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Create the Perfect Event with vFairs Virtual Event Builder

Planning an amazing virtual experience? Enjoy complete control of your event with the virtual event builder which simplifies event set up, planning and execution.

Event Builder Features


Integrate Zoom webinars, easily set up and host multi-lingual live, semi-live or pre-recorded sessions and allow all attendees to plan personalized webinar agendas

Virtual Environment

Build captivating virtual lobbies, auditoriums, exhibit halls and booths. with an easy to use and understand CMS system. Add text, photos, banners, animations and graphics.


Integrate easily with platforms that make your event effective and memorable. Host an in-event photo booth, set up payment gateways, run live polls, and much more.

Custom landing page

Design landing pages fully customized to your brand. Include information such as agenda, sponsors, speakers etc. Also capture the registration data you need with custom forms.

Email Marketing

Enjoy super simplified email marketing with a drag-and-drop email builder for pre, during and post-event emails with customized user segments.

Document Hosting

Add in any number of documents, videos, presentations and other resources to your virtual event for event attendees.

Chat rooms

Set up chat rooms for exhibitors or to discuss specific topics, and enjoy control over who enters the chat rooms for participation.

Our Customers Love vFairs Event Builder Features

“vFairs platform is the best out there for virtual events. The capabilities of the platform are excellent and the flexibility you are given allows full customisation of any event. All of our participants were impressed with the event and had only positive things to say.”

Zofia C

“vFairs continue to push the boundaries on what you can achieve with a virtual platform.”

Daniel E

Small Business Owner

“The site that we put together had many features, including custom pages that we requested, giving attendees a multi-faceted experience with varying levels of engagement possible.”

David M

Local Arrangements Chair

“The platform was both easy and visually appealing for both users and admins. From an admin point of view, the platform was very user friendly and intuitive.”

Hailey K

Director Marketing and Communications

Game-changing Virtual Events

Give your audience an immersive virtual experience and delight partners, exhibitors and sponsors with vFairs

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Event marketing

Get the word out with a customized event landing page and email marketing campaigns.

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Chat and Networking

Promote engagement with our 1:1 or group chat, audio, and video features.

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Virtual Environment

Transfix your audience with 3D animated lobbies, grand auditoriums and exhibit halls.

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Hook attendees and increase event engagement with the leaderboard and scavenger hunt.

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Extract event insights with real-time metrics, attendance data, and post-event reports.

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