Start things off with a great Event Landing Page

We design custom event landing pages for you according to your specification and branding guidelines. In addition to landing a great first impression, the page helps explain what your event is about which aids in delivering a compelling narrative as to why the visitor should register and attend.

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Capture audiences with a Custom Registration Form

Your event, your rules. Capture any combination of fields you require to better serve both your audience and exhibitors.

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Welcome Visitors with your Virtual Lobby

Once a visitor logs in, they are taken to a beautiful 3D lobby that functions as a launchpad guiding them to various sections of the event.

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Guide Audiences with an Information Desk

Your audience is never lost. The convenient information desk acts as their go-to place whenever they aren't sure where to go.

vFairs feature-packed booths

Deliver tons of value with our Feature-packed Booths

Booths are packed with features that your visitors can interact with. You can host images, brochures, data sheets and play videos to bring your booth to life.

vFairs virtual booth templates

Leverage our Virtual Booth Templates

Your exhibitor booths don’t need to be boring! Access a whole assortment of ready-made templates and choose the one that fits best or go for something completely custom-made!

vFairs virtual briefcase

Enable Visitors to save what they like: Virtual Briefcase

The Virtual Briefcase helps users store anything they see on the virtual environment and allows them to download it once the event ends.

vFairs chat window

Kickstart the conversation with Interactivity Tools

What makes the virtual event experience so special? Booth representatives can engage with visitors via text/audio/video chat in real time. This interaction can happen via a group chat or through a 1:1 chat window if privacy is required.

vFairs webinars

Set yourself apart with webinars

vFairs provides a third-party webinar facility that allows you host speakers during your event that your visitors can access. Visitors can also participate in Q&A and take polls.

vFairs mobile mockup

Mobile-friendly all the way

vFairs supports responsive templates so you can rest assured that your audience will keep up even when they’re on the move via any mobile or tablet device.

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Measure your event’s impact with reporting

How do you know that your event is a success? The answer is data. Why? Because numbers never lie! Our reports show you event registrations, turnout, engagement stats and metrics at a booth level showing you exactly what worked and what didn’t. Our project managers even touch base with you to help you understand your numbers.

Maximize your ROI with an amazing virtual event

Expand your reach by 3x & drive 5x more engagement. Let's show you how:

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