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Badge Printing & Check-in Software for In-Person Events

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Badge Printing & Check-in Software for In-Person Events

Enable Fast Event Check-Ins With Instant Badge Printing, Custom Kiosks & Qr Scans.

Cut down wait times at your event's reception with custom QR code scanning, instant badge printing & self check-in option, all within a single app.

Celebrated by Gartner, G2 & Capterra, Chosen by Innovators

Smooth Onsite Event Check-in & Badging for Attendees & Event Planners

With breezy event entries, on-demand badge printing, and hassle-free attendee management, our robust app offers a delightful check-in experience for all.

Create custom badge designs that reflect your brand.

  • Create single or double-sided badges as per your event needs.
  • Use custom font sizes, colors, positioning & styling for badge text.
  • Add QR codes and custom fields on the badges.
  • Make your badges stand out with tailored images or sponsor logos.
  • Choose from a range or badge layouts and templates or simply create your own.

Print badges on-demand when attendees arrive at the event.

  • Select users from a comprehensive listing synced with the database.
  • Check-in groups of family or friends with one click (group badge printing.)
  • Easily search for users from the listing with advanced search & filters.
  • Make your badges stand out with tailored images or sponsor logos.
  • Scan users’ QR codes from the mobile app to quickly access and print badges, on-demand.

Set up branded check-in kiosks & custom app home screen

  • Create a custom badge printing home screen in minutes with easy drag-and-drop webpage builder.
  • Customize colors, fonts, icons & other brand elements in the fully self-serve backend.
  • Choose from a large library of website templates or build your own from scratch.
  • Get custom-designed, branded packaging on check-in kiosks.

Pre-print badges for your event with our bulk printing option.

  • Print badges for multiple users from the user listing, in one go.
  • Speed up the check-in process by printing all badges ahead of time.
  • Print extra badges with blank fields for quick onsite customization.
  • Verify and correct attendee information ahead of time to minimise errors & ensure accurate details on badges.

Manage users easily with our self-serve interface.

  • Access the user listings from both, the web version and mobile app for badge printing and check-in.
  • Use predictive search & advanced options to find users fast.
  • View and edit each user’s profile directly.
  • Print badge for any specific user available in the user listing.
  • Enable walk-in attendees to register on spot & event planners to create their profiles instantly.
  • Activate or deactivate any user profiles with a single click.
  • Easily sync users between your web version and the mobile app.
  • Check-in attendees using a separate mobile app for event admins. Switch the mode on that app to check-in or badge printing, as reqd.

Track attendance & badge printing ROI with real-time analytics.

  • Monitor real-time data for total users, attendees, exhibitors, speakers, admins, event owners.
  • Manage session or event check-ins and capacity control.
  • Use RFID-enabled contact exchange & QR code scanning to easily capture attendee data.
  • Generate post-event PDF reports for different check-in and badge printing data streams.
  • Integrate with CRMs & Martech solutions for streamlined data management.

Choose from a variety of badge types and printers.

  • Print out PVC badges using Zebra printers, at the event site.
  • Print your badge via vFairs backend or from your own home printer.
  • Use Epson printers to quickly print badges onsite.
  • Create and print adhesive labels on-spot for pre-printed badges.

Badge Printing App Tour

Explore how to check-in attendees and print badges effortlessly with the vFairs badge printing app. Try everything from app setup and onsite use to attendance analytics.


Design, Set Up & Print Badges In Seconds

Why Go for vFairs Badge Printing and Event Check-In Experience

On-demand Badge Printing​

Save time and effort with pre-printing event badges. Quick and hassle-free name badging.

Streamlined Check-In Process

Improve the attendee check-in experience with reduced wait times and zero bottlenecks.

Real-Time Registration Data

Make informed decisions for future events by collection real-time attendee data and other metrics.

Reduced Costs

Automated check-in process to reduce the need for staff and other resources.

High-tech Badging Gear

A sophisticated tech stack that includes the check-in and badge printing app, branded lanyards, iPad tablets, PCs for registration, tablet stands, and more.

The Perfect Solution For Any Event

Empower attendees across all event types with the vFairs badge printing & check-in mobile app.

Trade Shows

Power e-commerce and lead-generation onsite

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Boost attendee experience with real-time content

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Job Fairs

Manage job applications & recruitment activities

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Career Fairs

Use intuitive networking tools for recruitment

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What Else Can You Do with vFairs?


Registration & Ticketing

Manage registrations, sell tickets, and simplify access for a seamless attendee experience through the app.

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Mobile App

Empower attendees with our versatile mobile app for seamless event engagement and interaction.

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Integrated Marketing Tools

Leverage built-in marketing tools to promote your event, nurture leads, and boost engagement.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


“We had 60 exhibiting booths. We used scavenger hunt and the chat feature. I can confidently say that our attendees had such a fun element with the app, and our vendors were extremely happy.“

The on-site candidates were mind-blown with the vFairs badge printer. The badges were color-coded and personalized for different candidates, making it easier for school reps to identify them.

Jose Covarrubias
  • Recruitment Support Technician
  • TCOE

Having the ability to print QR codes made the event run smoothly. We had people lining up who hadn’t registered prior to the event. They would just scan the QR code and have a smooth entrance to the job fair, reducing a lot of stress on their side

Ana Bernstein
  • Director, JVS 
  • JVS Toronto

The use of vFairs technology has made this already amazing event even better and more powerful than it’s ever been. Taking this from a 600 in person attendee count, and 400 virtual attendee count – to an event with nearly 1000 attendees to chat, network and do deals with!

Nicole Elliott
  • Leader of Events
  • Keyspire

The product itself meets all of our needs for our digital events – live and recorded sessions and opportunities for our attendees to network with each other throughout the event.

Travis S.
  • Director of Government Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the event check-in and badge printing software work?

Our badge printing and event check in software streamlines the registration process by allowing attendees to check in seamlessly and receive personalized badges on-site, ensuring a smooth start to your event.

What is included in my vFairs hardware rental for event badge printing solutions?

Our hardware rental includes conference badge printers, kiosks, scanners, laptops, internet routers, tablets, and smartphones with event check-in software to ensure a seamless check-in experience for your event attendees.

How to make custom event badges?

Creating a custom badge is easy with our event badge printing software. Simply upload your logo, choose your design elements, and add attendee information to create a personalized badge that reflects your event's branding.

What are event badges made of?

Event badges are typically made of durable materials such as PVC or plastic, ensuring they withstand the rigors of event attendance.

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