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Event Ticketing Software For Events In United States

Set Up Simple Payment Capture with vFairs Event Ticketing Platform

Effortlessly manage event registrants and payments with the vFairs event ticketing software. Create a seamless registration process with customizable form fields, tiered ticket segments, and popular payment integrations.

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vFairs’ Event Ticketing System Features

Set Up Ticketing Tiers & Payments Integrations

  • Enhance your revenue potential by providing tiered pricing options to various attendee segments.

  • Enable group registration for your attendees to make the registration process more efficient.

  • Collect payments with ease by utilizing coupon codes through PayPal and Stripe.

  • Simplify the check-in process by utilizing vFairs’ mobile event app.

  • Send instant payment confirmation to the customer with an invoice inside the registration email.
Set Up Ticketing Tiers _ Payments Integrations 

Let Attendees Tailor their Experience with Add-ons

  • Add value to your event by offering add-ons that allow attendees to select the individual sessions or content they want to access.

  • Give attendees a more exclusive or personalized access to the event and watch your engagement levels soar.
Let Attendees Tailor their Experience with Add-ons

Integrate With Popular Payments Providers

  • Boost event attendance and revenue with embedded payment options.

  • Enable credit card, PayPal, or Stripe payments within vFairs’s event ticketing solutions.

  • Create discount offers and promo codes to incentivize attendee registration with our event ticketing solution.

  • Use flexible payment options to increase event attendance and revenue.
Integrate With Popular Payments Providers

Manage Audience Engagements & User Segments

  • Automatically segment users based on their registration responses, and manage through the vFairs backend.

  • Offer access to content based on specific user types, such as VIPs and general admission.

  • Communicate important details of your event to users based on their segments.
Manage Audience Engagements _ User Segments

Capture Additional Attendee Data Through A Custom Registration Form

  • Tailor your registration process with our versatile drag-and-drop form builder, allowing organizers to create any desired workflow.

  • Seamlessly integrate CRM solutions to manage attendee data efficiently.

  • Empower organizers with the choice to independently design their forms or get support from our expert team.

  • Personalize forms, hide/show options or trigger a unique workflow by implementing if/then conditions on the user’s selection
Capture Attendee Data Through A Custom Registration Form

Check out Our Event Registration Solution

The vFairs event registration platform offers you even more great features to collect registrants, and easily manage users pre-event!

Benefits of Event Ticketing Platform

Smooth Registration Process

Smooth Registration Process

Effortless and seamless registration procedure with no complications or obstacles

QR-based Contact Exchange

QR-based Contact Exchange

Share contact information using QR code scanning technology

Ticketing User-tiers

Ticketing User-tiers

Automatically create user tiers based on registration preferences

Contactless Check-ins

Contactless Check-ins

Attendees can self-check-in on arrival by scanning a personalized QR code

Easy Payment Process

Easy Payment Process

Handle payment collection with a smooth purchase and registration process

Frequently Asked Questions

How do ticketing platforms work?

A ticketing and registration platform enables organizers to capture data and payments, segment registrants into user tiers, and manage attendees all from one platform.

How do I create a virtual event ticket?

Virtual event ticketing platforms are a great way to sell tickets to attendees. Platforms such as vFairs allow you to create an event registration landing page, set up the ticketing price and registration type, enable payment options, customize the registration form, and add branding elements.

What features does vFairs have for event ticketing?

vFairs offers seamless ticketing and registration process with customizable form fields, tiered ticket segments, payment integrations, and more.

What is event ticketing software?

An event ticketing software enables event organizers to create, sell and manage tickets online. vFairs ticketing and registration platform helps streamline ticketing, tracking registrations, and making payment easy and secure for a successful event.

Why do you need event ticketing software?

Ticketing software is essential to a successful virtual event as it helps with seamless ticketing and registration process. vFairs event ticketing platform helps organizers make a data-driven decision by providing valuable insights and analytics of the event.

How do I choose event ticketing software for an event?

You should choose an event ticketing software based on its functionalities and benefits. vFairs offer customization options along with popular payment integrations. The platform enables group registration and registrants' data storage features.

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