Business Events as a Force for Good | Chetan Shah

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About the Episode

Business events have the potential to drive positive social and environmental impact, in addition to their primary purpose of bringing people together for business outcomes. From promoting sustainability practices to supporting local communities, the potential of business events to catalyze positive change is immense. 

Our guest for this episode is Chetan Shah, CEO & Founder With more than two decades of experience at MICE and a proven track record in successfully building and managing projects, Chetan’s expertise and extensive industry network bring valuable insights to the team.

In this episode, we will cover the following:  

  • Sustainability and actions being taken to address it
  • Role of agencies and clients in promoting sustainability in business events
  • The future outlook for business events as a force for good and sustainability
  • Candice Davis

    Candice is the Director of Event Programming & Creative Services at vFairs. She helps empower customers with the resources they need to create unique experiences and successful events to meet their business goals.

  • Chetan Shah

    Chetan is the founding father of micebook. With over 20 years’ MICE experience and a track record for building and managing highly successful projects, he brings a wealth of industry knowledge and connections to the team.