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Check In & Badging Solution For Events In United States

The Ultimate Event Check In App & Badge Printing Software

Eliminate long queues at your event with onsite check-in and custom event badge printing software. Offer a hassle-free experience to your attendees.

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Design, Set Up & Print Badges in Seconds

Shorten Onsite Check-in Queues with vFairs Badge Printing Software

Quick Attendee Check-in

  • Use the mobile event app to quickly check attendees in with personalized QR codes.
  • Use regular iPads, tablets and smartphones as kiosks for onsite badge printing.
  • Individually search for attendees with the badge printing app and check them in manually.
  • Reduce wait times with the self-check-in option where attendees can quickly scan and go.
  • Automatically track attendance rates with a check-in app.

Customized & Personalized Badge Designs

  • Create customized badge layouts and templates for attendees.
  • Showcase your logos and branding on badges.
  • Populate badges with custom information such as name, company, and job title.
  • Assign unique QR codes for each badge to facilitate networking and lead capture.
  • Offer attendees custom, branded lanyards.
  • Promote sponsors by including their logos on the badges.

Hassle-free Onsite Badge Printing for Events

  • Print badges by name or QR code using iPads, tablets or smartphones as check-in kiosks.
  • Pre-print badges in bulk to avoid hassle or get on demand badge printing onsite.
  • Streamline your connectivity with data packages including wifi, ethernet and more.
  • Look up attendee profiles by scanning printed badges.

Get All the Check-In Equipment You Need

Lease laptops, internet routers, event badge printers, tablets, and smartphones with event check-in software to make your onsite check-in counters run like a well-oiled machine.

Get in Touch

Simplify Check-Ins with Self-Serve Kiosks

  • Allow your attendees a simpler and quicker way to check in to your event with self-serve kiosks.
  • Reduce the manpower you need at the check-in counter.
  • Individually search for attendees with the badge printing app and check them in manually.
  • Save attendees’ time as they self-scan QR codes, print, and then collect their badges in seconds.

Your Challenges

  • Manually searching for attendee badges and information
  • Inefficient or no check-in data collection processes
  • Lack of customization options for badges
  • Unprofessional attendee experience due to long queues

How We Help

  • Efficient attendee search through the event check-in app
  • Attendance and check-in data collection through QR code scans
  • Easily customizable design and printable fields
  • Bulk badge printing options & QR code scans for quicker check-ins

Attendance Tracking

  • Automatically note check-ins based on QR codes scanned onsite.
  • Leverage real-time reporting and dashboards to track attendance.
  • Move data into your CRM, ATS and marketing software seamlessly.

Badge Scanning & Lead Capture

  • Enable exhibitors & attendees to easily capture leads by scanning QR codes on badges
  • Search captured leads by keywords & favorite them
  • View detailed profiles & save contact details
  • Export captured leads in CSV format to easily organize and sort out data.

Online Event Registration Site

  • Excite attendees with custom event web pages or use one of our visually appealing templates.
  • Create personalized registration forms tailored to your event’s needs and capture essential attendee information.
  • Collect payments with Stripe, Paypal and other payment integrations.
  • Automatically sync online registrations with the event badge printing software and check-in app for events.

Reliable Onsite Support

  • Get the support of certified on-site staff from vFairs.
  • Get on-ground support for badge printing, mobile app and other onsite software.
  • Collaborate with a designated Project Manager who can manage the process for you.

Badge Printing App Tour

Explore how to check-in attendees and print badges simultaneously with vFairs badge printing app. Try everything from app setup and onsite use to attendance analytics.


Why Go For vFairs Badge Printing and Event Check-In Experience

On-demand Badge Printing​

Save time and effort with pre-printing event badges. Quick and hassle-free name badging.

Streamlined Check-In Process

Improve the attendee check-in experience with reduced wait times and zero bottlenecks.

Real-Time Registration Data

Make informed decisions for future events by collection real-time attendee data and other metrics.

Reduced Costs

Automated check-in process to reduce the need for staff and other resources.

High-tech Badging Gear

A sophisticated tech stack that includes the check-in and badge printing app, branded lanyards, iPad tablets, PCs for registration, tablet stands, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make event badges?

You can use badge printing software that offers customizable templates to make event badges. vFairs is a leading event management platform that offers onsite event badge printing. You can choose the badge size, layout, and design, and then add text and images for each badge for customization.

How do I print conference name badges?

To print conference name badges, you can use an onsite badge printing solution or an online service that offers on demand badge printing. You can also use badging software or a conference badge printing service that offers pre-printed badges. vFairs offers pre-printing badges in bulk to avoid hassle onsite. You also have the option of on demand badge printing.

What are event badges made of?

Event name badges can be made of different materials, including paper, plastic, PVC, or fabric. The material depends on the type of event, budget, and desired durability of the badge.

How do I create a custom badge?

You can use the vFairs badge printing software to create a custom badge. You can create customized badge layouts and templates for attendees and showcase your logos and branding on badges. You can also populate badges with custom information such as name, company and job title. Moreover, you can create badges for different event types e.g. a badge scanner for trade shows.

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