vFairs was named a Leader in G2’s Fall 2021 reports for the ‘Virtual Events Platform’ category. This is our fifth consecutive quarter holding the top spot on their ratings charts. G2 is a review site for business software and services. It collects peer-to-peer reviews, and ranks them based on their market presence and customer satisfaction

This quarter, vFairs earned five badges, adding to our already impressive repertoire of accolades:

G2 Fall 2021 Leader for virtual events G2 Fall 2021 Leader for virtual events  G2 Fall 2021 Leader for virtual events  G2 Fall 2021 Best Relationship for virtual events G2 Fall 2021 Leader in Asia Pacific for virtual events

Let’s dive into how we got here, and why customers have such great things to say about us!

What Makes vFairs a Leader in Virtual Events?

Exceptional Events 

Plain and simple, we host exceptional events for our clients. The vFairs team goes above and beyond to create unique, innovative experiences for everyone we work with. No matter what goals a client has, or what ideas they want to incorporate into their event, vFairs strives to make it happen

“[I enjoyed] the ability of the platform to capture the essence of our conference that allowed our attendees to have an amazing virtual experience,” Lesha A

World-Class Team of Experts

Scroll through our G2 reviews, and you’ll see no shortage of praise for the vFairs support teams. What makes us stand out to our clients is the level of commitment our project managers and customer service teams have to every project. 

“The vFairs team is their competitive advantage. The level of support that you receive throughout the execution of the project is like no other. They stay with you the entire time from concept creation to execution. Their team remains unmatched and world-class.” – Lisa T.

Flexible Features and Integrations

Our platform was built to accommodate a plethora of event types and client goals. Whether you’re a corporate marketing team looking to launch new products, a university looking to recruit international students, or anyone between, our features and integrations are sure to help you hit your goals. 

vFairs prove a highly versatile virtual events platform; it integrates with a multitude of other applications, making everything from registration via Hubspot to social media tracking to real-time language translations a breeze. You can choose from pre-existing templates or highly customizable virtual events that take your customer engagement to the next level, and the feedback we get from our event attendees has been very positive.” – Administrator, Information Technology and Services

Continual Evolution

Our commitment to hosting great events doesn’t stop with our clients. We’re constantly striving to improve the vFairs platform to provide the whole market the best possible product. This means truly internalizing our clients’ feedback and listening to the market to understand and predict their needs. 

I have … seen tremendous growth in what vFairs has implemented over the past 3-4 years which has benefited my event- each year new features are added which provides me with an added value to my customer base.”  – Chelsea A

What Can You Expect Next Quarter?

We’re continually rolling out innovative new products and features for you to host your absolute best events. This upcoming quarter is no exception, and we’re confident that we’ll continue leading in the Virtual Events Platform category on G2 for many quarters to come. 

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