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Make Data-Driven Decisions with vFairs Event Reporting and Analytics

Learn and prove the value of your event with reporting metrics. Analyze behavioral data to understand customers' interests, share engagement touchpoints with sponsors, and more.

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Event Reporting Features

Extract reports for every stage of the event to engage users during the event, measure outcomes and validate the event's value to key stakeholders.

Keep a Pulse on Real-time Activity

  • Track virtual event logins, onsite check-ins, and user activity in real-time during your event

  • Access all the event data across hybrid and virtual platforms through one source

  • Visualize data through our reporting dashboard before, during, and after your event

  • Use data filters to access relevant information quickly

Personalize Event Experience by Tracking Individual User Journey

  • Track how attendees navigated through your event and how long they spent in each area

  • Check the effectiveness of your announcement popups through the number of clicks

  • Follow if your sponsored webinar led users to an exhibit booth

Save Time Collecting Data with AI Reporting Chatbot

  • Stop sifting through the bulk of data. Get specific answers after a quick conversation with our AI reporting chatbot.

  • Gauge event performance like session attendance, content downloads, meetings booked, etc. based on your event goals.

  • Apply data-driven strategies during the event and post-event using the data collected.

  • Instantly share numbers with stakeholders like exhibitors and sponsors.

Unlock Mobile App Activity Insights

  • Keep a tab on captured leads to measure exhibitor and sponsor performance

  • Track live session attendance, booked meetings, exchanged contacts, and content downloads

  • Track attendance onsite through event check-in and registration reports

  • Extract real-time reports to check log-in and activity across the event

Evaluate Exhibitor Performance

  • Track visits, clicks, content downloads, and chat activity at exhibit booths

  • Follow the number of resumes collected and jobs applied for by each attendee during career fairs

  • Track booked orders during tradeshows with dashboards updated in real-time

  • Determine the most active exhibitor by checking badge scans and leads captured per exhibitor

Reflect on Success with Post-Event Reporting

  • Easily export event stats and report to a CSV or PDF to share with your team and sponsors.

  • Filter event data based on your team’s KPIs with our advanced reporting tools.

  • Access all the event data across hybrid and virtual platforms through one source.

Utilize Data from Marketing Platform Integrations

  • Integrate with the world’s top CRMs and marketing platforms, including Hubspot, Salesforce, and Marketo.

  • Connect to thousands of applications through our Zapier integration.

  • Easily migrate data to and from the vFairs platform and use it to improve future events.

Optimize Interaction Using Networking Analytics

  • Gauge attendee interests via chat logs and meetings booked with exhibitors.

  • Understand session popularity by accessing webinar views, and session and speaker ratings.

  • Track user networking by checking the number of contacts exchanged virtually and onsite.

  • Track attendance and measure attendee interest in each roundtable with roundtable reports

Analyze Engagement and Gamification Data

  • Track event feed interaction data with vFairs event reporting.

  • Share branded scavenger hunt participation report with sponsors.

  • Measure event engagement with leaderboard participation reports.

  • Compare responses received on polls and survey.

Our Customers Love the vFairs Reporting Feature

“vFairs also offers a ton of post-show report options that we can use to measure engagement. I like how detailed they are.”

Danielle D

Marketing Specialist

“vFairs has extensive reporting analytics we were able to access in real time and we easily gave vendors reports post event.”

Margery S.

Board Secretary, Conference Planning Committee Member

“Another benefit was all the data that was collected based on user interactions as they navigated the platform. Data that will better help us determine future content and needs for our members.”

James D.

“The post-event analytics are fantastic!! I was able to quickly access everything I needed and send out post-event reports to my exhibitors with no issues.”

Hailey K.

Director of Marketing and Communications
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What is an event report?

An event report is an internal document that is presented to the stakeholders carrying out the summary of your event. It reports on how well the event performed. It includes your initial goals and the success metrics to analyze whether the objectives of your event were fulfilled or not.

What information do event reports include?

Event reporting is meant to provide proof of an event’s success to the parties involved. This report includes all the data regarding a particular event including the main objective, event date and time, venue details, total invitations and attendance rate, event organizers and key staff, revenue, and much more.

How to write a report on an event?

Make sure to add important facts and statistics to measure the performance of your event. You can add the main objectives and how they were achieved during the event. Include crucial event analytics and measure conversions to track the ROI of your event. You can provide a summary of attendee feedback at the end.

How does vFairs platform help with event reporting?

vFairs offers all the significant event reporting matrices for your virtual, hybrid, and in-person events in one platform. You can easily visualize all the important event data on your dashboard in real time. The CRM and ATS integrations allow you to make the most out of your event by importing and exporting essential data between different platforms.

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