. However, they wanted a step up and move to fully functional virtual events. 

Primarily in search of a dynamic platform, they did their research online and met with about four virtual event platform providers. However, with their requirements, they were most attracted towards vFairs. It suited their needs and ended up being the obvious choice. 

vFairs created a platform that suited Projacs Academy’s specific needs. Let’s see the strategy and features they adopted for Projacs Academy’s virtual conference below. 


The Projacs Academy virtual conference platform was all in Arabic. The platform was designed in a way to keep the target audience in mind, and their language of preference. This helped in making the incoming audience comfortable. 

Virtual Avatars

Right from the lobby to the virtual auditorium to the exhibit booths people were swarming the place in traditional Arabic attire. Again, catering to the specific audience, the avatars reflected the local people. This instantly attracts the attendees. 

Projacs Academy lobby

Speaker Session

The Projacs Academy virtual conference featured seven face-to-face sessions where experts dealt with current and emerging threats, and two discussions at the end of the day to help attendees control, manage and respond to risks. Speakers were specialized in risk management and came with profound experience in the field. All the sessions were live. 

Virtual Auditorium

webinar sessions

Exhibit Hall 

The exhibit hall featured a number of virtual booths easily scrollable vertically. Each booth had male and female virtual avatars dressed in Arabic attire. These booths had website links, in addition to direct links to the chat rooms. This created ease for anyone looking to talk to the booth representatives directly. 

exhibit booth

Additionally, the booths had relevant videos and documents. Attendees could add them to their swag bags, download them or email these resources to themselves right from within the platform. 


‘We cannot get the numbers we got in virtual events from our physical events’ said Rabih Khreizat, the Sr. Training Manager at Projacs Academy. They managed to attract a wide number of attendees. This was something new, and attendees wanted to try it out. 

The sponsors and exhibitors were also delighted with their virtual event experience. The reporting system at vFairs was of great help to both. It told them about the number of participants, and where they were joining from. These insights provided value to the exhibitors. 

Lastly, Projacs Academy had a wonderful experience working with the vFairs team. Before, during and after the event, the project managers were responsive and were always ready to accommodate their needs. Projacs did come with a lot of changes, however, the vFairs team was always ready to accommodate them. They recognized it was difficult to put everything together in Arabic, but this is where the team’s resilience shone through. 

Now Projacs Academy is looking forward to another great addition, integrating into a vFairs event, which displays content from various social media platforms in a unified social feed. Whatever is being talked about regarding the event is shown together. They are excited to add that to their next event to further maximize engagement! 

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