Virtual Events FAQs


Online events are certainly the new norm. Everyone is still trying to figure it out. In order to ease your worries and research, we have gathered together some virtual event FAQs. 

To clarify, virtual events are events that you conduct online. They replicate the features of a physical event, however it is hosted/attended from the comfort of your home. 

Now you can sit back, relax and learn everything you really need to know.

Here is also a video that sums up some virtual event FAQs.

Virtual Events

Why Attend Virtual Events?

A frequent virtual event FAQ is that of the benefits of hosting virtual events. These are numerous! However, what are some of the benefits of attending an online event? Apart from physical contact, the benefits of attending a virtual event far supersede in person events. Here’s why:  

1. Safety Concerns

During the pandemic health safety is a priority despite your vaccination status. With omicron on the rise, you can still reap the benefits of attending a conference/training without having to physically go in.

2. Time Saving

According to a survey, 67% of white-collar workers are and have been working fully remote. One of the reasons they said it suited them was that it takes out commute times and helps them get rid of exhausting and busy schedules

Additionally, a physical event will require you to seek individuals out during networking. At a virtual fair, you can customize your schedule, make use of auto-matchmaking tools, and book appointments. 

3. Attend Whenever and From Wherever You Are 

Are you back home with your family? Are you in a different time zone? Virtual events usually cater to these different timings. Oftentimes leaving recorded sessions and other content on-demand. You can attend from anywhere and at any time!

4. Find More Diversity

With individuals attending from a global audience, you may have better opportunities to network. People will be coming from diverse backgrounds. You can network with all or some of them at your leisure. This kind of convenience is unparalleled in today’s world where networking is everything.

Can Virtual Events Replace In-Person Experience?

Experience itself is measured by how you enjoyed the event whether physical or online. It could be good or bad. With the right platform, a virtual event can most definitely replicate some of the features of a physical event. This includes a customized 3D lobby, 3D avatars, exhibit halls, a swag bag, networking lounges, and more!

How hosts make the experience engaging is important. Whether the event is for your team, job seekers, or even a holiday party! It all depends on how you make your audience’s experience more enriching. Be it in person or virtually. 

What Are The Types Of Virtual Events?

The bottom line is, a virtual event can be anything you want it to be. A dance party with themed DJ booths, or a professional conference for global leaders. The (virtual) world is your oyster, and the (virtual) sky is your limit. However, here’s still a non-exhaustive list of the more popular events vFairs has seen:

  1. Hybrid Events
  2. Virtual Conferences 
  3. Virtual Career Fair
  4. Virtual Exhibition 
  5. Virtual Trade Show
  6. Virtual Food Show
  7. Virtual Product Launch
  8. Virtual Property Show
  9. Virtual Motor Show
  10. Virtual Open Day
  11. Virtual Job Fair
  12. Virtual Graduation Ceremony
  13. Virtual Education Fair
  14. Virtual Housing Fair
  15. Virtual Onboarding Fair 
  16. Virtual Summit
  17. Alumni Networking Fair
  18. Virtual Benefits Fair

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How Do Virtual Events Benefit Sustainability?

Summits, talks, conferences and more have come and gone with regards to climate change. Yet there has been little headway. Stories of devastation are rampant worldwide. However, with President Biden’s Green New Deal, businesses and industries can benefit from carbon taxes. 

Virtual events offer exactly that. Aviation accounts for up to 2.5%  of carbon emissions. When people travel to and fro for conferences they contribute to these emissions. Not to mention the combined carbon footprint of the venue, personnel arriving at the venue, catering, marketing materials and the list goes on.

If you choose to do a virtual event, you can gain some carbon credits that you can then sell to other businesses that did not make the carbon cuts. The environment and you, in turn, benefit. 

How To Promote Virtual Events?

In order to promote your virtual event you need to know these key steps:

    1. Identify Your Audience: Learn more about your key demographic. What interests them and how they engage with your product/service.  
    2. Create a Landing Page: Add in all registration and event information here.  Create an attractive, eye-catching design for it.
    3. Market At The Right Time: It can’t be way before your event or too near your event. Timing is key. Use your social media channels to amplify the message. 
    4. Leverage Your Existing Audience: Give them promo codes or a discount. They are your loyal customers. Keep them in the mix.
    5. Email Marketing: The success rate for email marketing is high. With an average open rate of 18% and a click through rate of 2.5%. Use it to your advantage. 
    6. Create Ambassadors: Get sponsors, brands, and other stakeholders to spread the word on your behalf through their channels. 

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How To Organize Virtual Events?

