So, you’ve signed up for a virtual event and now you’re well on your way to create a virtual experience that will delight audiences. Good job…on getting half-way there.

Wait. What’s the other half?

You may have a stellar virtual experience waiting behind those curtains, but if you don’t get people through the door to witness the spectacle, then, sadly, you haven’t achieved much. To truly pull off a successful virtual event, your pre-event marketing and promotion game needs to be effective and result-oriented. This requires you to pull the right marketing levers in terms of strategies, channels and tools to ensure that you bring in a sizable and relevant audience and chase the ROI you are looking for.

Whether you’re conducting a Virtual Career Fair to recruit the best talent, or a Virtual Tradeshow to showcase your line of products or even a Networking Fair to connect people around topics of interest, our virtual events marketing playbook will give you the tips and tricks on how you can go about creating buzz and keeping that virtual turnstile rotating.

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how to market virtual events

Engage your Audience with an Amazing Virtual Event

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