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Event Registration & Ticketing Tools

Custom Event Websites

Customize your event website with a user-friendly interface. vFair’s features include customizing event registration forms and landing pages to gather relevant attendee information. Event management app features help planners experience seamless payment processes by allowing integration with PayPal and Stripe.

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Event Registration & Ticketing

vFair’s event management software features include event registration and ticketing solution. vFairs allows planners to create custom-branded event registration pages to enhance the attendees' experience. Our event management software offers a range of features, including creating multiple ticket types & tiers, accessing attendee data, optimizing ticket sales, and much more.

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Related Features

  • Drag & Drop Form Builders
  • Library of Website Templates
  • Ticketing Tiers & Types
  • Discounts & Promo codes
  • Custom Domain URLs
  • Reliable Payment Integrations
  • Effective Attendee Management

Onsite Event Tech & Badging Solutions

Badge Printing & Check-ins

Easily create and print customized badges for attendees, exhibitors, and other participants using this powerful tool designed to streamline the process of printing badges for events. You can easily create customized badges with attendee names, logos, and other relevant information to streamline the check-in process, improve the attendee experience, and enhance the overall experience of your events.

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Badge Printing

Mobile Event App & Lead Capture

Take your events a level up with vFairs mobile event app that your attendees will adore. Event management app features allow attendees to check in, collect contact information with QR codes, access the event agenda, watch session replays, schedule meetings, discover exhibitors, access floor plans, and more.

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Lead Capture

Related Features

  • Customize Event Badges
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Smooth Event Registration & Ticketing
  • Branded Mobile App
  • Contactless & Easy Check-in

Virtual Event Solutions

Virtual Lobbies, Exhibit & Avatars

Enhance the attendee experience with custom-branded virtual venues, exhibit halls, and avatars. vFairs features of event management system offer personalized booths, stunning networking lounges, and auditoriums. To keep attendees engaged throughout the event, use vFairs interactive tools such as social media walls, photo booths, and more.

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Webinar, Chat & Matchmaking

vFairs offer visually rich designs in multiple templates for you to host engaging webinars. Help your attendees, and exhibitors develop a connection with chat and networking features by vFairs. Powerful networking tools include embedded live chatrooms, meeting schedulers, and smart matchmaking tools to automate the networking experience.

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vFairs offers multiple virtual engagements features to boost attendees' event experience. With engagement features like Q&As, attendees can enjoy two-way conversations. vFairs offer a networking lounge feature, an excellent way to provide attendees with a dedicated space to chat, network, or enjoy a break from the event. Photobooths, trivia & polls, scavenger hunt, social media wall, spin the wheel, leader board, and many more exciting vFairs' engagement features make events more interactive.

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Related Features

  • Virtual environment
  • Virtual Exhibit Halls
  • Webinars
  • Event Reporting
  • Chat & Networking
  • Integrations
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Event Builder
  • Event Gamification
  • Customer Support

Other Powerful Event Management

Accessibility Features

Our built-in accessibility features are WCAG and VPAT compliant. Features including color contrast, text size adjustment, screen reader, video transcription, live webinar translation, and more help make your event more accessible, inclusive, and interactive.

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Entice event sponsors by offering features that enable them to enhance their visibility, expand their customer base, and generate fresh leads and sales. Prominently featuring sponsors on your event's website and mobile event app will give them the recognition they deserve.

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Reporting & Analytics

Track logins, attendance rates, and user activity in real-time during your event. Get exhibitors' statistics, individual use journeys, and post-event reports that will help you maximize your ROI and accurately track event performance.

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Host Successful Events with Seamless Integrations

vFairs offers popular integration tools to enhance your event functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What features should an event management system have?

The event management system features include event registrations & check-ins, virtual event platforms, mobile event app, networking features, event marketing tools, etc.

What vFairs features make it the best event management software?

vFairs offers the best event software features. From immersive 3D virtual venues to easy registration & check-ins, mobile event app, on-site services, unique chat & networking tools, smart matchmaking and more.

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