Event planning can be stressful. However, virtual events are easier to organize than physical events. With your virtual event platform, you will have all the one-stop solutions. Prior to the event, you will simply need to:

  1. Set your budget and strategize what you want and need for your virtual event
  2. Find a virtual event platform that suits all your needs
  3. Develop an exclusive landing page with all the event information
  4. Develop an agenda for the day(s)
  5. Brainstorm some exciting engagement activities  
  6. Invite sponsors and exhibitors 
  7. Market your event well

    Learn How to Plan Your Virtual Events With Our Virtual Event Planner

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How To Make Online Events Engaging?

A virtual event FAQ that we see consistently. To make online events engaging may sound daunting but it really is not hard. It can offer you the opportunity to be as creative as you wish to be. You can offer gamification features. Such as scavenger hunts, polls, and live Q&A sessions. A leaderboard can be added in to encourage friendly competition. Winners can receive gift hampers or vouchers.

Other ways to engage your audience can include using features such as a collaborative virtual whiteboard, a social media wall, or a virtual photo booth

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Hybrid Events

What Are Hybrid Events? 

Very common virtual event FAQs are with regards to hybrid events. Hybrid events are those that make use of both the physical and virtual worlds. A hybrid event is one that will allow a certain number of attendees to come directly to the event. The virtual attendees will be able to participate online. All live streams will take place simultaneously for online and physical attendees. However minor changes will be required for networking. All a hybrid event needs is good coordination!

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Why Is The Future of Events Hybrid?

According to new event trends, the future of events is definitely hybrid. A report about the state of hybrid events shows 57% of event organizers believe it is the future. With a greater global reach, lower expenditures and better ROI, companies see the benefits of virtual events. Hybrid offers all those things, but the best of both worlds. Those who wish to benefit from physical attendance can and those who cannot make it can still be present. 

Why Host A Hybrid Event?

As previously mentioned, hybrids offer the best of both worlds, with minimal costs and better ROI. Such an event will:

  1. Increase Engagement: Through the virtual, you have access to a greater global audience
  2. Offer Flexibility: Due to changes during the pandemic, there can always be online availability. 
  3. Reduce Cost: It is definitely cheaper to host online than a virtual event. The flexibility to shift online during COVID-19 lockdowns also prevents complete loss to your company.
  4. Go Green: There is great value for going green in today’s world. 

How To Organize Hybrid Events?

The most crucial things to remember when organizing a hybrid event is to:

  1. Research on speakers, themes, topics, and target audience
  2. Develop a clear cut agenda and schedule
  3. Develop a strategy, including coordination for all events that will be streamed live. You will need to engage with a platform that provides live streaming cameras and a team
  4. Have separate event managers for the physical and virtual venues to avoid confusion
  5. Roll out a holistic marketing strategy for both the physical and virtual events
  6. Make sure support teams are available at the physical venue and those online for seamless coordination and execution
  7. Find the best virtual event platform to manage everything for you. With a dedicated project manager, you will not have to worry about a thing 

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Hybrid Events vs Virtual Events

Neither is better than the other. They both offer their own benefits. You as a company would need to understand which of the two works best for your target audience. 

Other Virtual Event FAQs

Do You Offer a Mobile Event App?

Yes! vFairs offers a mobile app that benefits all attendees, whether they’re attending live, virtually or on the go! This app is compatible with both iOS and Android software. Attendees can register, attend and participate in all event activities simply through their mobile devices. All you need is a good internet connection!

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Is There a MarketPlace For Events?

Places like vFairs Discover let you browse through and find all online events near you.

Best Virtual Event Platforms

This is a crucial virtual event FAQ. The best virtual event platform is the one that offers you all of these features:

  1. Customizable virtual environment
  2. Has flexibility in solutions tailored to your specific event 
  3. Integrations that enhance engagement 
  4. Provide you with pre, in and post-event support
  5. Have a dedicated project manager and winning customer satisfaction
  6. Have an onsite technical support team
  7. Offers you live and post-event reporting 

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Virtual Events FAQs

Azal Zahir

Azal Zahir is content and copy writer at vFairs, working closely with and providing support to the marketing team. She has a Masters degeree from New York University, and has dabbled in journalism, education, research projects and project management in the last 5 years. Primarily an environmentalist, she identifies as an environmental educator. vFairs is the perfect zero carbon footprint platform for the likes of her!


Virtual Events FAQs

Azal Zahir

Azal Zahir is content and copy writer at vFairs, working closely with and providing support to the marketing team. She has a Masters degeree from New York University, and has dabbled in journalism, education, research projects and project management in the last 5 years. Primarily an environmentalist, she identifies as an environmental educator. vFairs is the perfect zero carbon footprint platform for the likes of her!

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