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Event Gamification

Engage Your Attendees with vFairs Event Gamification Features

Increase traffic to key spaces within your event and incentivize your audience to stay engaged with event gamification.

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Event Gamification Features

Create a more interactive, immersive, and enjoyable experience for your event attendees by incorporating game elements, challenges, and rewards.


  • Encourage event activity by awarding points to attendees on the leaderboard.

  • Reward attendees for viewing a video, downloading a document or attending a webinar.

  • Offer prizes to attendees with the most points with gamification in events!


Scavenger Hunts

  • Lead your attendees around the virtual or onsite venue with a scavenger hunt.

  • Have attendees explore the event by hiding items in the virtual environment or QR codes onsite.

  • Reward attendees points on the virtual leader board for scavenger hunt activities.


Trivia Games

  • Test attendees’ knowledge with questions related to your organization or general trivia questions.

  • Incite a little competition between attendees.

  • Offer an excellent icebreaker to help users feel connected during the event.


Live Polling

  • Solicit live feedback and opinions from your audience with simple polling questions.

  • Use polls during live presentations that require voting, like board meetings, or as an icebreaker during networking events.

  • Collect polling data to make better decisions during future events.


Spin the Wheel

  • Ask attendees to try their luck with a round of Spin the Wheel.

  • Offer chances to win cash prizes, gain points, or get to network with guest speakers.

  • Customize the wheels with prizes of your choice and have it land on selections at random.


Fun Integrations

  • Include a variety of live polls and Q&As with Slido.

  • Engage your audience with a fun quiz on Kahoot.

  • Include board games and puzzles in your event with Kumospace.


Why Customers Love the vFairs Event Gamification Features

“I like that the vfairs platform covers the major aspects of most in-person conferences: multi-sessions, Q&A, exhibitor booths, leaderboard for give-aways, and real-time notifications.”

Administrator in Government Relations

“I really like that the vFairs platform is comprehensive and allows us to include many features to engage attendees – from video calls for groups in our booths, the variety of webinars or meetings, to gamification, to incorporating a live photo booth and more.”

Administrator in Higher Education

“vFairs offers an easy-to-use, and a more engaging and flashy virtual event experience – something that you don’t get with a regular video call. It offers a great opportunity to inject some fun into your virtual meeting!”

Cassie F

Manager Implementation & Event Technology

“It is a fun platform that all attendees can easily navigate and also have a great time listening to embedded music, playing games, while also being educated through live sessions within the platform.”

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Game Changing Virtual, Hybrid and In-person Events

Whether you’re hosting events online, onsite or both, vFairs offers a customizable event platform and tech solutions to make your events epic.

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What is event gamification?

Event gamification is a tactic for event organizers to gamify events to improve engagement, participation, and the attendee experience. Event gamification includes virtual leaderboards, QR-based scavenger hunts, spin the wheel, and trivia questions.

What are some virtual event gamification ideas?

Virtual event gamification includes interactive activities, competitions, challenges, and rewards. For your next event, you can choose event gamification features such as virtual leaderboard gamification, QR-based or virtual scavenger hunts, spin the wheel, trivia games, and live polling. Gamification for virtual events will give your attendees an exciting reason to stay attentive and excited during the event.

How does conference gamification help?

During a conference, you can gamify events and bring a fun element into the business setting so the attendees don’t get bored. You can offer rewards for attendees with maximum points on the leaderboards. These rewards can be 1:1 networking opportunities with the key speakers. The attendees can participate in polls and live Q&A sessions during the webinars. Conference gamification technology can boost the engagement of the attendees.

What is tradeshow gamification?

Tradeshow gamification technology refers to adding trivia, leaderboards, and scavenger hunts to a hybrid, in-person or virtual tradeshow with an event mobile app or a virtual event platform. It can be a great way to help exhibitors promote their brand by sponsoring these activities or offering products as prizes.

How does event app gamification work?

Event management apps such as vFairs integrate gaming software such as Kahoot, Slido, and Kumospace to offer engaging games during the event. These event gamification apps also have leaderboards, scavenger hunts and spin the wheel to make the event more exciting.

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