For Physical Event

Looking to host a physical event?

Say goodbye to hard-copy resumes and business cards. With ScanShake mobile apps, exhibitiors & attendees at events can exchange resumes, contact data & more by scanning QR codes. The app is ideal for Recruiters planning to capture resumes at a Job Fair or for Sales/Marketing attempting to acquire leads at Tradeshows. And if you're an event organizer, ScanShake is a must-have tool dial up engagement.

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Engage any Audience with an Intuitive Virtual Experience

With virtually no learning curve required, attendees derive value from the word “Go”. The immersive graphical environment enables them to easily browse valuable content, use chat tools to network with exhibitors and attend webinars for learning.

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Everything you need for a successful virtual event

vFairs is more than just a technology. We offer end-to-end services to ensure your online event is a smashing success.

Reach Audiences Around the World

Reach massive audiences without geographical boundaries.

Engage With Impact

Connect with visitors with interactive chat tools and webinars.

Measure your ROI

Gain reliable and in-depth reports on how effective your event was.

24/7 Global Customer Support

Get super-responsive and passionate customer support for any timezone.

Customizable & Cost-effective

Affordable, localized and highly configurable software without any compromise.

Reliably Effective

Tried and tested Virtual Events for all industries, audiences and geographies.

Our customers love us. Here’s why

Fatima l Mazrouei
Fatima l Mazrouei Senior Counselor

It was a very good experience, using vFairs for the first time, and having an online career fair. The team was very helpful and always took our comments and requests into consideration. The software was easy to use, and custumer friendly.

Karen Eisengruber, sHRBP
Karen Eisengruber, sHRBP Head of Customer Success

The set-up process was convenient and well laid-out despite a very short (less than 5 week) turnaround time. Their technical support at vFairs was really second-to-none.

Zach Weiner
Zach Weiner Marketing Manager

Big fan of vFairs. Easy to use and fantastic customer support that works around the clock for their clients - it's also very easy for our clients who are purchasing booths.

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Marie Skyrme
Marie Skyrme HR Project Manager

Phenomenal customer support, dedication and really understood the needs of our business. It's flexibility and the fact that it can be fully customized to suit all requirements. Nothing is too difficult.

Clarissa Moses
Clarissa Moses Manager- Digital HR

The team was very helpful and they made my job a lot easier! And the team provides training. I think the software looks good and allows for a lot of conversation between employers and the job seekers.

Will Meyer
Will Meyer Director, Marketing and Communications

Intuitive, easy to use. And the vfairs customer service was top notch - helping both us and the employers and job seekers during the event.

Kerri Mentz
Kerri Mentz Associate Director, Marketing

Quality product and great customer support. The software is customizable, easy to set up, and enabled Ultimate Medical Academy to quickly launch our Virtual Open House event for prospective students.

Ghazi Hallab
Ghazi Hallab Business Development Officer

As usual it was always a privilege to work with vFair team. The software is very easy to use, friendly, fast and reliable, and the technical support was fabulous.

Erin Gloeckner
Erin Gloeckner Director, Consulting Services

vFairs offers great value for white-glove service and a high quality platform, which our event attendees and sponsors truly enjoyed. I recommend vFairs.

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Annalisa Dessì
Annalisa Dessì Product Marketing Manager

vFairs helped us showcasing our products in the best way. vFairs allowed us to have a very successful conference and expo online as part of a team building strategy. It was the first internal conference, and the first virtual expo experience. Highly recommended.

Trina Edwards
Trina Edwards Publisher

The vFairs software was great for inexperienced and advanced users because of its easy-to-navigate format. The entire tech team was knowledgeable and provided exceptional customer service from beginning to end of project.

Isabelle Vertucci
Isabelle Vertucci CPD Coordinator

Visually the platform is extremely impressive, it mimics the physical experience of attending a conference and the attention to detail in the visuals makes the experience fun and interactive for delegates.


Engage your Audience with an Amazing Virtual Event

Take your events online & boost your ROI. Let's show you how:

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