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Simplify Real-time Networking at Your Events

Help exhibitors and attendees connect within the onsite and online event with user-friendly event networking and chat features.

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Event Networking and Chat Features

Host Discussions in Live Chatrooms

  • Promote dynamic discussions and instant idea sharing with real-time chat.

  • Ease the users with an intuitive chat bar embedded in the virtual platform and mobile app.

  • Enhance collaboration by letting attendees share files and contact cards.

  • Make conversations easier to follow with chat threads, pinned messages, and replies to specific messages in the chat module.

Connect People with 1:1 and Group Audio/Video Calls

  • Allow the attendees to easily initiate group and individual audio/video calls directly from the virtual event platform or mobile app.

  • Enhance video calls with a screen-sharing option to showcase presentations or visuals.

  • Forge deeper connections by allowing attendees to interact with exhibitors and admins through text.

QR-based Contact Exchange

  • Streamline the process of identifying potential leads among event attendees.

  • Capture lead details in real-time as interactions occur during the event.

  • Automatically sync captured leads with your CRM.

  • Allow attendees to connect with QR code-based contact exchange.

Enable Attendees to Schedule Meetings

  • Let event attendees and exhibitors book appointments with the meeting scheduler.

  • Easily navigate through the scheduler with an intuitive interface.

  • Seamlessly select meeting rooms and tables for your meetings on the mobile app.

  • Never miss an opportunity by receiving timely reminders for scheduled meetings.

Connect Users with Their Best Matches

  • Match attendees with similar backgrounds and interests based on their responses to custom questions.

  • Present potential matches to both users with accept/decline options.

  • Connect via timed video calls with the option to extend the duration or request a new match

Host Topic-based Roundtables

  • Set up roundtables for users to share ideas in a small group setting.

  • Help attendees to have focused discussions and solve problems together via video chat.

  • Create excitement for roundtables with a first-come first-served selection system.

Make Connecting Feel Natural with Spatial Networking

  • Create a dynamic virtual environment that replicates the spontaneity of in-person networking.

  • Let users move their avatars in a virtual space and strike up conversations with others around them.

  • Offer attendees a space to connect freely in a flexible and interactive environment.

Aid Discovery with Profile Search

  • Let your audience use the search filter to look for people that match their interests.

  • Connect groups of attendees with similar professions and academic backgrounds.

  • Allow users to maximize their event participation by quickly identifying potential connections.

Maintain the Context of Conversations

  • Take notes within the chat window to capture key points and insights.

  • Add tags to conversations for easy categorization and future reference.

  • Stay informed by viewing attendee profile data without leaving the chat.

  • Export notes and tags along with chat transcripts to keep comprehensive records.

Keep things in order with Chat Moderation

  • Create a safe space for attendees to engage and create valuable connections.

  • Publish chat messages for public viewing only after being vetted by moderators.

Our Customers Love vFairs Event Networking and Chat Features

The gamification, the embedded zoom feature, the chat rooms, and the ease of engagement were all at the top of the list for our attendees and for our team.

Emily A.

Director Alignment

The mobile app adds context to the in-person event and also allows attendees to network [while] gaining information about the event.

Dillon F.

Digital Designer

The product itself meets all of our needs for our digital events – live and recorded sessions and opportunities for our attendees to network with each other throughout the event.

Travis S.

Director of Government Relations

The vFairs platform made it possible for sponsors to get exposure and attendees to network with one another.

Shannon T.

Catering and Events Sales Manager
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Game Changing Virtual, Hybrid and In-person Events

Whether you’re hosting events online, onsite or both, vFairs offers a customizable event platform and tech solutions to make your events epic.

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What is event networking?

What is event networking?

Event networking refers to the process of connecting with other attendees, speakers, and participants during an event to exchange ideas, share insights, and create meaningful professional relationships.

How can an event networking app enhance my event experience?

An event networking app provides a digital platform where attendees can connect, schedule meetings, engage in discussions, and build relationships before, during, and after the event.

How can I benefit from smart matchmaking?

Smart matchmaking provides industry networking opportunities for attendees to connect with professionals from their field, share knowledge, gain insights, and potentially collaborate in the future. This feature makes networking at conferences easier than ever.

How does in-person networking differ from virtual event networking?

In-person attendee networking involves face-to-face interactions at physical events, while virtual networking takes place in online environments or a virtual networking platform, offering similar opportunities for connections and collaborations with networking sessions such as live chat, audio/video calls, breakout rooms, roundtables, and smart matchmaking.

Does vFairs offer an event networking app?

vFairs mobile event app can also be used as an event networking app to help attendees foster meaningful connections and maximize the output of their participation. This app can prove to be helpful for in-person, hybrid, or virtual networking events.

What is speed networking?

Speed networking is a structured networking activity that allows attendees to have a series of short, timed interactions with other participants, enabling them to meet multiple people within a limited time.

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