Accessibility Features

Make Your Events Inclusive With Our Accessibility Features

Make sure you are accommodating every audience member at your event with our built-in accessibility features including color contrast, text size adjustment, subtitles and more.

Event Builder Features

Screen Reader

vFairs offers a screen reader throughout the event that renders text or image content as speech for blind or visually impaired attendees.

Color Contrast

You can incorporate color contrast in your virtual events with vFairs to make things easier for visually impaired or colorblind attendees.

Text Size Adjustment

Attendees with vision or reading issues can enlarge the text and make it more legible for their comfort and understanding on the vFairs platform.

Video Transcription

vFairs can transcribe your video content using the top tools in the market to make your event more accessible for hearing-impaired attendees.

Live Webinar Translations

We offer live webinar translations in multiple languages, including sign language interpretation, using integrations with KUDO, Interprefy, Wordly and SyncWords.

Live Captioning

vFairs offers live captioning of webinars which allows attendees who are deaf or hard of hearing to participate in your event in real time.

Our Customers Love vFairs

“In a world where a lot seems to be changing and unfamiliar, this platform brought about a familiar setting for our attendees. The attendees really liked the look and the feel of the platform and how easy it was to navigate.”

Erin D

Event Manager

“vFairs platform is the best out there for virtual events. The capabilities of the platform are excellent and the flexibility you are given allows full customisation of any event. All of our participants were impressed with the event and had only positive things to say.”

Zofia C

“I am able to participate without anyone’s help in this virtual event. Total independence!”

Conference Visitor

CNIB Connecting The Dots

“vFairs is a breath of fresh air to other traditional Zoom/virtual meeting platforms. It gives quite a bit of visual interest and battles the ongoing Zoom Fatigue with interesting graphics and ease of use.”

Christy W.

Program Coordinator

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